Mops, Makeup & Martinis: Holiday Party with Mommy Greenest

Mommy Greenest Party - ALTAR herbal martinis

I went to a lovely, swanky little holiday party recently hosted by Mommy Greenest at Give + Take in Santa Monica. The focus of all the vendors was green. And real green, as in healthy, safe for skin, kids and the environment products. Not just greenwashing.

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Bona handed me a free mop at the door, but didn’t expect me to get right to work. I know this company because I’ve used their products on my hardwood floors for years. Their stuff actually works and cleans up the pet hair that drives me crazy. I’m just wondering how they knew I needed a new mop…

I got my makeup done courtesy of DeVita, using their Absolute Minerals line. I loved how soft the colors were and the makeup felt light on my skin. The spritz of rosewater prior to application also made me happy. The DeVita products – which include skincare – were developed by Cherylanne DeVita. She struggled with acne and sun damage from living in Arizona and her products reflect the needs of real women searching for practical, natural beauty aids. There’s a personal touch that she brings to her line. More than just good products, you feel her story and dedication to organic, healthy skincare.

Ever had an herbal martini? I have and it was delicious. Mommy Greenest brought in ALTAR to serve up drinks – sans alcohol if you prefer. I tried ALTAR’s herbal concoctions both ways. What is an herbal martini? I’d love to have you join me for happy hour so we could down a couple, but since it’s 9am on a Monday, I’m going to sip slowly on my second cup of coffee and explain. Here’s how they describe the mix: Each ALTAR recipe is a collage of fruit, vegetables, spices, teas, herbs & botanicals. With gorgeous packaging and elixirs such as Aphrodisiac, Bliss and Restore, I could see these gracing the bar of my next party. You can combine them with gin or vodka or just ice. Impress your friends as a trendy mixologist and order some up today.

Thanks to Mommy Greenest for the invitation and it was lovely to throw on some lipstick, get out like a real grown up to meet some new people and get the holiday ideas flowing! If you’re looking to have a green holiday or discover new products, check out the Mommy Greenestsite.

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