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RV camping

The way RV Camping Become A New Travel Trend In USA

If you are tired of your working, your family, your life or whatever, why do not you go somewhere to travel and explore, throw all of worries into the storage? But, travel is not a simple thing because you can not take along everything in your house. Moreover, tickets and accommodation are always two big issues. So why not try an all-in-one travel experience with an RV (Recreational Vehicle) that will save you money and bring a whole new experience to your travel needs?

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Pros and Cons to RV ‘ing Across the Country For a Year

For a long time i do research in this vehicle, I found out advantages and disadvantages. Although it has some significant cons but in my own opinion, RV is probably the most do-able out of all our ideas, I have not found anything that kills this thing completely yet. Otherwise, RV lifestyle is becoming popular in the world.

Advantage of RVing

Living in an RV, you can travel and explore the country, you have total freedom and flexibility. Maybe i do not need to say more. There are few things in life as freeing as being able to take your home with you. With this lifestyle, you can choose a destination and then go to it, any where you want. Imagine that you spend the whole day on the road, watching the beautiful landscapes, then you can make campfire at night by your RV enjoying food together with your family. It’s such an amazing feeling and you can totally enjoy a tight sleep in a bed with the best Rv mattress short queen to recharge energy for the next day of exploring. Let’s enjoy the nature and scenes.
The second reason is living in an RV enables you to move around the whole country but the budget is at a minimum. You do not need to care about tickets, hotels, food… It means you will save you hundreds of dollars in air tickets and hotel reservations. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about packing clothes and other essentials, as all your stuff would be in the RV.
Next, meeting new people is a big pros if you are in RV lifestyle, you have the travel bug, then heading out and seeing the world will open up a completely new way of living for you, i mean you’ll likely meet others who interested in RV like you, all of you can share about this hobby. At the same time, you have chances to meet new people along way too.
The last, you will have a lot of fun with RV. An RV’s freedom means you’ll constantly have access to whatever it is that you want to do—whether that means visiting beautiful places or seeking out top vacation spots for entertainment and adventure.

Difficulties you have to face as an RVer

Besides all the pros above, i give some cons you should keep in mind, such as: Although, comparatively it is cheaper living in an RV compared to a regular home, but the amount of gas you would be putting in your vehicle can disturb the budget. Gas is not cheap in America and if you are a travel lover, the fuel charges might ask you to give another thought. A mobile home means you can’t bring all the stuff you really want or need for everyday living. It is quiet small so that we do not have very much personal space for example when baby starts crawling.
About the money and renting, RVs aren’t cheap , it is usually at least 260.000$. Renting them isn’t cheap either. They cost thousands a month, which make it seem better to just buy an old used one and run it into the ground or sell it at the end of the adventure. Tou should consider if your budget is limited :).
Bathrooms and washroom inside an RV are usually very small due to limited space and are not very comfortable. Even if your RV does not have a bathroom, you have to regularly use public bathrooms and showers or somebody’s ones, which is definitely not convenient.
Another thing you have to think is Internet. You will not connect with internet 24/7, all the time you are in an RV. It means that you can not check your mail, you face to the problems of sending an receiving email, or even the daily news.
The last issue i think is the most important is criminal, will you be safe in an area outside and no connection.

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Some useful tips

From the cons i show you above, i also give you some financial tips I found on MSN to keep in mind: First, be neat! Set everything with neat and tidy. Second thing is be clinking with plenty of money, then saving your rig and shopping for the loan, this means you should consider among the kinds of car. Another idea is reducing the tax, we do not own a home so that we do not need to pay the income tax. Besides, do it right now. Many people ask themselves why they did not have this RV sooner, if you like this lifestyle, do not wait and then regret. Lastly, you should spend a good care for your beloved vehicle. You should check it regularly to make sure no big issue happen to your RV during the long trip. Keep them in tip top condition by wax the RV with high-quality wax products. Your vehicle will always look shiny during the trip which can make you enjoy the trip somehow better.

If you want to make your full-time RV life easier, there are plenty of RV cleaning and maintenance products to along the way. Do not only concentrate on the cons, you see, this life style has a lot of pros you should experience. It is not easy to spread over the world in one year, but RV did.