About us

Welcome to our site: http://betweenpages.org/

I’m a poet, mother, writer and administrator for a non-profit living in Los Angeles with my  teenage daughters, Izzy and Amalia.  I love the work I do.  Working for a small non-profit, Whole Child Foundation, I get to see dedicated professionals making a difference in children’s lives first hand.  My writing allows me to veer off all over the place, learning about a wide range of topics from documentary filmmaking to politics, poetry, art and much more.  I’m now publishing work regularly on the Huffington Post and with MomsLA.com.

With betweenpages, I get to comment on current events, puzzle out life with two daughters and share interviews, thoughts and the creative process.  I hope it’s a place where others will share as well.  My friend Zoe and I used to joke that together we made a whole parent.  If she had diapers, I had wipes.  I’d match her Cheerios with my apple juice and so on.  Our kids are a lot older now.  But the concept still applies.  It’s impossible to know everything.  By sharing, maybe, just maybe we can keep up with our kids and the world around us.  Ideally, I’d love for betweenpages to help in meeting this challenge.

As a writer, I often struggle to find time and space for my creative work.  Aside from the normal doubts and difficulties every writer faces, motherhood gives being an artist a special spin.  Separating from the role of mother isn’t always easy or possible.  Balancing the needs of my family with my needs is the grit and pop of everyday life.  Every artist needs discipline.   Writing my posts has become a favorite part of my routine.  It’s becoming an anchor for me.  On this site, I hash out and talk about my fears, frustrations and sense of fulfillment that comes with writing.  This blog is helping me to prize my writing time.  I hope it helps others to see the value of their own work.

Thank you for reading.