July, July

I remember last July as a time when my girls were away visiting family.  I’d just moved into my apartment and Scott had moved into his place down the street. I ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast and baguette with chevre and figs for almost every other meal.  I read excerpts of The Hunger Diaries by Mavis Gallant and wrote about it here on my blog.

This July is different. I’m reading Junot Diaz. There haven’t been enough figs or solitude in this month. Alice Munro announced that she’s written her last book and to be honest, I can’t even process that bit of news.  Gallant’s diaries don’t get published until September. My blog languishes. It’s almost as long a time between posts as it is between me dropping off and picking up my dry cleaning. My cats have both taken off. Black Cat lives with another family who’s nicer and buys him toys. Speed has just disappeared. I think he was lonely without Black Cat (BC is a selfish cat and has definitely moved on from us and poor Speed).  Their water and food dishes sit here just the way they left them.  I started getting teary over the little bastards last night.  I even bought them a tub of catnip.

Izzy is up north visiting family and Amalia went to rhythmic gymnastics camp this past week.  Summer of their independence in a few different ways.  But Amalia has traveled a lot and it’s been really good for her.  Izzy always has a great time on her visits up north. Next week, we leave for NY, family and the beach.  Can’t wait.  But that’s August and a completely different beast.

I didn’t expect this July to be quite so heavy. But I have almost fully decided to let my hair grow again. I cut it last year with the separation. If only it would grow out as quickly as a decision gets made. Making gains in the freelance world has happened a little faster than hair growing and that’s a good thing. I’ve added new outlets and have even done some successful networking.

This is a ramble of a post. Time to get to work.  Have a great day everyone.  How’s your summer been?

photo credit: Muy Yum via photopin cc

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