If you’re in the market for a new note taking app, you’re probably looking for one that has the best features, supports the latest OS, and is easy to use. With that in mind, we dug through the Windows Store to find the top 10 note taking apps for Windows 10.

While Windows 10 came with one of the most popular note-taking apps for Windows, it’s still possible to find more options. We’ve gathered the best apps that you can install on your Windows 10 PCs and laptops and we will be back to update this list regularly.

Windows 10 comes with a set of integrated note-taking apps, but if you’re a power user, you’ll find that these tools aren’t quite right for you. You can, in fact, use a third-party app to do the job instead, and these 10 note-taking apps for Windows 10 are some of the best you can get.


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Updated on September 2, 2021

Publish date: September 2020

  • Keeping track of essential information by writing it down is a certain method to remain organized.
  • Note-taking apps are digital tools that may help you be more productive.
  • Take a look at the list below for a rundown of some of the finest note-taking applications available.


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Do you want to utilize a note-taking software on your Windows 10 computer or device? The best 10+ note-taking applications for Windows 10 are listed below.

Have you ever had the experience of remembering something but having nowhere to write it down, or of receiving crucial information but forgetting to bring your notepad and pen?

A note-taking software relieves the worry of forgetting your pen and paper by allowing you to do all of your tasks using your tablet or laptop.

Here are the finest note-taking applications for jotting down important information that you don’t want to forget.


It’s not simple to organize all of your duties in the most efficient way possible. It may be tiresome, and you may feel that the tools you’re utilizing aren’t fulfilling all of your requirements. When there are too many notes or applications involved, digitally organizing your job may quickly become overwhelming. That’s where our first selection comes in.

ClickUp is a new all-in-one productivity tool with over a thousand connectors and lots of helpful features. It aspires to offer a complete solution that eliminates the need for customers to depend on third-party applications for certain of their duties. 

This software allows you to take notes in a variety of ways. It includes its own note-taking capabilities, as well as integrations with applications like Notepad and Evernote, so you can choose your preferred tool and mix and match depending on the kind of project you’re working on. 

The following are some of the app’s other major features:

  • very adaptable
  • modern & accesible UI
  • nested subtasks & checklists
  • routine chores automation
  • pre-made templates that save time
  • chat & comments for teamwork
  • a variety of progress-tracking tools

ClickUp is appropriate for both group and individual work. It includes a free edition with a lot of useful features for individual users. It also has a Premium plan, which may be a better fit for groups. A free 30-day trial is available for the premium subscription.



Take customizable notes & stay on top of your game with tons of features and integrations. 


Microsoft OneNote is included with the Windows operating system and is free; but, if you want the complete Office 365 package, you’ll have to spend about $69 or so.

This software is great for making to-do lists, projects, and organizing your ideas and other information, and it comes with a desktop version (OneNote) and a universal app.

The desktop version is designed for people who use keyboards and mouse, while the universal app that comes with Windows 10 is designed for those who use touch devices and laptops.

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking software that also lets you accomplish the following:

  • Sync your notes across all of your devices, including your PC.
  • Protect your files and notes with a password.
  • Look for handwritten notes and typed text.
  • Take notes on web pages and save them to your Notes collection.
  • Outlook content may be saved.
  • Using the tabs and sections functionality to organize your notes depending on each notebook you maintain on your computer or device
  • You may access your notes on all of your devices as well as your PC.
  • Take down audio notes.
  • To stay organized, put to-do lists next to your notes.

This is a really versatile tool, and it even seems like you’re writing on paper since you can start typing on any area of an open page.

You can also drag and drop pictures and other file attachments into your notes, as well as add drawings, music, and video.

Obtain OneNote


Taking notes has always been a job best accomplished with a pen and a tiny notepad, and our second choice follows the same concept.

Notion is a collaboration application that also serves as a note-taking tool. Aside from that, it includes all of the elements that a well-organized team might possibly need, such as:

  • A method for organizing your notes that allows you to add any kind of material.
  • Kanban boards, tables, lists, and other tools for customizing any process are available.
  • Tools that allow you to convert your knowledge into easily accessible responses.

The application is accessible on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and as a web clipper, with simple cross-platform sync, so you can take Notion with you everywhere you go.

Obtain Notion


This popular note-taking software works well on Windows 10 and other operating systems, as well as on the web and on mobile devices.

Evernote can help you with a variety of activities, including:

  • Text addition
  • Images, audio, and other media may be added.
  • Creating notebooks from your files
  • With a single snap of your phone’s camera, you can scan papers like handwritten notes, receipts, and other critical documents.
  • Note-taking
  • Audio recording
  • Using the app’s Web Clipper to save web pages for later — just save the browser extension by clicking it.
  • Save articles for later reading.

There are many plans available for the app. You may download the Evernote app for free, which has basic capabilities and a monthly file upload limit of 60MB, or upgrade to the Premium plan, which includes offline notebook access, email integration, file searches, and much more.

Obtain Evernote


This software is available for free or for a monthly fee of $10-30 (Team plan) and is suitable for usage on both Windows and other platforms.

Quip works best when you want to combine notes with other documents or spreadsheets.

Unlike other note-taking applications, Quip saves each of the documents or spreadsheets generated in each of the notes to its own file.

It also includes a search function that allows you to locate documents and/or spreadsheets inside the program and integrate them into other documents.

It has a simple interface and allows you to style your notes with several formatting choices. You can also post your notes to the web (which is ideal for bloggers) or save them in various formats for sharing.

Quip allows you to add any team member to a document or note, and then work on it as changes are mirrored in the sidebar to your left, so you can quickly see what each team member contributed.

While you’re doing it, you can also have a team conversation.

Quip’s spreadsheets function similarly to MS-Excel, enabling you to do computations, which is a valuable feature when compared to other note-taking applications.

Obtain Quip


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Remember how you used to put yellow sticky notes on your fridge, or even your laptop or PC, to help you remember things or remind someone to do something?

Sticky Notes, on the other hand, has eliminated the need for paper and has replaced the Post-It notes we used before technology made things simpler — without the mess.

You may use Sticky Notes to do the following tasks:

  • Take notes on stickies in the form of text or pictures, much as you would on traditional sticky notes (it also comes in different sizes and colors)
  • Organize your notes in a logical manner.
  • Notes may be pinned to the Start screen.
  • Sync your notes to OneDrive so you can access them from any computer or device.
  • To stay on top of your reminders, enable flight or calendar event options.
  • Use a pen to make Sticky Notes (for Surface Pro users or compatible tablets)

Sticky Notes is a free Windows 10 app that you can download and use on your PC or smartphone.

Obtain Sticky Notes


This note-taking software was just released for Windows and is intended for basic note-taking, as the name implies.

Simplenote, unlike other note-taking applications, is simple to use. You can just take notes and do not have access to video files, clipped web pages, or email integration.

Your text has no formatting choices, so it’s as if you’re writing on a notepad with a pen.

However, Simplenote allows you to do the following tasks:

  • Notes on tags
  • Notes may be pinned to make them more accessible.
  • Your notes will have their own URLs when you publish them.
  • Faster searches are made possible by a simple interface.

Simplenote is available for download for free on your Windows device or PC.

Obtain Simplenote


This free note-taking software is popular among Windows users, particularly those who use Microsoft Surface or touchscreen laptops.

You may make your notes with your finger or a stylus pen on a variety of backdrops, such as lined paper, black or whiteboards.

This note-taking software is unusual in that it auto-scrolls for you, so you don’t have to change pages; instead, it just opens a new one for you so you may write uninterrupted.

Importing pictures and annotating PDF documents are two more things you may do using the Scrble app.

The software is free to download, but you can upgrade to the full version for $4.

Obtain Scrble


This note-taking software includes everything you’ll need to take notes in the same format as a Word document.

It has formatting choices including bold, italics, underlining, and bulleting and indentation for paragraphs. You may also add subscripts, strikethrough, and highlight text.

It’s quick, easy, and straightforward, and it also accepts graphics from applications like Paint.

Other formats, such as Open Document and Office Open XML, may also be saved or opened in WordPad.


This note-taking software has long been popular on Windows, and it allows you to make your notes on a basic canvas with a simple toolbar to go along with it.

NotePad, like Simplenote, has few capabilities, but it does allow you to perform things like Find, Replace, and even input date and time.

To locate Notepad, just go to Start, enter NotePad in the search box, and you’re ready to go.

It’s simple and quick to use, and you can add timestamps to your notes, as well as build and modify scripts, all while focusing on your ideas.

If you’ve misplaced your Notepad documents on Windows 10, use this method to recover them.


Cortana is a listening and/or search software, but it’s also a note-taking app thanks to its versatility.

Cortana, Windows’ digital assistant, can not only take notes but also keep track of appointments, locate places, and even keep track of crucial email reminders.

Do you have any of these note-taking applications on your phone? In the comments area, tell us about your experience.

Check out our Productivity Hub if you like utilizing productivity applications and want to explore additional choices.

We also provide a huge number of hand-picked software recommendations for various hobbies. Check out our Software section if you want to learn more.

Also, please post any other questions or ideas there, and we’ll make sure to look into them.

That pretty much concludes our list of the top note-taking applications. Leave a note in the comments area below letting us know which of the ones listed above is your favorite.

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With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has combined all of its Modern apps into a single app: Microsoft Word. However, there are many Modern apps that are not part of the Word app, and just as many Windows 10 users are looking for note-taking apps that can work with the Windows 10 Modern apps.. Read more about microsoft onenote and let us know what you think.

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What is the best note app for PC?

The best note app for PC is called Notes.

What is the best note app for Windows?

I am not sure what you mean by best note app for Windows.

What is the best free note taking app for Windows?

One of the best free note taking apps for Windows is Microsoft OneNote. It is a great app that allows you to take notes, draw pictures, and even create graphs.

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