Dual monitors have become a status symbol for many computer owners. Nowadays, the typical consumer has a busy life revolving around work, social networking, and entertainment. However, there is a downside to utilizing a dual monitor setup: maximizing your productivity and multitasking. While a dual monitor setup gives you an incredible amount of screen real estate, it also comes at a cost. Dual monitors require two displays to work, which can be a big problem if you’re trying to maximize your productivity and multitasking. Maximizing your productivity and multitasking is important, as that is why dual monitors (or multiple monitors as they’re called today) exist in the first place. However, there is a downside to utilizing a dual monitor setup: maximizing your productivity and

There’s a lot to love about dual monitors, but if you’re using two screens simultaneously, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are a number of great solutions out there to help you get the most out of a dual-monitor setup.

This short guide will help you find the best dual monitor software for your Windows PC. We will share which dual monitor software is the best for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.. Read more about dual monitor tools and let us know what you think.


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Publish date: April 2020

  • If you want greater control over your configuration, you may install dual-monitor software on Windows to make the most of several VDUs connected to a single desktop.
  • We’ve included numerous monitor software alternatives on our list that completely extend the taskbar to the extra VDUs, giving users more customization possibilities. 
  • Choosing software that aids in the management of multiple displays may help you take use of the advantages of having two monitors. 


Using two monitors to extend the Windows desktop is a fantastic idea. You can move the mouse and program windows across two displays using a dual-monitor configuration.

A dual-monitor configuration is similar to connecting two VDUs (Visual Display Units) to create a larger display.

However, for dual monitor configurations, Windows 10 doesn’t provide a lot of customizing options, and Windows 7 doesn’t even have a taskbar on the secondary VDU.

You may use dual-monitor software in Windows to make the most of several VDUs connected to a single desktop.

Many third-party dual-monitor applications extend the taskbar to the additional VDUs, provide new customization options, and add extra title bar buttons to software windows.

These are a handful of the finest Windows dual monitor applications.

What are the best applications for multi-monitor management?


DisplayFusion is a highly rated multi-monitor program with a multitude of settings and features. The program is available in two versions: freeware and a pro version that costs $29 for one user.

The freeware version of DisplayFusion lacks multi-monitor taskbars and screensavers, as well as customization options for the Windows lock screen and the Alt + Tab Handler.

For dual-monitor installations, DisplayFusion Pro offers more customization possibilities than most other applications.

It lets you set up programmed macros, add different backgrounds to VDUs, extend a desktop wallpaper over two displays, modify the lock screen, span screensavers across all your monitors, store desktop icon configurations, and more.

The Pro edition, of course, includes a multi-monitor taskbar with the Start and Show Desktop buttons as well as window thumbnail previews on the second VDU.

DisplayFusion Pro also includes a useful Alt + Tab Handler, more Windows 10 customization options, and remote control applications for Android and iOS devices.


Display Fusion Pro is a program that allows you to combine several

Use software that can divide and arrange your PC displays to make the most of your multitasking, such as Display Fusion Pro.


UltraMon is a comprehensive collection of utilities for dual-monitor installations that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems from XP to 10.

The program costs $39.95, and there is no freebie version available.

However, a complete 30-day trial of UltraMon is still available by downloading UltraMon 3.4.0 en x32.msi from this internet page.

A taskbar extender for UltraMon extends the taskbar to the second monitor. You may set each taskbar to show just the applications running in its VDU or all open apps across all monitors.

Users may choose different backgrounds and screensavers for each VDU using the program.

Additionally, UltraMon adds a useful Maximize desktop button to window title bars, allowing you to extend windows across both monitors, and its mirroring feature allows you to clone displays on both VDUs.

Obtain UltraMon.


Actual Multiple Monitors has received a lot of positive feedback. For the additional VDUs, this dual-monitor program includes a taskbar, Start menu, system tray, and an Alt+Tab switcher.

Actual Multiple Monitors costs $40 and is compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 10. A complete 30-day trial of AMM is also available.

On the secondary VDU, Actual Multiple Monitors completely mimics the Windows taskbar.

On the second monitor, the taskbar contains a Start menu, notification area, Show Desktop button, and clock, which you can customize using the software’s mirror, mixed, and individual mode options.

Additionally, the secondary taskbar includes a context menu from which you may choose to collect or transfer windows to the main taskbar.

Aside from the additional taskbar, Actual Multiple Monitor users may choose between different backgrounds on the displays or have a single backdrop extend over both desktops; AMM also has screensaver settings.

Actual Multiple Monitor’s Desktop Divider is a new feature that allows you to split the desktop into smaller tiles for maximized windows.

Another useful feature of AMM is desktop mirroring, which allows you to clone the main display on the secondary VDU.

There you have it: five must-have apps to help you get the most out of your multi-monitor setup.

Only Actual Multiple Monitors, DMT, MultiMon TaskBar Pro 3.5, DisplayFusion Pro, and UltraMon have the tools and features that Actual Multiple Monitors, DMT, MultiMon TaskBar Pro 3.5, DisplayFusion Pro, and UltraMon have.

Obtain Real-Time Multiple Monitors


MultiMon is a lightweight DisplayFusion replacement that enables three monitor configurations. MultiMon TaskBar 2.1 or TaskBar Pro 3.5 (both $35) may be installed on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows systems.

The free Taskbar 2.1 software adds a second and third taskbar to the extra VDUs, but it lacks the pro version’s system themes.

To save the TaskBar 2.1 installer to Windows, go to this web page and click MMTaskbar21.exe.

Taskbar 2.1 offers nothing more than the additional VDU taskbars.

Both versions, however, come with an useful Clipboard Extender tool that saves all text copied to the clipboard so you may pick several things from the secondary taskbar’s combo box.

Users of TaskBar Pro 3.5 may additionally extend windows over two VDUs, utilize arrow buttons to transfer windows to another monitor, and choose from a variety of taskbar themes.

Obtain the MultiMon TaskBar


Dual Monitor Tools is a freeware program that allows you to set up two monitors on your computer. This is a little application that takes up less than one MB of disk space and has some great multi-monitor features.

The program is available for download from this website and works on most Windows systems from XP to 10.

DMT Launcher, Cursor, Snap, Swap Screen, and Wallpaper Changer are the five main components of Dual Monitor Tools.

DMT Launcher is the software’s main feature, allowing you to start any application by typing bespoke magic words into the text field.

With the DMT Wallpaper Changer, you can set the program to change the wallpaper on both displays on a regular basis.

Users of the Dual Monitor Tool may create custom hotkeys for moving windows between VDUs, minimizing, maximising, and supersizing them such that they span both displays.

Snap is also a useful DMT tool for taking a screenshot on one monitor and displaying it on another.

Get Dual Monitors Software

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If you use two monitors on your computer, you can enjoy a better work-life balance because you can have different tasks open on each monitor, and switch between them as you please. Dual monitor software tools can help you create and manage virtual workspaces that look and feel like you’re on a single monitor.. Read more about dual monitor tools windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tool lets you use two monitors?

A dual monitor setup is a computer setup that uses two monitors instead of one. This allows for more screen space and can be used for productivity purposes.

How do I optimize my computer for dual monitors?

This is a question that is not specific to the game.

Whats the best dual monitor setup?

The best dual monitor setup is a 4k resolution with a 60hz refresh rate.

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