In this post, we offer six different yoga poses that are bound by the feet. We don’t expect that you will be able to execute them all perfectly, but that’s OK! The point of this post is to inspire you to experiment with bound variations of poses you already know.

If you’re looking to try some new yoga poses for your next class, check out these variations of the most popular ones. They’re bound, which means you can’t cheat and use your hands instead of your feet. If you really want to work on your flexibility, you can always check out these four bound poses.

Yoga has become incredibly popular in recent years – with the number of people doing it increasing every year. That’s great news for those who have been looking for a great way of promoting health and fitness, but what do those doing yoga, know when it comes to yoga poses? In fact, there are many different versions of popular yoga poses, each with its own name.

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, influence the subtle energies of your mind and body, and increase the flow of vital prana, then this article is for you.

To connect some important parts of yoga philosophy, it is worth noting that the related variations of asanas are forms of mudra practice. Mudras are symbolic gestures and/or movements usually practiced with the hands.

Mudras, meaning seals, are used in the practice of asanas, where the hands and wrists are intertwined to create related variations of yoga postures. One of the main benefits of connecting the hands or wrists is to invite the flow of prana back into the body, which helps with self-reflection and a deeper practice, as the hands are a way of releasing energy into the world.

With creativity, curiosity, intention, patience and respect for the body, almost any asana can fit into a binder. To protect the body, especially the delicate shoulder joints, slightly dislocated shoulder blades and compressed spine, it is best to practice knotting artfully and not obsessively.

A yoga belt or towel are useful tools to close the energy circuit in favor of the connection, while increasing the elasticity of the body.

Since the options for linking yoga are endless, here are six related variations of common yoga poses to get you started!

1. Bend forward with one knee up – Maricheshyasana A

Marichiasana A, widely used in Ashtanga yoga, is a variation of the classic forward bend with a link to help open the heart.

The key is to keep the leg straight and active and bend the knee to the face to avoid the forward pressure on the spine that occurs when the spine is deeply rounded without support when bending forward.

2. Yoga Bound squat – Baddha Malasana

Variations include tying the hand under the thigh or on the shin in a yoga squat. By crossing your arms under your hips and around your back, you are preparing your spine and shoulders for the bird of paradise.

It is important to ensure that the body can continue to breathe while being tossed around, so that the joints are protected and not overloaded. The fixation is often uncomfortable, but should never be painful. Particularly if the pain is in a certain part of the body, it can be a sign that the connection is too strong and a body injury may occur.

3. Tied high slit – Baddha Uttitha Ashva Sanchananasana

Along with the bound squat, the bound high lunge pose prepares the body to perform the bird of paradise. Normally, in high lunges, the weight is unevenly distributed on the front leg, and we tend to put more weight on the front leg when bending.

This can be balanced by intentionally sending energy to the back of the thigh and heel to activate the back foot. The hips should also be at right angles to further stretch the spine and prevent sideways pressure on the front leg, so bring the front hip back and the back hip forward.

4. Bird of Paradise – Svarga Dvydasana

Play with stretching and bending the legs to achieve balance. To perform this movement, it is important to anchor the entire foot and not extend the toes of the stance foot while trying to grasp the ground.

While the downward direction of the energy balances and stabilizes this moment, focusing on hip alignment and lengthening the spine brings ease and relaxation to this bird.

5. Half-posture of the bound fish lord – Baddha Ardha Matsyendrasana

This connection can also be made when the hands meet at the shins or between the thighs. In either case, it’s important to remember that the shoulders are loose bones that can easily be overextended, especially if the legs and knees are strong.

To protect the body, it is very important that the spine is first stretched and then twisted before the arms are tied – this way the body is ready to be gently pulled rather than forcefully tied.

6. Half-lotus bound, side shelf – Balance dedicated to Kasiyapa – Kasiyapasana

To achieve balance, let the drishti look down first and then up to the sky. The trick to learning this asana is to break it down into parts: first do a solid side dance exercise, then play with some half and whole lotus, sitting on the floor and standing, and finally work on a linked half lotus side dance.

Sometimes you find yourself in a difficult situation and sometimes you create one yourself! We hope you enjoyed these six related variations of popular yoga poses. I’d love to hear which options you like – feel free to leave your comments below.

Photo credits: Brittany Danielle.

You’ll find six examples of different yoga poses, all of which have been bound into a single clip. These exercises have been designed to help the body and mind come together in ways that allow the best of both worlds: mental clarity and physical balance.. Read more about common yoga poses and let us know what you think.

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