A security guard recently got the opportunity of a lifetime when he was invited to try out for the Warriors’ G League affiliate. But this story has one extra component – The man in question is still battling cancer, but his desire to play professional basketball despite being wheelchair-bound is inspiring many others struggling with similar conditions.

A Warriors security guard, Johnnie High III, recently got the opportunity of a lifetime to try out for the team’s G League affiliate. He was selected as one of 12 players from around the world and given plenty of opportunities to showcase his skills in front of NBA scouts.

The “g league ignite team roster” is a story about a Beloved Warriors Security Guard who recently got the opportunity of a lifetime. The guard was recently given the opportunity to try out for the team’s G League affiliate.

Jonathan Amey Jr. spends his days keeping an eye on the Golden State Warriors players as they enter the team parking garage and walk the short distance to the Chase Center. Last month, though, he was given a once-in-a-lifetime chance when the Warriors granted him a trial with their G League club.

Jonathan Amey Jr. is a well-liked security guard for the Warriors.

The Warriors gave their security guard a G League tryout.

The Warriors gave their security guard a G League tryout. The “The City” emblem of the Golden State Warriors | Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group

The NBA is run by a large number of individuals who work behind the scenes. Jonathan Amey Jr. is one of the Warriors’ key players.

Amey is a Golden State Warriors security guard who meets players as they arrive for games and workouts at the Chase Center. Amey has earned the hearts of Warriors players over the previous several years despite having a basic role.

“He’s a very kind man.” Andrew Wiggins recently told NBA.com that “every day his demeanor and optimism when we arrive to the arena, whether it’s early or late in the day, he’s always a fantastic vibe to be around.” “He’s wishing everyone a good day. I’m glad he’s pleased because he’s a delight.”

Amey earned a promotion last month that he never expected.

Amey was given a trial with the Warriors’ G League squad.

Amey’s day job is to safeguard the Warriors, but he’s also a baller behind the scenes. The 26-year-old is a Cal State East Bay intramural basketball player who was called up last month to test out for the G League Warriors.

He even received some shooting advice from probably the greatest shooter in history.

Stephen Curry told the Associated Press’ Janie McCauley, “He’s a consistent figure when you’re going out of the building.” “It shows how encouraging, inspiring, and uniting basketball is for him to put himself out there and try out.” He said that he needs to improve his jumper. We gave him the courage to keep trying and have a positive attitude despite his self-criticism. I admire his bravery in putting himself out there; it’s not an easy assignment. As a result, kudos to Jonathan.”

Steve Kerr, the Warriors’ head coach, was ecstatic for Amey.

“I had no clue,” says the narrator. It’s fantastic. Jonathan is someone I’ve known for quite some time. Kerr told the Associated Press, “He’s been here, excellent kid.” “He’s always had a lot of enthusiasm, but I had no idea he had a trial with us.” That’s incredible. I’ll have to inquire about it with him. It’s commendable of him to pursue a desire and go for it. I think it’s fantastic.”

Amey didn’t make the squad, but it was still a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the teenage security guard.

A dream realized

Amey also talked to the Associated Press about his experience trying out for a professional basketball club, and he couldn’t be happier, despite not receiving the results he desired.

“It was simply a fantastic experience to be able to play at a professional level and also to have the opportunity to accomplish something that most people hope they could do,” Amey added. “I didn’t believe I’d have a chance, so I simply thought, ‘Hey, if the offer is there, take it.’”


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