The National Football League has long been known for its hard-nosed players, who have the reputation of being both fearless and fearless. That is, until the NFL added penalties for players chugging beer at games. The league’s rules state that players should not drink alcohol on the field, but that they can have a sip of beer in the locker room before games, and then keep their beverages inside the stadium. As a result, some players have found ways around drinking during games, with some using something called a “sip-a-roof” device, which allows them to drink a few sips of beer without having to chug it.

This is a story that I’ve been meaning to tell, for a while now. It’s about a time when I was in the Green Bay Packers locker room before a game, and Aaron Rodgers was chugging beer out of a bottle in the middle of the locker room (and then taking a longer than necessary time to get out of his shoes and into his uniform jacket). On the occasions I’ve seen a game, I’ve noticed that it is the same story being played out again and again: the same player would chug a beer, and then take a few seconds to look up at the scoreboard during the national anthem in the fourth quarter. The media would then report that player’s behavior as “unpatriotic” and “dis

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most successful teams in all of professional football, having won 13 NFL championships, but they are also the team that is most likely to chug beer at a football game. A new book, titled “Green and Gold: The Green Bay Packers and Their Fans,” about the Packers’ 100-year history, reveals the odd-but-curious tradition that dates back to the 1920s.

NFL players who play on the O-line are huge personalities. Many people overeat and over-drink to maintain their large bodies. For some NFL linemen, that apparently includes the occasional beer. Over the years, several linemen have made headlines for drinking beer during sporting events. This wound up the fans at these games and often the teammates who attended the games with them. Sometimes superstar quarterbacks have tried to follow these linemen, with mixed results.

New York Jets O-lineman Dan Feeney drank beer at New York Islanders game

The New York Jets’ offensive line recently teamed up with their rookie quarterback Zach Wilson. Wilson and his defenders were watching the New York Islanders game against the Pittsburgh Penguins and seemed to be having fun. During the commercial break, NBC’s cameras saw new recruit Dan Feeney sipping a beer. Then he shattered the glass on his decorated donkey’s head. The presenters burst out laughing and the audience goes wild. Feeney’s new teammates thought so too. Even Wilson, who comes from a more conservative Brigham Young University background, seemed to enjoy Feeney’s antics.

Taylor Lewan of the Tennessee Titans drank two beers while watching the Nashville Predators game

Defenseman Taylor Lewan has also been in the news recently for drinking beer at hockey games. During the Nashville Predators’ game against the Carolina Hurricanes, the team featured local hero Levan on the big screen. After a nice moment where he holds his daughter, the camera switches to a group of fans dumping beer over the fish (yes, you read that right, and apparently this is common at Predators games). Not wanting to admit it, Levan drank most of it, and most of it ended up on his face and shirt when the camera focused on him again. The 6-foot-3, 90-pound former Michigan Wolverines player then ripped off his shirt, revealing his tattooed chest. A fan then throws another beer at him, which he also drinks, while the audience goes wild.

Aaron Rodgers made a fool of himself at an NBA game by drinking beer like hislineman.

NFL linemen don’t just drink beer at NHL games. It also happens in NBA playoff games. In 2019, Green Bay Packers quarterback David Bakhtiari drank two beers to fire up the crowd at a Milwaukee Bucks game. After taking a sip, the big line player stood up, pointed to the other side of the field and called out another fan for a fight. On the other side of the arena sat his general manager, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, who was hilariously called a Game of Thrones extra and NFL MVP on the TV show, accepted the challenge. Unfortunately for Rogers, he can’t drink beer. In the 10 seconds he drank, he didn’t even finish ¾ of his drink. To celebrate the victory (and to piss off Rogers) Bakhtiari drank another pitcher of beer for the camera.

Tom Brady is the king of NFL beer fans

word-image-13558 While Feeney, Lewan and Bakhtiari were impressive beer drinkers (and Rodgers was terrible), should we be surprised that the greatest NFL beer drinker of all time is none other than Tom Brady? Brady has demonstrated his exceptional skills on numerous occasions, including once knocking down his center David Andrews during a Super Bowl ring ceremony, as seen onTwitter. His most famous beer-drinking episode occurred during an appearance on The Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The presenter and defender discussed various aspects of Brady’s diet, and Colbert even gave TB12 his very first strawberry (seriously). When Colbert pulled out two bottles of beer, something magical happened. The host challenged Brady to a drinking contest, and Brady defeated the former Daily Show presenter . The QB even had time to go back and drain the last drops before Colbert finished his pint. What is the moral of all these stories? As much fun as it is to watch NFL linemen drink beer, no one comes close to the GOAT. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19 CORRESPONDS TO: The New England Patriots have contracted another QB, taking veteran Tom Brady as their backup.

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