The new film, directed by Jimmy Chin and released in select theaters this spring 2018, is a continuation of the legacy that began when Meru was first released. The movie presents a record-breaking journey through some of the most difficult climbs on the planet—all while bringing audiences to awe at their incredible beauty.,

The “downton new era teaser” is a short video that continues the legacy of Downton Abbey and the upcoming season. It will be in theaters this spring.

The first trailer for Downton Abbey: A New Era has just been published by Focus Features. As the globe prepares to welcome a new decade, we witness the Crawleys and their family adjusting to new modes of transportation, entertainment, and a new location. We’re on our way to France!

Downton Abbey resorted to Twitter to share the clip with viewers, labeling it, “You are warmly welcomed to the year’s biggest getaway. Watch the teaser video for #DowntonAbbey: A New Era, which will be released in cinemas exclusively on March 18th.”

You are warmly welcomed to the year’s finest getaway. Watch the teaser trailer for #DowntonAbbey: A New Era, which will be released in cinemas exclusively on March 18th.

November 15, 2021 — Downton Abbey (@DowntonAbbey)

Fans all around the globe started analysing every second of the teaser, guessing what’s coming next! “Tom and Lucy are married!!” screamed Cassidy. “I’m going to cause a riot if they keep demoting thomas from butler only to make way for mr. carson,” Sage stated. “This is precisely what we need right now,” Emma exclaims, trembling, yelling, and wailing. Donna has a crush on him! I’m looking forward to it! The characters in the series and movies are fantastic. Call me crazy, but there’s simply something about Mr. Bates… sigh*** ;)”



The “follow-up to downton abbey” is a new teaser trailer for the upcoming film A New Era. The movie will be released in theaters this spring and continue the legacy of the hit show, Downton Abbey.

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