Gilding is the process of covering a surface with a thin layer of gilded metal. Gold leaf is the most commonly used gilding metal; it is most commonly gilded on wood, but it can be used on almost any other type of material. Gold leaf also refers to the process of adding gold leaf to various other materials, such as paper, leather, glass, or metal.

The front of the Bible is the most important place in a church. It is here that we stand in awe of the One who created us, and it is here that we stand in awe of the One who died for us, and it is here that we trust in the One who raised Christ from the grave, and it is here that we come to know our Savior. How important is it that we not just say these words, but that we also display them, too? The answer is that it is very, very important.

As a web designer, I am always looking for unique ways to use my skills. I recently came across an idea to create a web design that was totally unique, yet still professional. The idea I came up with is a “gold edging” to add a stylized flair to the edge of any web design.

In the picture: Vitruvian Box 2019 Edition and gold with the next card book 2021. word-image-2931 While we’re all waiting for production, I decided to talk about gilding and why I decided to use gold edges again for the third edition. The Revelation Edition games will have the same gold plated finish as the First Edition and Vitruvian Edition games. In the picture: Vitruvian Box 2019 Edition and gold with the next card book 2021. word-image-2932 You’re all… I listen to the tarot community and almost always agree with the general sentiments circulating today. Gilding is a moot point (easily said, in jest of course). That bothers some people, and I understand that. If it’s a rough gilding with glitter, I’m all for it. Sheet metal. But if it’s smooth and silky …. word-image-2933 Here’s a close-up of what the gilding will look like in the new look. You’re looking at one of my open Vitruvian decks for replacement cards in case of design or printing errors, so the deck/thickness you see is slightly smaller than the full 80 cards. The gilding looks the same – brand new, fresh out of the box, unused. word-image-2934 And above, my personal deck, 80 cards. Wait, maybe there are only 78 in this batch and the extra 2 0 keys are somewhere on the side – I can’t remember. Either way, it doesn’t matter. See how the gilding ages? I used this working set almost daily, did countless professional readings with it, and before I was forty, worked the audience with it when I did personal readings. This aged look is achieved after two years of natural, daily wear. word-image-2935 How gold ornaments age – that’s why I decided to go for gilding again for this third edition. I thought long and hard about whether to forgo gilding or opt for one of the trendy matte embellishments, but because of the way gold ages after natural use, I chose to do so. Gilding in new condition word-image-2936 The gold is shiny but with an even sheen, not like bright gold or sparkling gold. It’s very elegant (I think). And yet, as he gets older… о… (laughs happily)… word-image-2937 After two years of use, the shine becomes dull. And I really like the way she looks. It corresponds to the oscillations of the SKT. I like that he looks worn out, like he has experience. word-image-2938 I’m trying to figure out how far I can zoom in with my phone before it gets blurry. The upper deck is my annoyance, used and worn out for the last two years. The deck below is one of the surplus decks I opened to send replacement cards for 2019 orders. This means it wasn’t used for reading at all (and is also why the stack looks a little thinner than a full workhorse). gold plated, aged and worn after 2 years of daily use word-image-2939 While I personally love the new look of gilding fresh out of the box, I appreciate it much more as it ages over the years. After use it becomes matt and has the appearance of antique gold. More news : The printed physical sample has been shipped and will not be available until the 10th, according to tracking information. Could happen here. So I have no choice but to continue with the online edition of The Map Book and wait for the printed copies. I really hope I don’t forget to put general care instructions in my delivery email. The above maintenance instructions apply not only to this deck, but to all decks in general. It contains everything I have learned in the decades I have been working with cards. Leave the z-cards. For example, don’t leave it in direct sunlight or on a desk near a window for several days. For some reason it distorts the cardboard. And I learned that, like violin care, you have to be very careful with the deck, depending on the humidity and weather conditions. It’s crazy, right? Anyway, this post is written to give you an idea of what to expect from the gilding for SKT : Revelation Edition. =P


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The writer of this post has a fascination with gold. This fascination has caused him to talk about the gilding of the crowns of kings and emperors, the gilding of armor and other works of art and of the gilding of church windows. It’s a complex subject, but he’s learned that the gilding of this and that is one of the key ways that works of art achieve their beauty and grace.. Read more about rough edge gilding and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you edge the edges on gold leaf?

In the early days of stained glass, gilding was used to decorate church windows and other works of art. It was a way for goldsmiths to stamp their mark on the work of art and make it more valuable. This was especially helpful when many of the craftsmen were not goldsmiths, but were actually vintners, silversmiths, and so on. This made it difficult to identify the work of each individual craftsman. I’ve been doing gold leaf for several years now and have had the opportunity to work with many different gold leaf suppliers in that time.  We’ve all seen pictures of gold leaf hanging on the walls of old churches or on the beams of buildings. The gold leaf is usually applied by a sharp point or a small brush and then brushed or rolled onto the surface, the gold leaf gradually adhering to the surface, and the gold leaf forming a smooth, continuous edge.  I’ve done this many times and have always been somewhat impressed by the work, and the results.

What is gilding and why is it used?

The art of gilding dates back to the Bronze Age. This dates back to the time of the Egyptians when gold sheets, made from pure metal, were placed around the edge of the furniture. The use of gold for edges and edges of furniture is not only beautiful, but also very durable. The history of gilding is an intriguing one. It’s a technique that has been used for thousands of years, but it has never been quite the same from period to period. The gold leaf is applied to the object in different ways, and different artists have used the technique for different purposes. The artist used in the blog’s intro is called “Samantha” and she’s a metal artist. She uses a technique called “gilding” to apply gold leaf on her work, which gives it an ornate and shimmering effect.

Is gold gilding real gold?

There’s a lot of what-ifs out there regarding gilding, and as with most things in life, it depends on the context. It’s not uncommon for a goldsmith to be granted a coat of gilding on an item they made, especially if they did a lot of work. When it’s applied to artwork, however, it’s a little less common. So, what is gilding? Gilding is a way of decorating a piece of metal with a thin layer of gold, which is placed in contact with the metal and secured using acid. The gold is then washed away and the surface is cleaned. When gilding art, the gold is applied to a canvas and is then sewn on In olden times, gold was not valued for its use as a chemical element and in jewellery. It was simply valuable because it was rare and beautiful. However, in the 19th century, a man named Daniel Littlefield Beekman found a means to make gold gilding more desirable. He found that by attaching bits of gold to the edge of valuable objects like statues, furniture and sculptures he could make the gold look more valuable. Gilding was properly called by a variety of names, including “trefoil gilding”, “wreathing”, “edge gilding” and “edge gilding”. In the most common type, gilding was

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