Peggy Rainbow (sporty name) is a cross-country runner from North Carolina, who has been at the top of her sport for the past decade. She is a American record holder who is best known for her competitive exploits on the track. She was named the 2010 US Army Women’s Marathon Championship Runner of the Year, and is a three-time winner of the North Carolina Women’s Half-Marathon Championship.

Peggy Rainbow is 29 years old, now lives in Austin, TX, and has resided in the US since 2009. She has a BS in Biochemistry from Georgia State University. She is a triathlete, cyclist, and runner, though she hasn’t run in five years. She has completed a number of half ironman races and is currently working on getting her second half ironman across the finish line.

Peggy Rainbow is a former professional swimmer and runner who has described herself as a “runner with a passion for triathlons and long distance running”. She is also an avid surfer and bodybuilder.

Peggy Rainbow graduated from the PN Lean Eating for Women program with a completely different body and a whole different mindset about what she can achieve. Peggy felt ready to take action after spending the previous 15 years of her life discussing and fantasizing about competing in bodybuilding contests.

And, oh my goodness, did it work. Peggy earned first place in her lightweight class (113.5 pounds) and the overall championship in the 1st Annual Excelsior Classic in Atlanta, Georgia last weekend.


National highway

Peggy turned to the dark side and started her bodybuilding adventure with Christa Schaus in early January, inspired by her colleague coach Renee Willis’ (Profile 1 | Profile 2) contest preparation diary.

It is critical to have a knowledgeable trainer as a guide. Krista has propelled Peggy to heights she never imagined possible, not just as an athlete and competitive player, but also by constantly giving her all. However, due to the distance between the customer and Peggy, the job had to be completed by Peggy in the end. Peggy did precisely what Krista said: “I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t stray from the plan, and I didn’t ask for anything different if I didn’t like what she wanted from me.” Krista advised me to take a risk, which I did!

Peg never strayed from her strategy, even when things became tough. She divorced her long-term spouse in early January. Despite her grief, Peggy was not satisfied to wait for life to return to normal. She focused all of her energy and attention on the match. She understood that life had to go on, and that rehearsing for a performance would help her get through the difficult moments.

Peggy ran into another issue as soon as she mentally immersed herself in the game. Peggy was hospitalized for three days in January with double pneumonia and had to take a two-week break from training to recuperate. But, as with personal issues, Peggy was resolved to seek vengeance.

Peggy went back to the gym as soon as she could, but she took it slowly and didn’t push herself too hard at first. Instead, she paid attention to her own body. She believes that this has aided her in recovering more quickly and performing even better than before.


It’s time to mature.

Peggy started to concentrate on her development after her recuperation. She began losing weight in February. Krista handled Peggy’s instruction very well. Peggy needed to locate a local posing coach with whom she could meet 2-3 times per week in the months leading up to the competition. Peggy remembers, “I practiced posing until I couldn’t tense my muscles any more.” I asked a lot of questions and did my best to learn all I could. I wanted to do what was right.

March was determined to get her ideal body. Peggy spends the majority of her time recuperating, according to her protocols, exercising like a madwoman, and tweaking her attitudes and routines. Krista set up a few practice matches to test how Peggy’s body would react to varying amounts of water, salt, and macronutrients. This exercise assisted them in developing a better strategy for the competition day.

The last days leading up to the event were tough. Krista recommended numerous rigorous regimens after concluding that Peggy’s body reacted best to modest quantities of carbs. Peggy was well aware that everyone responds differently, and she had faith in Christa, so she wasn’t scared to take the required precautions. The risky move paid off. I believe the only thing I would change is to avoid dehydration. This was the most difficult aspect. But I’m certain I won’t alter my mind. Other competitors commented on how dry I was for the race, and how it reflected on stage. That’s exactly how I am: It was a successful goal!!!

The race day was a roller coaster of emotions.

Peg can’t recall the last time she had so much fun, despite the numerous exhilarating, thrilling, and nerve-wracking moments.

I was really anxious at first since I didn’t know what to anticipate. I knew I’d give it my all on that particular day, but I also knew I wanted to win. I was anxious in the morning during the preliminary rounds, but as soon as I took the stage, all of it vanished. I have no idea what occurred. It seemed natural for me to feel happy, like if I belonged here. I knew right then and there that this was the sport for me.

The remainder of the day was spent talking with the other attendees, having a good time, and meeting new people. I learned that, despite my competitive nature, I can compete and have fun at the same time. When the evening arrived, all I have to say is that it was incredible!!!! The place was packed, and I had a large group of pals. My fitting appointment went off without a hitch.

I was standing for a picture with the trophy for my weight class before I knew it. The victors of the middleweight and heavyweight divisions were then pitted against me. The posture downstairs was incredible!! It was, without a doubt, mine. I stayed in the front row the whole time, posing. The audience erupted in laughter, and I was completely engrossed. That, plus the announcement that I was the big winner, were the highlights of the program for me. All of this happened at my very first tournament!

Peggy has finally put her 15 years of complaining behind her and understands that attaining any objective is just a job.

Peggy then goes to work. I’m hooked to and passionate about the sport. I’m going to move on. This year, I’d want to participate in a couple more events, including the national qualification for the Arnold Amateur Classic the following year. Yes, I intend to perform with my instructor, Krista Schaus!! I’ve discovered my calling and my sport, and there’s no turning back now!

Peggy can now see how training for this competition has helped her in a variety of ways, now that she has the trophy in her hands. Without Krista, Renee, my PN buddies, and training, I’m not sure I’d be where I am now. My life is distinct on a number of levels. All I have to say is that life is wonderful!


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Peggy Rainbow is an American road cyclist who competes in the elite U23 category. She is committed to creating a positive and empowering culture for women in cycling. She is one of the most well-respected cyclists in the peloton, and has been able to develop strong partnerships with many of cycling’s major brands.. Read more about user profile loading failed r6 2020 pc and let us know what you think.

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