Is the spring of your life coming to a close? Are you constantly casting off the things that hold you back? Are you ready to face the journey ahead and take on whatever lies ahead? The stars have aligned in your favor and the tide is turning. In this auspicious month you will find the solution to all your nagging problems. If you apply yourself, you will see it coming. When you hear it, you must act on it.

The year 2020 is for many people the beginning of a new era. It is the year in which the world will change so much that few of us can imagine that this year will be the same as last year.

It is a period of intense activity for you, including a number of significant life events that will change the way you look at yourself and your world. You will have much to do as you make important decisions regarding your future, and you may have a difficult time finding the time to devote to these issues. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed.


Weekly Astrological Forecasts for All Signs 17.


word-image-5050 Let’s talk about love and destiny What does the romance show? A little self-care puts fun back on the agenda! A new beginning and new revelations are promised by this week’s New Moon in your 5th house. House. He is in triangle with the two rulers of Mars in your first house. House, and carries the 3rd House through the corner with the North Node in your 3rd House. House is also the seal of fate. A few days earlier, Mars, the ruler, inspires you to do something. Perhaps an interview, the start of a project, a job application or the launch of a campaign. Good news can come to you thanks to the trine between Mars and Mercury in your 5th house. Houses earlier in the week always come back.

Let’s talk about love

The conversation can also be about a loved one – a past, present or potential partner. Someone who can make you a parent, stepparent or foster parent, for example. It also feels like something is brewing again. They may be your own children, adult children who want to become parents, or generations younger than you. Teens, maybe the ones you teach or even mentor? A moment of clarity on this may take about two years. Think back to August 2018. Or, with things going on this week, even further back for some. And that was 19 years before it existed or started. Is it a creative project, a love story, a pregnancy? The new moon can bring everything back, but in a new way. If you weren’t old enough, remember that fate acts to some extent by providing you with a happy opportunity handed to you by fate.

My time is of the essence

Mercury will enter its sixth house on the 20th. The signs come in, the sun two days later. This is your home of well-being, so show attention and dedication. For me and for others. You can’t give back if you’re not working on something. And when you feel good, you want to feel your best. Do whatever it takes to make it happen. Find a balance between the desire to do more and experience more, and the real need to relax. Mercury in opposition to Ceres in your 12th house. House suggests that you should follow your instincts in this case. Beautiful choices and divine peace can go hand in hand with joy and love this week. In a nutshell, manager Mars says: Don’t be shy, Aries! We know that’s not your style anyway. But when it comes to conversations, don’t hesitate to start them. Including that wonderful opening line!


word-image-5051 It’s time to fly free Take the leap Say yes to passion This week, Taurus, new things are coming to you. It’s about removing the feeling of heaviness when too many annoying things pile up on you. A person whose fun side wants to run, play and maybe surprise at the same time. Ready to join? What you radiate attracts a reflection to you. There will be some big changes behind the scenes this week. I was going to say behind closed doors, because it could very well have to do with home, family or life circumstances. It’s about taking a courageous step towards a braver, brighter you.

Start living much more

This week the new moon is in your second house. The house appears. Mars in the 12th. Degree and North Node in the 2nd. Degrees are angles for a bold new beginning in your lifestyle. Just two days before this new moon appears, we also have a directional angle between Mars and Mercury in your 4th house. There may be news or decisions now that affect your career, your home, your family, your possessions, or something that takes away your security or even limits your freedom. Don’t be afraid to have important conversations about this topic with the people you live with. Like I said, it could be you and your family members or your partner. And the time has come. This is a New Moon that sets a new direction for many of us because it is connected to the Moon’s Node. And Mars spurs us on to action. Do your homework as Mercury and then the Sun enter your 5th house. Signs of romance and storytelling make their appearance. It’s mostly your place of attraction. Where you can indulge, have fun, play and do what (or should I say who?) is your passion. It’s important not to let unfinished business overwhelm you. So free yourself to experience it.

Completion leads to new start

On the 23rd, Mercury comes into opposition with Ceres, the planet of compromise, and new days break. What new world can you create this week, Taurus? I hope you can take your worries and responsibilities off your shoulders and express yourself. Close the store behind closed doors. Then return to the world. In a nutshell: Taurus, are you weighed down by things you know you need to address, but you keep putting them off? The more you procrastinate, the more you push away freedom, love and joy. Action is the best cure.


word-image-5052 Words (and ideas) have wings Love brings you back For the house? It’s you, Gemini. Until the 20th, Mercury is in the third house. Degree in your horoscope, Gemini. So put these ideas into practice. And this week, go to the masses with your message and accept any invitation that comes your way (regardless of social distance rules). Mars in your 11th house. The sign not only boosts your social life, it also shows you the way. The 17th puts the motor start angle between it and your controller. Writing, speaking, texting, emailing, your job, your studies, your part-time job, a meeting with Zoom, a job interview, a manuscript, an essay, a resume or just the internet – it all depends on what you put forward. Your message, your story, your brand. Perhaps you have only superficially explored this potential. This week, it appears that there is more to it. A very creative energy swirls around you this week. Happy new beginnings, guided by fate!

Love wants you to start over

What you launch, an initiative or even a simple message, can set you on an exciting new path. All thanks to the new moon in your 3rd house. House on 19. This is particularly important for you because it activates the North Node at 27 degrees Gemini. Look on your chart to see if you have factors in orbits that are two degrees off. Or, alternatively, between 25 and 29 degrees Sagittarius, your opposite sign. If you’re 18 or over 19, do a time jump like Jean Claude Van Damme in Time Cop. The nodes are our personal karmic time machines. He brings us back to review our karma. Expect similar themes, but in conjunction with this New Moon, opportunities for a new start or possibilities for a second time.

white heart

Mercury and the Sun highlight property issues, family relationships and living arrangements. Purchase, sale, rental and leasing of real estate. The decision to stay or move. This is a good time to make long-term decisions that will enhance your sense of belonging, security and stability. But take the time to prepare them. The 4th is where our emotional wisdom resides. What we need to preserve our lives and the future you create. It’s time to find peace and appreciate what you have, right where you are. Your best ideas come when you unplug and take the time to examine what your feelings are telling you about what you’ve created for yourself so far. Take all the time you need for this process. Mercury’s opposition to Ceres on the 23rd suggests that two things in life should not be rushed. One is love. The other is or should be your decision making process. This is your schedule now, Gemini. In a nutshell: Love has a plan for you, Gemini. You and another person have already enrolled in this program. Past, present and potential loves this week. What you say or report sets it in motion.


word-image-5053 Treat what you have in a new way If not now, when? Have the confidence to succeed It’s time for a new relationship. Cancer. But that may not be what immediately comes to mind! I’m talking about the relationship to what you earn or own. Your money, your possessions, your investments, and yes, even your talents.

Are you ready for your date with destiny?

Many cosmic and karmic events are taking place in your monetary zone this week. And thanks to Venus’ fabulous influence on the outside, you can also turn your attention to re-evaluating all that you have to offer on the inside. You also accomplish more when it comes to what you want to accomplish. Mars is stirring things up in your 10th house. Home the ambition – and the confidence in your abilities. Start with activities aimed at advancing your career or making money, as Mars and Mercury, responsible for communication and business, are in your favor on the 17th. The new moon on the 19th, which determines value, is what really tells you the right price, Cancer. If you were managing your own money 19 years ago, it’s time to look back at your financial history. Or, if you were working without a salary at the time, look at your partner’s financial history or what has changed around you and assess your own assets.

Words weave spells. Use it to sell yourself

The conjunction of the New Moon with Mars, along with the North Lunar Node in business Gemini, suggests that being confident and full of enthusiasm is not enough at this time. They need a strong set of values. And if you plan to increase your value, you can’t afford to underestimate yourself, your talents or your ideas. So define your value system. And also appreciate what you have now. Because it sets your standard. If you need help communicating what you have to offer to sell those ideas more effectively – including through social media or resumes – you’ll get help from Mercury, which arrives in its third sign on the 20th, and the Sun two days later. Mercury in its sign and ruling house favors work, systems, schedules and yes, that includes better management of what you have. Negotiation? Lucrative deals and offers are offered by the movement of Mercury and Ceres in your ninth sign. It’s about opportunity and freedom. Both parties can go home feeling that they have achieved what they wanted. Proceed on the basis of value. You leave with a rising stock, a cancer. In a nutshell: Appreciate what you have, including yourself, and see how it reflects on the world. Your stocks may rise this week. Words are your superpower. Use them to show what you’re worth.


word-image-5054 Start again with the experience Don’t think about it too much. He who jumps, does not miss the boat Your special new moon this week promises a new beginning in the circle of destiny. It is an opportunity to end one karmic cycle and move on to a new one. Mars in your 9th house. House takes you out of your usual comfort zone. And give you confidence in your abilities. It aligns with Mercury on the 17th and it’s about your personal dreams, ideas and the direction you want to take in the next 12 months.

The future is in sight – don’t miss the boat

The New Moon is in trine with Mars and sextile with the North Lunar Node in your 11th house. House. Remember, your future starts at the 11th. The Nodes govern 19-year cycles, and since this is a New Moon, it indicates the beginning of an important new cycle. Our future does not take place in isolation, so be careful who you meet and who you hang out with. Look back 19 years, because there may be similarities to what started then. Determine your intentions first and then move on. Thanks to Mars, this is a time for action, not reflection.

A little trust is the norm

Mercury leaves your sign on the 20th and rules the Sun two days later. Right now you are focused on money, possessions, assets and the possibility of acquiring more. If you are involved in a negotiation, for example over a salary, an hourly rate for your skills or a price for a product you have made or produced. Or, on the contrary, to ask for a loan, a credit. Mercury in opposition to Ceres suggests that you need to make new arrangements now. It all comes down to believing in yourself. If you invest in yourself and your future, others can too. In a nutshell: You won’t want to think too much this week. She wants you to come up with a wish or an idea and then get to work. With fate as your partner, you’re off to a great start, Leo!


word-image-5055 Your success is your journey What you’re concentrating on is what you’re wearing It’s par-tay time, like it’s your birthday! Happy birthday, Virgin! Mercury moves forward as your new cycle begins, giving the green light when it comes to starting a fresh new cycle.

Change sets the future in motion

It’s not just the next 12 months that are in flux right now. But it will be no different for the next 19 years. (No pressure, virgin!) Change is in the air now, as is Mars, which is in the 8th house of the planet. House rules, tune in to Mercury in your 12th on the 17th. The house includes. It’s time to think about what you want to live, do and wear. And also to understand that what we focus on, we attract to ourselves. So on the 19th, when the new moon is in your mysterious 12th house. The house looks like it’s time to do your homework for your birthday. Be careful what you think about, because that determines what you wear. This new moon focuses on the past and your karma. This is because it is in trine with Mars and sextile with the North Node in your 10th house. The house will be.

Set new standard for success on own initiative

Yes, this is your success zone. Are you stuck in the past? Are you focusing on what didn’t work for you instead of what did? Or, even more radically, do you need to redefine for yourself what a success story is? Or is it? In 19 years, when you are old enough, look back on what you started and accomplished. Is it time to climb another mountain? Don’t underestimate or dismiss what you’ve accomplished, but because of the magnetism of the Moon/Mars/Karma angles, see the results as learning opportunities rather than successes/fiascoes. Now you’re ready. You’ll notice a big difference in the coming year when Saturn hits your 5th house. some of the amazing things. In the meantime, be careful about the commitments you make in love. This includes what you are good at and what fears you have about being successful or not good enough. Your gift should be a certainty, which for you now is not. And you will be able to communicate this to others, as Mercury is in opposition to Ceres in your 7th house. The house is. This is the new business of (self) love. The first of many gifts coming your way, Virgo. In a nutshell: The secret between what you focus on and what you attract is revealed. Call it a gift. Now that you have it in place, you can use it. All year round! So focus on new beginnings and new birth signs!


word-image-5056 No more than that. On the way to the heat Life goes on. You are invited Mars in your 7th. House always asks: Where’s the heat? Wondering where to look for your future this week? It’s time to think big. And give up that weak and frivolous love or whatever experience. If it doesn’t excite you, it has no place in your future. Look for a missing fire or create a spark to make one. Being in tune with friends, having something to do and having fun is part of this process, as Mars is in trine with Mercury in your 11th house.

Life is a celebration. You have a VIP pass

Now you can make interesting invitations and create sparkling, stimulating relationships. Your future depends on the people, networks, groups, clubs and connections you form now. The new moon in your 11th house. The House of 19 says if not now, then when? Especially when it comes to getting excited about his future. He forms angles with Mars and the North Lunar Node in your sector of opportunity and freedom. What is your goal? Or who? Meaningful encounters, friends who bring all kinds of benefits – from help and support to the opportunity to be more than friends, to be part of something bigger, more exciting – this New Moon offers all that. And much more.

Being a carpenter

But the point is that you have to make the effort and persevere. There’s no point in wanting that if your social circle consists of you, your bank, Ben & Jerry’s and that box. Even with existing limitations, you can participate, make contacts and start talking about what you want, need or want to achieve. Mercury in the 12th. The sign indicates that you need to talk about the dreams, goals and visions that you have cherished. They are part of the feeling of being better than everyone else. Work and routines are redefined to spend more time doing what you want to do rather than being forced to do it, as Mercury opposes Ceres in its own house destructive of well-being and routine. The first deal on the table this week is with yourself. The future of passion needs your commitment, Libra. Make heat your priority. In a nutshell: This week, Libra, will be hot. Or maybe for some of you, should I say still? Satisfying love is no longer an option, anyway. To demand something better, become a carpenter.


word-image-5057 Burns like a flame, but as precise as a laser Know what you want Just know that nobody does it alone… This week you may feel like you have the power to rule the world. Efforts can be rewarded when former ruler Mars forms a trine with Mercury in your tenth sign for recognition and status. The good news could be about your job or your career. But don’t forget to breathe! Mars is in your house of health and well-being. You may feel like you have a reserve of energy, but if you rush, exhaustion, mistakes and accidents can become your downfall. Yes, you have energy, but focus it, don’t throw it around.


New ventures that will define your profile or status in the long run emerge thanks to a New Moon in your tenth house on the 19th. This is where your continued efforts and determination pay off. This Moon causes Mars to break out and also the North Node, the fulcrum of destiny and dragon fire, in the ruling 8 of Mars in your horoscope. It’s a rebirth on some level, and it has to do with your career path or status. When Mercury (20th) and then the Sun (22nd) enter your 11th house. Of course, when the signs appear, you will have much to discuss. Or those who know you will see you in a new light, depending on the path you are on now. Seeing yourself as an object of desire is the result of Mercury’s opposition to Ceres in your 5th house. The house on 23. Just know that when it comes to dreams, no one can achieve them alone. Find your dream team.

People don’t know what they want until they see it

Regulations: Seeing and being seen also applies here. It could be about your professional life or your talents and skills. Or on a personal level, when you become an obligatory potential customer for someone. It’s a new deal and a new beginning. In a new world that you had a lot to do with, Scorpio. In a nutshell: It’s time to come out of the closet. And understand that no one succeeds alone. We all need a dream team or support group. Or just contacts who can open doors. Become what everyone is looking for, Scorpio.

Magnetic switch

Past, present and possible function of love Dreams come with a return ticket The adventure starts where you are If there’s one new moon you love more than any other – other than the one that occurs during your birthday season, it’s this week’s new moon in your 9th month. This week should even give you a chance to see how things used to be. And how they get back to you, Sag. Being trapped and feeling restricted is not your thing. We all know that. Covid clipped your wings. Moreover, you are dealing with severe planetary weather in your money zone, which of course offers this freedom.

Chasing the dream

By the fire Mars in your 5th house. The house is about your creative life force, your passions. A trine to Mercury in your 9th house. The House of 17 could lead to short stories on topics related to romance, travel (real or spiritual), learning, foreign connections, writing, or outdoor recreation. Be prepared for this, for something that may have to do with one, several or a mixture of these elements may lead you down a new or unknown path, but one that carries the vibration of return. The new moon in your 9th house. The house means that you are heading for an opportunity that will somehow expand your horizons. It will have a greater impact and mark the beginning of a longer journey than usual, as it angles Mars and the North Node in your 7th house.

Don’t go alone

It can be a past, present or potential travel partner. Romance, business, work, activities or a very good friend. You have deep karmic ties, and you have already traveled a similar path. Look back 19 years, or even 38 if you’re old enough. So which journey has begun – the real one or the metaphorical one? Mercury and the Sun enter your 10th on the 20th and 22nd. Characters. You are in the public eye in some way or dealing with important people. This journey may even have something to do with your career, status or reputation. Or, if you don’t work, your partner does. Mercury opposition to Ceres in your 4th house. The house on the 23rd indicates a new foundation, a new home, or a new lifestyle being incorporated. Relocations, real estate decisions, relocations and the corner of the earth that smiles at you all play a role. Set your course. Next stop: the stars. In a nutshell: Tickets are available for the space attractions. Especially for you and your travel buddy, Sag. They were already travelers of the soul. You may be about to take your biggest trip ever!


word-image-5058 Free yourself from limitations The solutions offer freedom The point is the grand plan This week you will feel the freedom and lightness of your being as Mercury and then the Sun enter your 9th house. Sign of expansion and opportunity, Capricorn, come in. This will help ease the very difficult weather conditions you will face in your first year.

Search for meaning

Change is coming. But don’t think it’s undesirable. All I can say is that this is part of the grand design or plan that the universe has for you right now. You might ask: What is the meaning of life? The New Moon in your 8th is in trine with Mars in your 4th and on the 19th also with the North Node in your 6th. This is one of the best opportunities in a long time to close one karmic cycle for good and begin a new one in freedom. This is the ruling house of Mars, and literally think of it as moving forward or away from something that has been blocking you, holding you back, or that you thought you would never be able to free yourself from.

Exploring new worlds of freedom and opportunity

Rise as Mercury (20) and then the Sun (22) enter your 9th house. This will give you confidence in your abilities and allow you to do anything you may have been putting off. It’s time to get back out into the world, even if it’s only at a social communication distance. Mercury’s opposition to Ceres, the planet of new worlds and compromise, in the 3rd house. The degree of Mercury points to a new or solution that will free you once and for all. Work, writing, the Internet – channel your new enthusiasm for life into these areas. This week it’s time to start dreaming again. In a nutshell: Maybe life has a big plan for you after all, Capricorn? Let it go and trust that all the pieces will fall into place. And the solutions appear exactly when you need them.


word-image-5059 If change is human, what would it look like? Did you do it?! Let’s talk about passion. This is the power of love! Take time this week to love. And a little self-love too, Aquarius. Like the New Moon in our 1st, the New Moon appearing in our 7th is another opportunity to get a fantastic makeover or makeover. Especially when it comes to love and attraction. The whole thing sounds a bit like a retro piece by Huey Lewis and the News.

Love is your superpower

Is there anything you’d like to say first? You will not be stopped because Mars is in your 3rd house. Trine Mercury in your 7th on the 17th. Mars encourages you to be confident and fearless in conversations. And since Mercury is in your 7th house. Mars is in the 3rd house. House of Mercury, this discussion could just as easily be about work and selling yourself as about love. Your passion for the subject – whether it be what you have to offer professionally or personally – is infectious and compelling. When it comes to relationships, you probably won’t take no for an answer. However, this does not mean that you are not willing to compromise. But what you don’t want to do is sell yourself. The New Moon appears on the 19th and is in trine with this Mars and sextile with the North Node in your 5th house. House. It’s time to make a fresh start, to achieve what you want, to start something new and be creative. Look back 19 years if you’re old enough. There is a new chance for a new beginning. Especially when it comes to love. Not just the love you know you need now, but the love you have to give.

Be the change you want to make

Using the power of love also means embracing change or becoming what you want, this is important now that Mercury and the Sun are in your 8th house. Making compromises without selling your soul is possible when Mercury and Silver face each other on the 23rd. Both your financial houses are involved. But it’s also about your self-worth and your values. It can be your salary, what you share or what you are shared with. From your employer to the government to your sexual partner. In other words, raising your level means understanding that you don’t have to sell yourself to be successful. Or sell your soul to get what you want, Aquarius. In a nutshell: A new beginning in love is possible this week, Aquarius. The romance can be reset. Some things look familiar, but what has changed? You. Older, wiser, and with much more strength. Do not underestimate this achievement.


word-image-5060 Go to the slow pace of love and soul business. Do your job – get rewarded Restart this body! Ready for a new love affair? Of course I do, the fish! Let’s start with the practical stuff. Mars in your second home. House gives you confidence in your income. However, try not to make impulse purchases. We really need to talk about the well-being and protection of your greatest asset – your body.

Get a prescription for love

Exhaustion is a common problem with Mars in your money zone. Your desire to have more folding equipment, combined with the feeling that nothing is impossible, can lead to an incredible advance in your earning potential. But they leave you in an energy deficit. However, you should see a reward for your extra efforts, as Mars will be in conjunction with Mercury in its 6th sign on the 17th. When you’ve reached your goal, you’ll know when to shift to a lower gear, sit back and enjoy your accomplishment. Taking care of yourself in the long run should be your priority. It’s time to make yourself your priority because the new moon on the 19th is in your 6th house. The house appears. Self-care issues are always important at this new moon. But even more so in times of coronavirus. This New Moon connects the energy of Mars in conjunction with the karmic cycle of the North Node in your fourth house.

Feed your soul to set it free

Rest time, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, fuel for body and soul and immunity take on new meaning. How you have dealt with these issues over the past 19 years (if you are old enough!) is either an advantage or a disadvantage to your body. If adjustments need to be made, think of it as restoring your credit in the long run. And approach all health issues with this in mind. It’s not about quick fixes and losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks. It’s about keeping your body in top shape for a long time. Feeling good is very important now that the planets are entering our 7th house. Signs of long term partnership and love are forthcoming. Mercury appears first on the 20th and the Sun two days later. Love or a close relationship is always the best cure. A new beginning in existing partnerships is possible, or love suggests a new affair as Mercury opposes Ceres in your 1st house on the 23rd. The house is. Welfare as a priority needs no justification. But love may be the best fish of all. In a nutshell: Your body is talking, Pisces. What does that tell you? It is your gateway to love, joy and success. Okay, time to listen. Especially if you want to enjoy a fantastic new beginning now.You are likely to make some pretty unpopular decisions on the 17th of August 2020. You may even become emotionally involved in a situation that you were previously planning to avoid. This can lead to trouble in your personal and professional relationships. If you want to avoid making the mistakes you are about to commit, you should avoid slacking off and being too distracted by extracurriculars.. Read more about virgo horoscope and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2020 a bad year for Leo?

It’s 2020, and the world is still reeling from the effects of the oil crisis. The United States is still struggling with its debt crisis caused by the oil crisis. The Middle East is still struggling with the effects of the oil crisis. Africa is still struggling with the effects of the oil crisis, and the European Union is still struggling with Brexit. The United States is struggling with a new administration when in 2020, no one knows who will be the first black President. In 2020, the Sun enters into Libra, a constellation that is the opposite sign of Leo, and it happens in a year that is shared by a certain astrologer. So, is it a bad year for Leo? Probably not, and you can take a look at the horoscope for yourself here (note that the forecast is based on the whole sign and not just the Sun sign).

Is 2020 is lucky for Leo?

I’m going to try and write a weekly forecast for the next year. It will take a bit of time, but I have done a lot of research in the past few months and I believe that tomorrow, August 17th, 2020 will be extremely lucky for Leo. If you were born on August 17, 2020, you’ve got a good shot at being a Leo in the next few years. The zodiac is controlled by the planets, and the next few years of your life will be affected by Neptune and Jupiter. The first of these will make for some good fortune and a lot of fun, while the second will bring a lot of challenges. But hey, a good challenge is always a good thing.

What is the horoscope for August 17?

The first new astrology is in and it’s a doozy. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus start a tight network on August 17th, which means it’s hard to make any progress in this area without a few complications. Venus is retrograde and Mars is also in Libra, making emotions a tricky subject to tackle. On the positive side, the stars look to be relatively kind; the Sun and most of the planets are in good signs, while the moon is in Cancer. For the next few weeks, you will be able to see what the world is going to be like on August 17th of 2020. It will not only tell you what it will be like there, but it will also give you insight on what you can expect your own life to be like.

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