Brooklyn Nets (17-34) are sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, with a game against Philadelphia 76ers (31-27) coming up. The Sixers have been struggling recently, but they do still sport one of the NBA’s most talented rosters. Fans should expect to see some high scoring and exciting basketball in Brooklyn tonight.

The “76ers vs nets” is a game that has been highly anticipated. This game will be a must-win for the Nets if they want to stay in the playoff race.

Beneath the Drama, This Nets-76ers Game is a Must-Win for Brooklyn

It’s Ben Simmons’ first trip back to Philadelphia. For the first time as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, James Harden will face his former Brooklyn Nets colleagues. Joel Embiid is vying for the Most Valuable Player award. Kevin Durant is back on the court after a long layoff. Kyrie Irving just hit a 50-point shot.

There’s a lot of intrigue around the Nets-Sixers showdown on March 10.

But there’s something considerably more vital behind all the delicious sagas. The Brooklyn Nets are in eighth position in the Eastern Conference, three games ahead of the Washington Wizards in 11th place.

If the Nets don’t start winning and stay winning, their media-drenched season might finish without a playoff spot.

The NBA’s top teams are the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers.

The Simmons-Harden trade was marked down on the calendar on March 10th. We’ve here, and the excitement is building.

In Philadelphia, the Beard has played five games. He’s averaging 24.6 points, 12.4 assists, and 7.6 rebounds in roughly 37 minutes per game on more than 53 percent shooting and nearly 45 percent from three.

Four of the five games have been won by the Sixers. It’s no surprise that Harden looks to be in better shape now that he’s moved from Brooklyn to Philadelphia.

He’s also improving his teammates. Since The Beard came, Tyrese Maxey has erupted for 22.6 points on 55.9% shooting and a staggering 60.7 percent shooting from deep on 5.6 tries per game. Embiid is still in contention for the MVP award.

Simmons, on the other hand, has yet to appear in an NBA game for the Brooklyn Nets. In Philadelphia, he’ll be on the bench (and will almost certainly be booed), but his influence on the Nets remains a question.

With KD’s return from injury and Kyrie coming off a historically efficient 50-point effort, there are plenty of intriguing stories in this game.

However, the most important one does not involve a single person. Brooklyn’s insatiable drive to win is to blame.

Despite the turmoil, the Nets need to win this game.

Tonight's NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers hides the fact that it's a must-win for the Nets.

Tonight's NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers hides the fact that it's a must-win for the Nets. The Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant watch Game 4 of their Eastern Conference first-round series against the Boston Celtics. | Getty Images/Maddie Malhotra

Durant had a damaged MCL in January and didn’t play again until March 3, in a defeat to the Eastern Conference-leading Miami Heat. Since Kyrie’s 50-point performance, the squad has only won once.

Without KD, the Nets went 6-17. That was the NBA’s third-worst record throughout that time period. With Irving being a part-time player and Harden being replaced by Simmons, Brooklyn fell to ninth place in the Eastern Conference.

Durant and his Band of Merry Men are 33-33 heading into the battle with Philadelphia.

They are 2.5 games behind the Toronto Raptors for first place in the play-in round, but just 1.5 games clear of the Charlotte Hornets and Atlanta Hawks, who are in ninth and tenth place, respectively.

As the first club out of the play-in, the Washington Wizards are three games behind Brooklyn. Small sample size warning, but in the two games Kristaps Porzingis has played, the Wiz are ninth in the NBA in scoring.

To summarize, the Nets are not yet out of the woods in terms of securing a postseason berth. And even if they do make it, they’ll have to go through the play-in tournament to get to the “real” playoffs.

The Nets would play a first-round series in Miami if the season ended tonight and they secured the eighth seed. If they can do that, the winner of the Chicago Bulls and the red-hot Boston Celtics will be waiting for them.

Simmons has yet to participate in any of Brooklyn’s 16 regular-season games, including tonight’s road game against the Sixers. There’s still a lot for the squad to sort out before they can be confident of a postseason spot.

Every game for the Nets at this point is a must-win.

This season would be a colossal disaster if they didn’t reach the playoffs.

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Durant, Irving, and Harden, Brooklyn’s Big Three experiment, played 16 games together and won one playoff series. The Beard tanked his way to Philly when KD was injured and Irving was demoted to a part-time role.

In exchange, the Nets received a Rookie of the Year, three-time All-Star, and three-time All-Defense player. Big Ben, maybe more than Harden, is a better match with Brooklyn’s two remaining stars.

Regardless of the apparently endless number of sagas that the Nets will confront in 2021-22, missing the playoffs would be one of the most egregious blunders in NBA history.

TNT will broadcast the game nationwide. “We Know Drama” used to be the network’s motto.

They’re going to get it tonight. The Brooklyn Nets, on the other hand, must look beyond the drama and concentrate on winning an NBA basketball game. provided all data.

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