Carpets are a great place to start when it comes to home decor. They offer the comfort of a warm, soft surface that’s easy on your feet and they can be used for many purposes such as hiding stains or dirt from furniture legures. Whether you’re looking for carpet cleaner devices for sale or aspirational cleaning tips, here is our list of best picks.

The “vax carpet cleaner” is a tried and tested machine that can be used to clean carpets. The best part about this machine is the price, which makes it one of the most affordable machines on the market.

Best carpet cleaners in 2022, tried and tested

Pets may be your greatest friend, but they’re your carpet’s biggest enemy (and, if you have small children, you already know that). If your children or dogs are frequently soiling your carpet, you should consider include a carpet cleaner in your regular cleaning regimen.

Carpet cleaners are wet vacuums that remove stains and smells from carpets using cleaning sprays, brushes, and suction force. We examined nine of the most popular portable and upright carpet cleaners to determine the finest models for every household, to help keep your floors looking clean and smelling fresh.

Overall, the best upright carpet cleaner

Because of its automated carpet spraying mechanism, the Hoover SmartWash+ is designed for ease of use.

For pet hair, the best premium carpet cleaner is

The Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro is costly, but it comes with great features including a heated clean water tank and a pet hair-removal hose attachment.

Overall, the best portable carpet cleaner

You won’t have to trade performance for mobility thanks to the Hoover CleanSlate Pet’s seven-inch vacuum head and compact design.


The Hoover SmartWash+ has been developed from top to bottom with one goal in mind: simplicity. Its user-friendly triggerless spraying technology automatically sprays and dries your carpet as you move it forward and backwards. Unlike most of the competitors, which needed us to hold down a spray trigger, it’s more like operating an upright vacuum cleaner (which often left us worrying about under- or over-washing our carpet). Most importantly, although costing roughly $100 less, it performed exactly as well as the Bissell ProHeat throughout our tests.

During our stain test and other hands-on use, the SmartWash+ worked well. We just ran the SmartWash+ back and forth over our carpet samples until the soy sauce, red wine, and dirt stains vanished, thanks to the cleaner’s auto-spray mechanism. Our carpet appeared like new after a few runs with the Hoover, with no evidence of our test stains.

Unlike many of the other carpet cleaners we tested, the SmartWash+ has dual dedicated solution and clean water tanks and automatically combines from both tanks as you clean, so you don’t have to worry about mixing too much or too little solution together or letting water linger in a tank for too long. When your clean water tank runs empty, you may quickly replenish it without having to make a fresh batch of solution. In addition, the SmartWash+ offers a handy Dry Only mode that allows you to “vacuum” your carpet without activating the forward spraying function. When the SmartWash+ is spraying or drying, a convenient illuminated display lets you know.


The SmartWash+ comes with a five-year guarantee in case anything goes wrong with your cleaner. It boasts one of the largest cleaning heads we tested, measuring 12 inches wide, an inch wider than the Bissell ProHeat, and a 12-gallon dirty water tank, which is somewhat bigger than the Bissell’s 0.4 gallon tank. You’ll have plenty of area to work with a 22-foot power chord and an 8-foot attachment hose.

However, while the SmartWash+ is less expensive than the Bissell ProHeat, you’ll have to give up some convenience to save money. You’ll need to manually spray harder stains with the Hoover’s eight-foot hose attachment if you want to spot treat them ahead of time. You won’t need to carry along a separate spray bottle or hose carrying bag if you use the Bissell ProHeat’s integrated spray head to spot treat particular spots.

However, the SmartWash+ is our favorite carpet cleaner for one simple reason: it cleans carpets just as effectively as the Bissell ProHeat while costing $100 less. If you’re searching for an economical upright carpet cleaner that’s both efficient and simple to use, the Hoover SmartWash+’s automated spraying technology and stress-free design make it a perfect choice.


Thanks to its 11-inch vacuum head and dual roller brushes, the Bissell ProHeat 2x efficiently handled dirt, soy sauce, and fruit punch stains on our carpets, as well as copious quantities of grease imbedded in a big area rug, during our tests. It was just as effective as the Hoover SmartWash+ for basic carpet cleaning, but the ProHeat’s effective pre-soaking feature and Swiss Army knife-like range of attachments made it even more versatile, and the ProHeat’s longer 25-foot power cord and 10-foot attachment hose gave us more working range, which we appreciated when cleaning stairwells and large carpeted rooms.


Bissell’s CleanShot spot treatment technology was our favorite feature on the ProHeat. A sprayer sprays out a Super Soaker-like jet of cleaning solution when you click the CleanShot button above the Bissell ProHeat’s rear wheel (a second press shuts it off, so you can control the length of the application). We appreciated using the CleanShot as a rapid spot treatment tool, despite the fact that it took us a second to get used to aiming it. The only option to swiftly pre-treat stains on the other models we tested was to connect an attachment hose and sprayer head to the cleaner. We used the Bissell CleanShot on baked-in grease stains on a kitchen runner rug, cleaned the rest of the carpet, and then quickly removed the stains after the solution had soaked in.

Bissell’s Heatwave technology, which employs a tiny fan to heat the cleaner’s clean water tank, is also used in the ProHeat. In instance, although certain Hoover upright cleaners use warm air to assist dry your carpet, none of them do the same with their water tank. The heated water tank didn’t make a huge difference in our testing; the ProHeat and Hoover SmartWash+ performed nearly identically during our carpet stain removal tests, though the ProHeat allows you to work for longer periods of time because you don’t have to refill with warm water like the SmartWash+. The Bissell’s heated water tank is useful if you’re thorough cleaning a full floor, but we wouldn’t call it a must-have feature.

The Bissell is adaptable, offering a wide range of equipment for a wide range of carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs. The ProHeat comes with a standard brush head and a specialist brush head that’s a good match for pet owners, as well as a 10-foot hose (2 feet longer than the Hoover SmartWash+) that connects to the cleaner. Hair and dirt are caught by the ProHeat’s Pet Upholstery tool before they reach your cleaner’s water tank. You may open the cup after a cleaning session and empty any hair that’s within or tangled around the tool’s filter. We had no issues with the attachment, and if you live in a house with animals that shed a lot, you’ll like it.


Though upright carpet cleaners are normally more difficult to clean than portable carpet cleaners, Bissell strives to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Water tanks on the ProHeat can be readily cleaned, and Bissell supplies a hooked plastic tool for pulling hair and other debris out of the nozzle. Holding down two clearly indicated buttons on the cleaner’s frontside will also snap out the ProHeat’s nozzle housing.

If you want to undertake a thorough cleaning, we wish Bissell made it easy to remove the brush heads. You’ll need to detach the cleaner’s front casing with a screwdriver and take out the gear belt to remove the rollers. On the competitive Hoover SmartWash+, you can easily take out each roller brush by removing the nozzle cover. Although a cleaning tray intended for power washing the ProHeat’s brushes is available from Bissell, it is offered separately for $29.99.

If you’re routinely cleaning tons of pet hair or stains off your furniture and want to utilize the cleaner’s specialised hair catcher tool, the $100 price differential between the Hoover SmartWash+ and the Bissell ProHeat makes sense. Other than that, convenience features like the ProHeat’s sprayer are nice, but not essential in most families.


A portable carpet cleaner makes a lot of sense if you’re not intending on conducting any full-room or rug deep-cleaning and only want a gadget to clear up pet accidents or spills. Of the devices we examined, the Hoover CleanSlate Pet was the most user-friendly and effective. The CleanSlate handled salt-crusted vehicle mats, soiled kitchen carpets, grime and food stains, and sucked up dirt without skipping a beat throughout our tests. We had enough range with the CleanSlate’s 4.5-foot hose to easily reach spots and didn’t have to drag the cleaner over the carpet. Every function and tool is easily accessible, and the design is well-thought out. On top of the CleanSlate, you’ll find a carrying handle, water tanks, and a removable hose cleaning tool. Simply connect the gadget to the top of the hose and press the solution trigger; it will spray cleaning solution down your hose and discharge any filth directly into the water tank.

The power cable, hose, and narrow head attachment are all located on the rear of the CleanSlate. Unlike many vacuum extension heads, the CleanSlate’s tapered attachment comes with a spray head and a brush, making it ideal for cleaning small spaces like nooks and seat corners. You can keep the attachment directly on the CleanSlate, much like the hose cleaner head, which is a handy feature that improves the cleaner’s mobility – you won’t have to search through a bag or drawer every time you need to replace cleaner heads.


The CleanSlate’s large cleaning tool is one of the reasons it was chosen as our best portable cleaner. When compared to ordinary portable cleaners with tools that peak out at roughly four inches, the cleaning tool is massive at seven inches broad with swappable bristle and rubber tipped-heads. The Bissell Little Green Pro, on the other hand, includes a three-inch cleaning attachment. We were able to get more cleaning done in less time with the broader tool.

We were able to cover more ground at once using the CleanSlate’s broad cleaner head, and we didn’t have to double back to complete clearing stains. It only took a few pre-soak sprays and swipes to clear out a vehicle floor mat – the CleanSlate sprays cleaning solution downward in a broad triangle pattern — and swipes to complete cleaning the mat. Because of the cleaner’s smaller head, it took us twice as long to clean the same mat with the Bissell Little Green Pro. When compared to other portable cleaners, the CleanSlate’s bigger head allows it to handle more sorts of carpet jobs – it’s not only for spot cleaning.

A two-year guarantee is included with the CleanSlate, as well as large 23-ounce dirty water and 40-ounce clean water tanks. The CleanSlate’s tanks are smaller than the Bissell Little Green Pro’s 3/4-gallon tanks, but they’re also a lot simpler to clean. The dirty water tank on the Bissell includes a thin plastic lip that periodically collects sediment, as well as crannies that take numerous rinses to completely clean out. The Hoover’s tank, on the other hand, has a simpler design and is easy to clean with hot water and a paper towel.

The Hoover CleanSlate is a difficult act to follow when it comes to pricing, mobility, and effectiveness in a portable carpet cleaner.

If you have carpets or rugs in your house — particularly if you have dogs or children — you’ve undoubtedly spent some time experimenting with different stain removers to cope with spills, pet messes, and the dirt that accumulates over time. Sprays and scrubbing, on the other hand, will only get you so far. You’ve probably seen professional carpet cleaning equipment for rent at supermarkets and large box shops, and you’ve probably employed (or considering hiring) a company like Stanley Steemer when you’ve moved into a new house. However, if you have dogs or young children who routinely soil your carpets, having your own smaller unit might make a lot of sense.

Although most rental shops provide professional-grade carpet cleaners, costs range from $20 to $40 a day (depending on the accessories you need), which can quickly add up if you clean more than a few times per year. If you’re in this situation, it’s a good idea to add a carpet cleaner to your cleaning toolkit.

On the market, there are two types. Upright carpet cleaners are similar to upright vacuum cleaners, except instead of a bag or canister, they utilize water tanks, and you operate them in the same way, moving them across the floor. Portable carpet cleaners are squat, portable machines resembling a little canister vacuum that are designed to clean small areas or spots. They frequently come with a hose for upholstery and scrubbing attachments.

Portable carpet cleaners are ideal if you often deal with spills or tiny stains and don’t want to take up too much room. Pet hair removal tools are included in several of the models we looked at, which would definitely appeal to pet owners. If you need to clean a stain in your vehicle or on a stairway, you can simply carry a portable cleaner about.

If you clean multiple carpeted rooms and floors on a regular basis, you should consider an upright carpet cleaner. Upright carpet cleaners are much more powerful than portable carpet cleaners, and they have wider cleaning heads that capture more dirt and water from your carpets. When compared to portable cleaners, uprights are more difficult to use because you have to plug in a separate hose whenever you want to do spot cleaning, and they have more parts to clean and maintain once you’re done.


We examined all nine models for more than a month and put them through a variety of cleaning settings to determine the finest portable and upright carpet cleaners.

On a low-pile carpet, we tested each model’s ability to remove dirt, coffee, red wine, fruit punch, ketchup, and soy sauce stains. All of the cleaners we examined were able to remove the stains, but the best models did so without using a lot of effort or making many passes. We also tested cleaning medium-pile area rugs, floor mats, automobile floor coverings, and mattresses using our carpet cleaners. These obstacles were easily addressed by our best options, which contained an array of attachments for every cleaning circumstance. For carpet cleaners with rechargeable batteries, we charged them fully and then used them to clean a normal carpet until they shut down.

During our assessments, we also put a premium on usability and design. Throughout our testing, we gave the highest ratings to models that were simple to transport, clean, and maintain.

The Bissell Little Green Pet Pro is heavier-duty and more powerful than other portable cleaners, with a five-foot hose, large 96-ounce water tanks, and accessories like a specialty pet stain tool that combines brushes with hard plastic spikes. Despite its three-inch head, the Little Green Pet Pro only required a few passes to remove tiny stains during our tests.

The absence of built-in attachment holsters, noisy motor, smaller vacuum head, and greater pricing of the Little Green as compared to the Hoover CleanSlate are minor drawbacks. However, if you’re willing to spend a little more for the bigger tank, the Bissell can be a good premium portable cleaner alternative.

The Rug Doctor’s portable design, which features a carry handle, wheels, and a second retractable handle that allows you to effortlessly transfer the cleaner from one location to another, is one of our favorites. Our carpet stain test was also made easy by the Rug Doctor’s 4.5-inch vacuum head. However, the Rug Doctor was handicapped by poor design decisions such as water tanks with rounded bottoms that were difficult to replenish.

The Hoover ONEPWR Spotless Go is lightweight and battery-powered, making it simple to transport around the home or into your vehicle. During testing, despite the ONEPWR’s tiny size, we had no trouble cleaning up juice and dirt carpet stains. The Spotless Go is part of Hoover’s ONEPWR range, which includes ONEPWR-branded vacuums and other products.

We wished the Hoover’s hose was longer than two feet since we had to move the ONEPWR around a lot during our cleaning testing to keep it straight. If you’re cleaning many spots at once, have an extra battery or charger available, just as you would with other battery-powered cleaning products. With the Hoover’s supplied 2 Ah battery, we received around 18 minutes of cleaning time, while Hoover also offers upgraded 3 Ah and 4 Ah ONEPWR batteries.

The Hoover ONEPWR isn’t designed for regular or even medium-scale carpet cleaning because to its short battery life and nine-ounce dirty water tank. However, if mobility is your top need in a carpet cleaner and you already possess ONEPWR equipment, the Hoover Spotless Go could be worth a second look.

The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser, unlike most of the cleaners we tested, has a handheld vacuum-like design that makes it portable and simple to store. During our testing, the cleaner also had an internal battery that lasted around 20 minutes. During our testing, the Bissell’s revolving roller brush assisted the cleaner in removing difficult stains; roller brushes are normally seen exclusively on upright cleaners. In comparison to other carpet cleaners, the Bissell’s modest three-inch head means you’ll have to perform a lot of cleaning passes.

The SpinScrub brush mechanism on the Hoover Power Scrub is one of our favorites. The Power Scrub uses a series of horizontal brush heads that rotate around to loosen stains instead of a traditional revolving roller brush. In our tests, the Power Scrub removed grime, soy sauce, and fruit punch stains in only a few passes. A useful Rinse mode that allows you to clean your carpet with only water and no remaining cleaning solution. We’d like to see more carpet cleaners provide this option, since many require you to mix your water and cleaning solution beforehand. You’ll have plenty of water on hand with the Hoover’s two 1.25-gallon water tanks.

The cleaner’s handle piece, however, comprises of the clean water tank and a thinner plastic portion that hangs over the filthy water tank like a turtle shell.

When we lowered the handle, the jumbo-sized clean water tank changed the handle’s weight balance to the top, making it unnecessarily top-heavy. The handle part of machines like the Hoover SmartWash+ features two water tanks to assist distribute weight equally across the handle. The clean mode controls on the Power Scrub are also oddly located on the cleaner’s frontside, which may be a pain if you’re changing modes in the middle of a clean.

If you’re searching for a low-cost upright carpet cleaning, the Bissell TurboClean strikes a good price-performance balance. The TurboClean had no trouble removing red wine and fruit punch stains, and it’s one of the most cheap upright carpet cleaners we tested.

However, you’ll have to make do with a one-year guarantee, a 5/8-gallon clean water tank, and no hose attachment for spot cleaning for the price. You may need to set aside additional time after your carpet cleaning with the TurboClean for cleaner cleaning – following our test cleans, we had to remove a significant quantity of wet carpet fluff that was splattered on the TurboClean’s bottom. When it comes to controlling and capturing carpet cleaner discharge, the other upright cleaners we tested fared significantly better. Overall, we believe that spending a bit extra for superior performance and ease of maintenance is worthwhile.

The “bissell carpet cleaner” is a tried and tested brand of carpet cleaners. It’s one of the best on the market, with an affordable price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best carpet cleaner out right now?

A: The best carpet cleaner right now is the Shark Navigator 2 in that it cleans really well and has a decent amount of power.

What kind of carpet cleaner do professionals use?

A: Professionals use a type of carpet cleaner called spot cleaners. These types of cleaners have special brushes to scrub and remove stains from carpets, usually on the floor or upholstery meaning it can be used for both surfaces.

Is Bissell better than VAX?

A: Bissell is a better vacuum cleaner. It has stronger suction, it lasts longer and its more durable than the VAX.

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