If you wanted to play Biomutant, which game endings you receive, you would have to unlock them. So, to be clear, there are two broad categories of endings in Biomutant: the good and bad ones. It would be unfair to penalize you, or reward you, for not knowing whether a specific ending is bad or good. If you don’t know which ending you’ll receive, then this guide is for you.

To start off, I’d like to make something clear – this list is not a definitive guide to the endings in Biomutant. This is just a list of Biomutant endings, and any Biomutant endings that are not covered here should be considered spoilers. For a definitive guide for the endings in Biomutant, head to  http://www.betweenpages.net/biomutant-game/biomutant-endings.html . And as always, if you have noticed an error in the list, or have something to add, please leave a comment below!

In Biomutant, specific endings are mostly random, but there are certain endings that are more likely to occur based on a number of factors. You see, there are multiple endings to Biomutant, and knowing which endings are more likely to occur can help you obtain them more easily.

There are several Biomutant endings to go for as you make your way through the beautiful and decrepit world of Experiment 101. Unlike some RPGs, in Biomutant , you are told from the start what your endgame is. There are two endings Biomutant , but the tribal war and the decisions made during that war affect how that ending turns out – more or less. Our guide to completingBiomutant will point you in the right direction to get the results you want.

Biomutant compounds

word-image-11015 Biomutant ending depends on how you treat the tree of life. You can choose to destroy the world eaters, that’s an easy choice. You can also make an alliance with those who want a cruel and dark world and let the world eaters do their work. The bad end of Biomutant means the death of the tree and those too weak to live without its help, although Biomutant does not punish you for this. Instead, pave the way for an evolutionary future, because darkness is not a bad thing in Biomutant. The good ending Biomutant saves the tree and makes the world and all its inhabitants prosper.

Biomutant Myriad of Yagni

word-image-11016 Once you leave Bunker 101, the biomutant will let you choose which tribe you want to ally with. Your choice determines which end of the game is marked: Myriads for saving the tree of life, Yagni for destroying it. The choice you make in the ruined village – whether to abandon yourself to your fate or to help yourself – affects the tribe the game wants to drive you to. But it doesn’t matter. You can defeat a villager and get darkness points, then form an alliance with Myriad if you want.

Selection of biomutant strain

What you can’t do is change the path you’ve taken, at least not easily. The idea is that you can change allies as you progress through the tribal war, but you can only do so in relation to the side you’re already on. The dark tribes have told me time and again that they know of my alliance with my rival. Anyway, changing tribes is annoying because you have to reconquer the tribes you’ve already conquered. The two endings have minor differences, depending on how you deal with the sifu or the chieftains of the opposing tribes. An alliance with the light tribes means you can lock up or reconcile warring tribes, while an alliance with the dark tribes means you can’t be as forgiving, of course. I’d recommend you pickwhat you want, since the choice of strain has very little impact on how the biomutant ends up anyway. The same goes for other decisions in the game. How you deal with tribes, NPCs, and even your conscience doesn’t affect the ending much. That’s all you need to know about how the-biomutant cancellation works, but don’t forget to check out our other -biomutant guides for more tips and tricks.Biomutant was a pretty good game, but not a great one. It had a nice comical story with a lot of interesting ideas, but it didn’t execute them as well as it could have, and it didn’t have as much satisfying quality as it could have. The end of this game is pretty good, and because of that ending, the game goes from being a 3/10 to a 5/10. The game is not perfect, but it has a great ending, and that’s what matters.. Read more about biomutant new game plus and let us know what you think.

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