Brittany Murphy, an actress and singer, was found dead in her Los Angeles home on December 20th, 2009. The cause of death was determined to be pneumonia complicated by a pulmonary embolism.

Brittany Murphy’s death was a tragic event that has left many questions unanswered. The Brittany Murphy: What is revealed in new HBO Max documentary? is an article that provides insight into the life of Brittany Murphy.

Brittany Murphy mysterious death explored in new documetary - trailer

The new HBO Max documentary tries to explain the circumstances behind Brittany Murphy’s death (Picture: HBO Max)

The life and tragic death of Brittany Murphy are examined in depth in HBO Max’s documentary, but viewers may be shocked by what is discovered throughout the inquiry.

What Happened, Brittany Murphy? is, in many respects, a look at the life (and many falsehoods) of her screenwriter husband Simon Monjack, who died only months after the Clueless actress.

Fans have been persuaded that there must have been more to the tale after the 32-year-cause old’s of death was classified as pneumonia since her death.

The Cynthia Hill-directed film, on the other hand, looks at how Murphy’s last years in life allowed for such an apparently treatable disease to be the cause of her death.

The most startling scenes and revelations from HBO’s Max two-parter are listed here.

Pneumonia was the cause of Brittany Murphy’s death.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kpa/Zuma/REX (1054349w) Brittany Murphy 'Across the Hall' film premiere, Los Angeles, America - 01 Dec 2009

Before her death from pneumonia, Murphy was anemic and abusing prescription drugs on a regular basis (Kpa/Zuma/REX).

As many fans are aware, the Clueless star’s death was caused by pneumonia, anemia, and an excessive use of prescription medicines, according to authorities.

However, in the years afterwards, many people have suspected that she was poisoned.

The idea gained momentum when forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who was hired by Murphy’s father Angelo Bertolotti, claimed a hair strand sample contained 10 potentially hazardous heavy metals.

Experts explain why the idea doesn’t stand up since the various metals weren’t discovered in the root, indicating that they most likely originated from her hair color and chemicals, according to the program.

Instead, the inquiry tries to prove that Murphy’s health had been deteriorating since she grew visibly thinner in her latter years.

Her high levels of anemia were likely caused by her ‘not consuming’ enough food, according to the Los Angeles County coroner.

It has also been claimed that her spouse appeared to create a home atmosphere in which the actress did not get the medical attention she required.

Murphy was described as high and glassy-eyed by many individuals interviewed for the film, who said that she and Monjack would stay up all night taking downers and then take stimulants in the morning to avoid fatigue.

It’s been argued that a combination of drug addiction, a lack of self-care, and a refusal to seek medical assistance created the ideal storm for her untimely demise.

‘Even if he did not murder Brittany Murphy, he enabled her to die because he did not bring her to the clinic and get her assistance,’ Monjack’s former fiancée Elizabeth Ragsdale said.

Indeed, five months later, her husband, obscure screenwriter Simon Monjack, was discovered dead in the same home, from the same reason.

Simon Monjack’s unexpected call following his wife’s death

Former Radar Online reporter Amber Ryland sent flowers to Monjack on Christmas Day, only days after Muprhy died.

When she rang the doorbell, Monjack answered, and the journalist remembered, “I said, “Merry Christmas.” I’m really sad for Brittany.” “My card is there if you want to speak, but there’s no pressure,” I replied.

Monjack called less than an hour later, and he immediately started to tell the writer about his life with Murphy.

He was even the one who proposed giving the journalists a tour of the house where Murphy had died.

Monjack has a history of lying.

Brittany Murphy mysterious death explored in new documetary - trailer credit: HBO MAX

Simon Monjack seems to be a scam artist. (Photo courtesy of HBO Max)

Prior to his engagement with Britany, Monjack met filmmaker Allison Burnett at a dinner party, where he boasted about being a millionaire with the world’s greatest collection of Vermeers and dating Elle MacPherson and Madonna.

He also claimed that he was dying of brain cancer until he bought a shark fin-based therapy that saved his life.

Ragsdale claims in another segment of the video that Monjack informed her he had spine cancer and required shark cartilage treatments to recover.

A phone conversation with Monjack’s mother, Linda Monjack, let her understand it was all a lie after he abandoned her and his kid.

Linda was questioned for the documentary and said that when his father died of cancer, her dead son acquired severe paranoia.

‘I don’t believe he went out to inform folks he had cancer,’ she said. He seemed to believe it.’

Murphy’s svengali spouse, a British screenwriter and aspiring director, was nothing more than a con artist, according to one major conclusion taken from the project.

Brittany’s relationship with Simon was the subject of an attempted intervention by friends.

Beauty Cafe Series 2007 Oscars Retreat

Murphy’s friends attempted to warn her about her spouse, but it went unheeded. (Photo courtesy of Michael Bezjian/WireImage)

Friends allegedly staged an intervention at Murphy’s house when details about Monjack’s shady background became public.

They sent the actress and her mother papers proving Monjack was in problems with the authorities for overstaying his visa, as well as other material obtained from the tabloids.

Unfortunately, Muprhy and her mother stated they had full faith in Monjack, thus their warning didn’t succeed.

Monjack then started isolating Muprhy from her friends, eventually taking over as her manager, publicist, and even cosmetics artist.

He took over her email account and phone, as well as taking full control of her finances.

In three years, Simon Monjack squandered $3 million of Brittany’s wealth.

2002 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards - Audience & Backstage

Sharon Murphy, Brittany’s mother, was horrified to learn that he had squandered the actress’ wealth (Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Inc).

One of the most shocking revelations from the HBO Max documentary was how fast Monjack squandered his wife’s money — and how he concealed it from her relatives.

One respondent said, ‘He lived off this girl who had worked her heart out for every cent she had.’

Sharon Murphy requested her publicist to pawn jewels that Monjack had given her so that she could pay her expenses after Monjack’s death.

The goods were revealed to be phony and useless, according to Roger Neal. Murphy’s mother also discovered that his claims of owning numerous properties and investments were false, leaving her destitute.

Monjack is the father of two children by two different women.

Murphy had no clue that her husband had fathered two children earlier in his life until she died.

Jasmise, his first child, grew raised in England with her mother, and he provided money to assist her attend private school.

Meanwhile, he and Ragsdale had a son together. Ragsdale decided to raise her kid Elijah in Paris after abandoning her in the latter weeks of her pregnancy.

Monjack approached her once again in 2007, shortly after he married Murphy.

He offered to purchase her a home, which she took to be an implicit attempt to buy her quiet.

‘With him being married to Brittany, the stakes were a lot greater,’ Ragsdale said. ‘He didn’t want anybody to know I was with his son out there.’

Murphy had expressed her desire to have a family with her spouse before she died.

In the United States, both episodes of What Happened, Brittany Murphy? are available on HBO Max.

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MORE: A documentary on Brittany Murphy’s death is released, with her husband Simon Monjack being branded a “disturbed individual.”

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Brittany Murphy, an American actress and singer best known for her roles in Clueless and Girl Interrupted, died at the age of 32 on December 20, 2009. The brittany murphy death movie is a documentary about her life that was released by HBO Max on April 16th, 2019.

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