The NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers are going all out in their first year playing in the city, with a $100 million spending spree. The team announced plans to buy up prime real estate near StubHub Center for new training facilities and joint practice fields.

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Chargers' $100 Million Spending Spree Trumps Russell Wilson Blockbuster Deal

The Los Angeles Chargers aren’t going to waste any time.

After years of disappointment, the Los Angeles Rams have decided to go all-in and try to win the Super Bowl before Justin Herbert’s rookie contract expires. The Denver Broncos’ enormous blockbuster deal to get Russell Wilson after Aaron Rodgers elected to remain with the Green Bay Packers was the pinnacle of a chaotic week in the NFL.

The Chargers, on the other hand, watched Denver’s move and retaliated with a huge deal for Khalil Mack. In addition, they signed wide receiver Mike Wiliams to a three-year, $60 million contract. The Chargers spent more than $100 million on those two men before free agency, and they just surpassed Wilson’s blockbuster in a major way.

The Broncos have arrived. Russell Wilson shook up the AFC by proclaiming the AFC West to be the finest division in the league.

The AFC West currently has a slew of excellent quarterbacks:

– Patrick Mahomes is an MVP candidate – Justin Herbert is the future – Russell Wilson is a dangerous vet – Derek Carr

— SB Nation (@SBNation) March 8, 2022

The Broncos acquired Wilson for a large haul, including four top draft selections in Drew Lock, Shelby Harris, and Noah Fant, only hours after Pat McAfee broke the Rodgers news.

The Broncos have been in need of a quarterback for a long time, and they had been believed to be Rodgers’ favorite destination if he left Wisconsin for months. Well, he didn’t, but Wilson’s Plan B isn’t a terrible alternative.

Since the Wilson deal, the Broncos have been spoken about as Super Bowl candidates, and the AFC West now has four quarterbacks in Wilson, Herbert, Patrick Mahomes, and Derek Carr.

That’s a lot of skill in one division, and the AFC West’s arms race intensified when the Chargers signed star pass rusher Khalil Mack on Thursday, and the “other” LA club began making waves by spending a lot of money in a couple of days.

The Chargers’ $100 million purchases in Khalil Mack and Mike Williams are chess plays of monumental proportions.

The Chargers countered the Russell Wilson trade in a big way.

The Chargers countered the Russell Wilson trade in a big way. Jonathan Daniel/ Michael Hickey/ Brian Rothmuller/Getty Images/ Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Khalil Mack, Chargers GM Tom Telesco, and Mike Williams | Jonathan Daniel/ Michael Hickey/ Brian Rothmuller/Getty Images/ Icon Sportswire

The Chargers have made a lot of changes in the last year. They signed Corey Linsley, one of the greatest offensive guards in the NFL, in free agency last year. They then selected Rashawn Slater, who was a Pro Bowler in his debut season.

The Chargers spent almost $100 million between Williams and Mack this time around, even before free agency began, and they aren’t messing around.

General manager Tom Telesco exercised his powers in a last-ditch bid to preserve his job, with Herbert on his rookie deal and one of the largest cap voids in the NFL in 2022.

Mike Williams will be in charge for three years and will be paid $60 million. Joey Bosa, five years, $135 million 2 years, $46,000,000 for Khalil Mack

The Chargers are going all-in for Justin Herbert’s rookie contract. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

— Gridiron (@Gridiron) March 11, 2022

The Chargers aren’t going to stop there. Stephon Gilmore, J.C. Jackson, and Charvarius Ward have all been mentioned as possible candidates for Los Angeles. Even after taking on Mack’s expensive contract as part of the trade with the Chicago Bears, they have money to spend, and other NFL free agents are taking note of the Chargers’ boldness.

Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

— ♛Chandler Jones (@chanjones55) March 11, 2022

Is Chandler Jones going to be a part of it? The Chargers now have Mack on one side and Joey Bosa on the other, so it’s unlikely. They are, however, putting the NFL on notice, and more significant changes are on the way.

A lead scout I just spoke with discussing the strong market for FA corner J.C. Jackson: “He’s about to break the bank. I know the #Chargers love him. They still have a lot of money, even after the [Khalil] Mack deal and they’re definitely not done.”

— Jordan Schultz (@Schultz_Report) March 11, 2022

This time around, Telesco and the Chargers aren’t scared to spend money, and another big deal might propel them into Super Bowl contention (assuming they aren’t already).

The Broncos’ acquisition of Wilson was significant, but the Chargers’ acquisition of Mack and retention of Williams outweighs it.

The Broncos now have better Super Bowl chances than the Chargers. When free agency starts, though, a lot may happen.

Despite the fact that the odds have shifted in Denver’s favor, the Chargers’ decision to keep Williams and sign Mack is a major one. Williams had a breakout year in Los Angeles in 2021 and is eager to capitalize on that success.

The addition of Mack, on the other hand, is a Super Bowl, according to CBS Sports analyst Adam Schein. With one of the weakest defenses in the NFL, the Chargers were only a few plays away from a postseason berth. Mack will assist, as would one of Jackson, Gilmore, Ward, or someone else — not to mention if Georgia standout Jordan Davis is selected in the NFL Draft.

The Broncos have a Pro Bowl quarterback and are in the running for the Super Bowl. The Chargers responded by signing Mack, establishing what is arguably the finest pass-rushing tandem in the NFL.

The Chargers have traded for pass-rusher Khalil Mack (via @RapSheet).

In the NGS era, Mack has been one of the most prolific defenders placed at the EDGE.

Mack & new teammate Joey Bosa both rank in the top 10 of defensive stops, pressures, and sacks from the edge since 2016.

— Next Gen Stats (@NextGenStats) March 10, 2022

Those figures speak for themselves, and Bosa will no longer be double- or triple-teamed. Mack will be on the other side if you do that, and don’t forget about Derwin James Jr.

Wilson is a huge improvement over Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock for the Broncos, and he should make the offense much better than it has been in recent seasons.

Both of these athletes pose a threat. Mack is coming off a major injury, but despite that, he has six sacks in seven games in 2021. Mack’s durability is top-notch, since he played every game up to the 2021 season, with the exception of a pair of games in 2018.

Wilson had a severe finger injury throughout the 2021 season, yet he still performed well.

Russell Wilson, even with a significant finger injury, finished top 10 in Total QBR last season. Ten spots ahead of Bridgewater.

— Ben Markus (@CPRMarkus) March 8, 2022

Both clubs have questions, but they both got what they wanted: the Broncos acquired a quarterback, and the Chargers got another top pass rusher to complement Bosa. The Chargers have the upper hand for the time being. If they make a big free-agent signing, their Super Bowl chances should skyrocket, particularly with a great quarterback like Herbert, not to mention Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler remaining on the roster.

The AFC West is as dangerous as ever, and more major changes are anticipated to be made once free agency begins.

Prepare yourself.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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