It’s hard to believe that it was only just a few years ago that the whole world was caught up in the hype and excitement of Sim City. The game was a huge success, and is still played by a lot of people to this day. What many people don’t realise is that there are ways that you can make a lot of money in Cities Skylines.

If you are looking to make money on Cities: Skylines then here are the details of the game. To play the game you need to purchase Stellaris, a copy of Cities: Skylines and a copy of Transport Tycoon (which is a shareware). Then next you need to find a friend to buy Stellaris with you and then you both log into your account and trade in the game. The trade should take less than an hour. Once both players have finished the trade, you then need to work together to complete the mission within the game – this is like a game of Risk. You need to use the resources you need to complete the mission, this will include cash, resources and a transport. This should take less than 5 hours.

Skylines is a city simulation game in which you play the mayor of a city that is trying to expand and prosper. You will need to build roads and buildings, make sure the people who live in the city are happy and well cared for, and collect taxes while you can. Cities Skylines is a great game, but it isn’t for everyone. I myself play the game on my spare time and enjoy the challenge of building the city of my dreams.

Starting a new city in Cities Skylines can sometimes be difficult, money builds up slowly and it can take a long time to build a city big enough to make a lot of money, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of you with our Cities Skylines earning guide.

How to earn money in Cities Skylines


1. Experience of controls

No one likes to pay taxes, but it is a necessary means of growing a city. When you start your new town, tax rates will be relatively low, giving you the opportunity to raise them a bit. If you set taxes too high, the population may decline, while lowering taxes may lead to population growth. So play around with taxes and find the rates that work best for you and your city.

2. Milestone

If you’re in a hurry to make money, create lots of living space, and rush to reach milestones, you’ll get a nice bonus for each milestone you unlock. But be careful, if you go too fast and don’t take into account the needs of the population, you may end up with more problems than benefits. Be careful when building residential areas and roads: The last thing you need is to rush to meet your deadlines and cause traffic problems in the city.

3. Reduction of service budgets

If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t need a 100% total budget for all your services. When you cut costs, they become less efficient, but that’s not a problem for small towns, and the money saved can be reinvested in the town later. It should be noted that this is only useful at the beginning of the game. Once you’ve built your city to a decent size, you need to make sure your services are back to 100%.

4. Bridges and tunnels

Bridges and tunnels are very expensive in Cities Skylines. Try to limit the number of bridges and tunnels you build in your city, as they eat up your budget very quickly. If you are on an island or near a lake or river, try to build on the land you have and avoid the water until you need to cross it to develop.

5. Minimisation of office space

Service buildings are an important part of any city, but it’s very easy to look at a heat map and think: another police station, just in case. But do you really need it? Keep the number of service buildings to a minimum, build them only when you see the obvious need, this can save your budget and help you make money faster. word-image-12519

Stop imports and retain local production

Industry can be expensive, especially if raw materials have to be imported to maintain production. By purchasing your own manufactured goods, you no longer have to import them at cost, saving you money and improving your bottom line faster. Once you have a solid supply chain, you can start exporting goods, making extra money and keeping your industry running smoothly. Be careful of the traffic routes: Due to the large number of trucks importing goods, it can be somewhat difficult to keep the roads congestion-free.

Stop the expansion of your city

If you don’t have many areas yet, you won’t make much money using this method, but if you have no expenses and your town is in a state of repair, leave it as is and your money will grow. I often create a new city, paint a few areas, balance everything so there are enough services and areas, then leave the game for a while to do something else, and when I return to my city, I’ve usually collected enough money to continue playing and pass a few levels. The beauty of cities is that you don’t have to be a small town to make it work. When everything is in balance, it doesn’t matter how big your city is or how late in the game you are, as long as you meet the city’s needs by leaving it for a while to do your own thing, you won’t break anything. Provide adequate water, sewer and electricity, just in case. I had already left my city in stasis, only to discover that I had forgotten about new areas, draining the city’s energy and ruining my economy.If you’re a City builder fan, then you probably already have a few thriving cities in your game. You might even be making some decent money. If this is the case, then you probably don’t want to spend hours of play time on each city, tweaking its various aspects. Instead, you would like to automate the process of your cities, to make things easier on yourself.. Read more about cities: skylines budget guide and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you not lose money in cities skylines?

Cities Skylines is a city building simulation game, which is quite fun if you’re a fan of the genre. It came out in 2015 and is one of the most well known city building sim games around. But how much can you really make in the game? It’s no secret that the price of property is rising in cities like London and New York, and cities like Helsinki, Copenhagen and Reykjavik are also seeing their property values skyrocket. In any case, you’d be an idiot to not make some money on the lucrative property market.

What to do when you run out of money in cities skylines?

What to do when you run out of money in cities skylines? Well, there’s no easy answer to this question.  You could try to scrape by and hope you get lucky, or you could try to make enough money to get by on, or you could try to find a new job and earn some extra cash to help you get over the hump.  The best thing to do is to go online and see what the options are.  You can find many forums discussing this question on the internet and the best one I’ve found is here: Cities: Skylines is a city simulation game that lets you build your own urban playground. It was developed and released in 2016 by Colossal Order, a Polish developer known for being one of the first to release a “sandbox city builder”. The game broke a lot of records in it’s first week of release and quickly became a cult hit, famous for its realistic graphics and sometimes even spawning fan fiction.

Are there cheats for cities skylines?

How to make money in a city has always been a popular topic and there are many ways you can invest in a city, if you have the cash to spare. There are also many ways to make money in a city, if you can find the right business, and the right investment opportunities. For example, there are all sorts of businesses that can be set up online, all of which can make you some cash. Cities Skylines is one of the most popular city simulation games in the world, and it has a great community of people who like to explore the game and tinker with the tools and assets that come with the game.

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