Alexa and Cortana, two of the most popular digital assistants in their respective fields, have parted ways. The rumors are that Amazon’s Alexa was ending its relationship because it is being phased out by Google Assistant on a phone. On the other hand, Microsoft reportedly decided to end its development for personal assistant Cortana so as not to compete with an AI-powered future which would eventually turn into something like ‘Google Island’.

The “new alexa devices” are the latest news in the world of Amazon’s digital assistant. It is possible that Microsoft and Amazon have called it quits.

Cortana and Alexa may have called it quits


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  • Microsoft had planned to combine Cortana with Alexa, Amazon’s speech assistant.
  • The Cortana service is being phased out, and Alexa is taking over.
  • The service seems to have shrunk a little more than two months ago, although consumers may not have noticed.


If you aren’t a fan of Cortana, you may have missed the fact that Microsoft has discontinued the service. If you’ve attempted to use Cortana on an Amazon device, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that it only works with Alexa.

Microsoft and Amazon announced a cooperation in 2017 that will bring the two voice assistants together. This meant that an Amazon device could use any Microsoft software to invoke Cortana.

As of September 18, it seems that the relationship is no longer operating. According to Microsoft, the Cortana experience was stopped in order to concentrate resources on Microsoft 365.

Customers were notified through in-product alerts.

If you are prone to ignoring alerts, you are likely to have missed Microsoft’s announcement. Customers have been notified of the adjustments, according to the firm.

Users did not flock to Cortana as predicted, thus the change isn’t surprising. The figures were not promising in the least.

Retirements in the real world

Microsoft started decommissioning Cortana for iOS and Android in 2020, despite the fact that customers are just now becoming aware of the news.

In September 2020, third-party support for Cortana skills was discontinued. The sole relic of Windows 11 is the voice-activated AI, which must now be installed manually. On the Microsoft Store, it’s still available.

Basic Cortana capabilities on Windows 10 have been reduced to the point that operations like lowering the volume or shutting down the computer are no longer possible.

concentrating on different topics

With Cortana, Microsoft has gone in a different path. It now intends to concentrate on commercial productivity tools, namely Microsoft 365 and Outlook.

Alexa will be in charge of handling more intimate matters. According to a spokesman for Microsoft, 

“You can still use all of your favorite Alexa capabilities on your Windows and Xbox devices, as well as Cortana through Microsoft 365 applications and services, and Alexa-enabled devices to access Microsoft services, such as Outlook calendar integration.”

Do you think Cortana’s functions are now more constrained as a result of its removal? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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