Covid is a strain of the virus that causes measles, mumps and rubella. It is known to cause fever, rash, cough, sore throat and red eyes. The symptoms of Covid are similar to those caused by other strains of the virus.

Covid is a strain of bacteria that causes severe diarrhea. The new strain of covid-19 has been introduced to the UK.

people line up to receive a covid vaccine

The new strain has had a significant impact on Peru (Picture: AP)

As the Covid-19 epidemic spreads across the world, scientists are keeping an eye on variations that may jeopardize vaccination efforts in bringing the virus under control.

The Alpha variation, which was responsible for the second wave of infections in the UK during the winter, has now been replaced by the Delta variety, which is currently the most common strain in the UK, accounting for 99 percent of cases.

While the vaccination roll-out has been a success thus far, there is increasing worry about the number of cases and new variations entering the country, with the Lambda strain proving to be particularly dangerous.

What is the new strain, is it present in the UK, and will vaccinations provide protection?

What is Lambda Covid stand for?

Last December, the Lambda strain was discovered in Peru, where it currently accounts for 80% of all Covid-19 cases.

In neighboring Chile, it is likewise responsible for a third of all cases.

Health professionals in Lima

There are concerns that the new strain will be much more infectious than previous strains. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images) )

Early evidence suggests that the variation is even more infectious than the Delta and Alpha variants, as well as the Brazilian Gamma strain.

Researchers at the University of Chile in Santiago, Chile’s capital, said in a study: ‘Our data shows for the first time that mutations present in the spike protein of the Lambda variant confer escape from neutralizing antibodies and increased infectivity,’ raising concerns that it could evade vaccines. 

Blood samples from healthcare professionals who had received the Chinese CoronaVac vaccination were used in the study.

New study from the United States suggests that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines – Pfizer and Moderna – will still offer protection against the variation, with the strain’s spike protein mutation having just a little impact on their effectiveness. There is no information on whether the AstraZeneca vaccine will be successful.

However, there has been some worry about the absence of gene-sequencing laboratories in South America, with concerns that the Lambda variation may spread unnoticed due to a lack of equipment to monitor it.

Oxford covid vaccine

Researchers are concerned that the new strain will be immune to vaccinations (Picture: EPA)

What are the signs and symptoms of Lambda?

The Lambda variant’s symptoms are said to be comparable to those of the original coronavirus strain, including a fever, a persistent cough, and a loss of taste and smell.

Because it includes “unusual changes” to the spike protein that enables the virus to attach to human cells, Public Health England has designated it as a “variant under study.”

They also said that there is presently “no indication that this variation causes more severe illness or makes the already deployed vaccinations any less effective.”

Lung x-rays show the difference Covid-19 vaccination makes

Is the Lambda version available in the United Kingdom?

Yes, the UK is one among the 27 nations where the Lambda variation has been discovered.

There have been eight confirmed cases of the Lambda form in the UK as of August 4, all in England.

This number has remained unchanged from the previous week. 

All of these were said to be connected to international travel.

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The lambda symptoms is a condition that is caused by the presence of the bacteria, Clostridium perfringens.

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