Microsoft has been struggling to keep up with the demands of their Windows Phone platform. They have been releasing updates and patches every month, but users are still experiencing error codes that don’t offer much in terms of information.

If you are having trouble decoding error codes on your Windows Phone, there is a way to convert the hresult to an error code.

This article discusses the many flaws found in the Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems. What can you do when a fantastic product, like Windows Phone, makes a mistake?

0x81030119 — There are too many applications on your smartphone. Remove specific apps from your phone, restart it, and try installing the app again.

0x81030118 — the ability to start applications has been disabled by the developer. Right now, breaking the brain is the name of the game. It’s not going to be fixed.

0x81030110 – An error occurred during the execution. This was triggered by a problem with one of the market’s files. There are no viable solutions to the issue. This is a very rare event.

The problem 0x89731813 occurs when you try to install apps using Application Deployment. This indicates that your phone isn’t unlocked (screen isn’t unblocked), Zune isn’t running, or the device isn’t configured as a developer device. This may be interpreted as prolixity.

0x89731812 — the device must be powered up.

0x89731811 — 0x89731811 — 0x89731811 Zune is unable to fulfill the request. Ascertain that Zune is installed on a functional PC. If required, remove and restore it.

Using the code 0x89731810, reinstall Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone.

0x8973180F – upgrade VIA Zune via the update center, or get the most recent version from the XBox website.

Zune isn’t operating at 0x8973180E. Install or reinstall the program if it is available on your computer.

You’re not alone if you encountered this issue when trying to download an app from the market. This is a global blunder that has an impact on everyone at the same time. It means that the download server is unavailable. You’ll have to wait a bit (up to a day), but rebooting the phone will solve it (rarely helps).

With Zune, you can recover from errors on your device (801812E).

801811A8, 801811A3, 8018119C (start — run) — launch the application «service.msc» on a computer. Confirm that the Background intelligent transfer service is turned on by looking for the item «Name». In the event of a power loss, power — characteristics — startup type — automatic — apply — start.

If you cancel the update, you’ll get an error number of 800704C7. If your data cable and USB connection haven’t been canceled, double-check.

c1010007, 801811C5, 80072EE7, and 801812DD — a broken USB cable or socket. Replace the cable or relocate it to another port.

Because the computer can’t contact the update servers, check your Internet connection. The machine is unable to contact the update servers (80072EFF, 801881CC, 80072EE2, 801811A5, 80072FA8). If the problem persists, try again later.

There is insufficient space on the computer’s system drive (80181197).

Dial 80181196 to charge the phone’s battery.

Use the following numbers to check for the correct installation date on the computer and on the phone: 801881E4, 80072F05.

There isn’t enough space on your device to update 80180033, 80181198, 801800E, or 801881CD.

Have you stumbled across a blunder? The text will be highlighted if you press Ctrl + Enter.

The custom hresult error codes are a set of numbers that Windows Phone uses to display errors. These error codes can be used to determine what went wrong with your application.

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