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Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter NAME is a side-scrolling platform game, where players take on the role of an immortal hunter, tasked with defeating a powerful demon with a range of weapons and abilities. The game has been released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and Windows.. Read more about windows installer and let us know what you think.

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter

Immortal Hunter: The Path of Evil is a dungeon crawler set in a dark fantasy world in which we control a lone fighter who must penetrate the center of several dungeons filled with skeletons, demons, and other evil monsters. In each level of this endless dungeon, our goal will be to kill all of the adversaries and pass the portal.

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter’s control mechanism is ideally suited to touch devices. The movement stick will be on the left side of the screen, while the various buttons for casting spells will be on the right. Our character will immediately assault the nearest opponent with his melee weapon, but in order to survive, we will need to utilize all of our spells and special skills.

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter begins with our character at level one, with low life, low mana, and no equipment, as is customary in the genre. We may now gain money, weapons, armor, and experience as soon as we enter a dungeon and begin fighting zombies and other creatures. We may equip the new weapons and armor we’ve acquired, as well as choose new spells, every time we exit a dungeon. Some items, particularly rings and charms, may be used to power various kinds of elemental magic, therefore it’s a good idea to combine them with our spells.

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter is a fantastic three-dimensional “action RPG” that manages to provide a gameplay experience that is quite comparable to the Diablo series, but tailored to Android devices. The game also features excellent visuals and a moderately tough difficulty level, which will appeal to the overwhelming majority of genre veterans.

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Details for Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter

Name: Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter
Developers: TINYSOFT – slots, slot machines & casino games
Category: Playing a role
Score: 4.5/5
Version: 1.1.0
Updated: 2 July 2021
Total Score: 2,510
Downloads: 50,000+
URL for Google Play: google play
Version of Android required: 5.0 and above

Today, we’ll show you what we’ve got. How to Download and Install Role Playing Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter for PC on any OS including Windows and MAC, however, if you are interested in other applications, check our site about pps on PC and choose your favorite ones, without further ado, let us proceed.

PC (Windows / MAC) version of Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter

  • Choose an Android Emulator for PC from the list we’ve given and install it.
  • Open the Google Play Store in the Emulator you just installed.
  • Now go to the Play Store and look for “Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter.”
  • Install the game and go to the emulator’s app drawer or all applications.
  • To play Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter, click the icon and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter APK can alternatively be downloaded and installed using the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  • You may also install Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter for PC using other emulators.

That’s All for the guide on Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter For PC (Windows & MAC), follow our Blog on social media for more Creative and juicy Apps and Games. For Android and iOS please follow the links below to Download the Apps on respective OS.

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter

One of the most popular mobile games of all time, Path of Evil, has come to Steam! This is a PC version of Path of Evil, which is a great way to experience this epic mobile game on a bigger screen.. Read more about installer for windows 10 and let us know what you think.

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