The Elden Ring is an open world RPG game, created by Failbetter Games. It features a sprawling story line that has you uncovering ancient secrets and fighting against the threat of eldritch oblivion. Players can choose to follow one of three branches in the main storyline or delve into smaller side quests for rewards like new equipment and better loot.

The “elden ring lanya location” is the first quest in the Elden Ring DLC. The quest starts with a letter from Lanya, asking you to find her daughter and complete her questline.

Elden Ring: How Find Diallos & Complete His Questline

Diallos can’t seem to get a break throughout his Elden Ring questline, and his poor luck, folly, and overall naivete will lead to a predictable end. His mission isn’t the most difficult in the game, and all you have to do is proceed through Volcano Manor to finish it.

This Elden Ring tutorial will walk you through Diallos’ questline step by step and explain the prizes you’ll obtain at the finish.

How to Finish Diallos’s Elden Ring Questline

To begin this quest, you must first go to the Roundtable Hold. You may do so by meeting Margit, the Fell Omen, or by traveling outside of Limgrave and conversing with Melina at a Site of Grace.

Step 1: Go to the Roundtable Hold and speak with Diallos.

Diallos will be waiting at the balcony entryway the first time you enter the Roundtable Hold. Continue the main Elden Ring tale either through Stormveil or straight to Liurnia of the Lakes once he finishes talking about his servant Lanya.

Step 2: Go to Lanya’s grave in Liurnia of the Lakes to meet Diallos.


Diallos is crying over Lanya’s corpse in the southeastern part of Academy Gate Town. He’ll announce that he’s on the lookout for the accountable recusants, recite his family’s motto, and then return to the Roundtable.

Step 3: Return to the Roundtable Hold and speak with Diallos once again.

Diallos will be back where he was before you return to the Roundtable. If you talk to him long enough, he’ll tell you he’s going to Volcano Manor. Gp there after that.

Step 4: Become a member of Volcano Manor and speak with Diallos in the Drawing Room.


Diallos will now be a member of Volcano Manor, and will be waiting for you in the Drawing Room after you’ve also joined by speaking with Tanith. For you’ve exhausted his dialogue, go after the two Volcano Manor bounties you’ll find on the table nearby.

Step 5: Assassinate Old Knight Istvan and Idle Rileigh.


Kill Old Knight Istvan and Rileigh, the Idle, using the chores from the Letter from Volcano Manor objects on the Drawing Room table. Their locations will be highlighted on your map automatically. 

When you return to the Manor and meet Diallos after defeating these NPCs, he will be sad. Exhaust his dialogue in this section as well.

Jar-Questline Bairn’s should be progressed at this point.


Make your way to Jarburg, a beautiful settlement. There, advance Jar-questline Bairn’s while wrecking their lives. Diallos will eventually appear to look after the live jars. He doesn’t appear to be able to do anything else.

Step 7: Pass the Time Until Jarburg Is Ransacked


Leave Jarburg and spend the time at any other Site of Grace for three or four days, then return to find the site in ruins. Diallos will be dying near the hut where you last saw him, and he’ll ask whether he did a good job protecting the jars. Rest at the Jarburg Site of Grace again after being a decent person and saying he did.

Step 8: Wait for Jar-Bairn to finish eating Diallos’ body.


Jar-Bairn will walk over to Diallos after resting at the Jarburg grace and tell him how they want to be powerful like him. Diallos’ corpse will vanish, leaving behind his mask, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and a Numen’s Rune if you return to the Grace.

Diallos’ search in Elden Ring comes to a close here. He dies, as do most NPCs, and you get a piece of his gear as a reward. Unfortunately, there aren’t many happy endings in FromSoftware games. For additional information on Elden Ring’s endings, see our guides for finishing Fia’s questline and completing Ranni’s questline. Keep our Elden Ring guides hub handy as well, since there’s lots more information there to assist you navigate the Lands Between.

Elden Ring is a game that has been on the market for a while now. The game has many quests and as you complete them, they become available to play. This is the story of how I found Diallos and completed his questline. Reference: elden ring jarburg quest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can t find Diallos?

A: There are many Diallos in the world, but not all of them can be found by any one player. They can only be obtained through gameplay and exploration.

How to get Diallos armor Elden Ring?

A: This can only be done in the game. You will need to look up information on how to get it and then youll want your character leveled enough so that they can use a special ability called Dialloss armor which is unlocked at level 90. It also requires an Elden Ring, which costs around $5000 USD each!

How to do Diallos quest?

A: To do this quest, you must first complete the other four quests to open up a new area.

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