Elden Ring is a full-fledged RPG that borrows aspects of The Legend Of Zelda and Dark Souls. You will need to collect the legendary Mimic Tear in order to progress through the game. But what’s its location?

The “elden ring mimic tear boss” is a location in the Elden Ring that players can find Mimic Tear.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Mimic Tear & Location

The Mimic Tear summon is one of the greatest in Elden Ring, particularly if you have a strong build and spend time upgrading it. The Mimic Tear makes an exact replica of your current loadout, but since it’s an NPC, the Mimic has a massive amount of HP compared to your Tarnished. It also comes with a large number of Crimson Flasks for healing, allowing it to survive longer in boss confrontations.

There are few summons better to utilize if you have a build that does a lot of damage. The Mimic Tear significantly doubles your damage output while halves the danger level of any monster, even some of Elden Ring’s most difficult.

In Elden Ring, where can you find the Mimic Tear Summon?


The Mimic Tear Summon may be found behind a Stonesword Key door in Nokron, the Eternal City. Make your way down through the city from the entryway at the Limgrave meteor hole. You’ll journey via roofs, bridges, and boulders until arriving at the Stonesword door in a corridor.

Continue through the drop-down in the next level with the boulder and Nox foes if you don’t have a Stonesword Key. A Site of Grace may be found down the stairs at the end of the chamber on your left. Return to the stairwell, past the respawned boulder, and climb the ladder with it.


A large corridor leads from the Stonesword entrance. Another Nox adversary stands at the end of the path, praying before an altar. Kill it, then open the chest to which she had been praying. The summon Mimic Tear may be found in the chest.

Keep in mind that instead of Focus Points, performing the Mimic Tear costs around 40% of your health. Use it just at the start of battles when you have the time and space to heal. The Mimic will rush headlong into combat, attracting the attention of enemies and bosses well before you’re in any danger. It won’t always win battles on its alone, but when you team up with the Mimic Tear, even the most difficult Elden Ring bosses become child’s play.

In Elden Ring, that’s where you’ll discover the Mimic Tear summon. To use the Mimic Tear in the first place, you’ll need to be able to call spirits, so check out our instructions on how to achieve that. It’s also crucial to improve your Mimic Tear. More information may be found in our improving spirit summons guide, and our Elden Ring guides center is always expanding, so check back frequently.

The “mimic tear elden ring upgrade” is a potion that can be found in the Elden Ring. The potion is used to upgrade your character’s skills and attributes. This is done by drinking the potion, then visiting a vendor and selecting the option “upgrade.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the mimic summon in Elden ring?

A: You need to be at least level 20 and have a blacksmith as your companion. To find the mimic, you need to kill a boss in any of the five areas that has 2+ bosses (you dont have to fight them both). After defeating it, talk to one of its heads and let it decide which way the battle should go. If you win, she will say Its alright, after which point she will turn into an egg with eyes on top and crawl off-screen.

How to get mimic ashes?

A: There are two ways to get mimic ashes. One is by completing the The Fishermans Friend quest, and then finding a Mimic Ash in one of the chests that opens after you complete it. The other way is to use your Mimic as an ingredient for making a potion during Creature Creation mode or make money from selling them on Homebase if your cooking level allows you to do so.

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