The farmer suicide is becoming a big issue in the Indian society. It has been found that farmers living close to metropolitan cities are committing suicide due to rising debts and mounting pressure from various sources. The continuous flow of migrant laborers also makes it difficult for them to maintain their farms, which leads many farmers towards extreme measures. Today’s youth have an idea about what farming actually entails but they lack a deep understanding on how these people feel every day when they come back after working hard all through out the year just so that there will be food on our plates during festivals or special occasions like Eid ul Azha…

Farmers suicide is a very serious issue that has been affecting the world for a while. It is important to understand what this issue means in order to prevent more farmers from committing suicide.

Essay On Farmers Suicide For Students & Children In Simple


Why Did The Farmer Commit Suicide?


Many farmers commit suicide for a variety of reasons, including debt, inebriation, poor productivity, family stress, and low prices for their goods, among others.


The following are some of the reasons:

Weather Conditions are Uncertain


The weather in India is not consistent and varies from day to day. Rainfall does not arrive at a suitable time as a result of pollution and pollutant factors increasing, and if it does, we are faced with drought on agricultural area. 565 percent of the nation is reliant on the Himalayan snow-fed rivers. The weather has changed in the last three years, and as a result, the farmer has committed suicide.

Farm labor is not something that interests me.


There are now a variety of areas in which the next generation chooses to work, and no one is interested in farming. As we all know, agriculture is the backbone of our nation, and many farmers are unwilling to raise their children to be farmers. As a result, rural-urban migration is becoming more frequent, and the urban population has grown somewhat in recent years.

The cost of a product is very cheap.



During the purchase of any commodity, there are many middlemen between, thus much more money is given to the intermediary, resulting in the farmer receiving a less amount than he should get. We are unable to buy products directly from the farmer, as a result of which the farmer does not get adequate compensation for his labor in this area.

Technology that is no longer relevant


The poor farmer’s technology is of low quality, and the methods he or she employs are obsolete. The irrigation technique and approach are both outdated, and equipment and a variety of other technology are still unavailable to this farmer in our nation.

Farmer’s Importance in India


We should always appreciate the farmer since he provides for the needs of all human beings. We should also step forward to assist them in whatever manner we can.

Everyone should accept the pledge to assist the impoverished farmer, and we should do all we can to make the farmer comfortable. Our national revenue is also dependent on the agricultural element; if a farmer produces food grain in an appropriate way, the country’s exports will increase, resulting in our country receiving money from a foreign country.

Farmers are no longer respected or valued members of society, and as a result, they are victims of unscrupulous and anti-agricultural policies. Farmers labor hard, while corporations and a variety of other sectors get the benefits of their efforts.

These make the farmer think, and they are committing suicide as a result of it. Because it is important to tell the truth to future generations about where food comes from and who produces it.

We are also victims since we are indirectly abusing farmers in a very terrible way by selecting various goods from other countries while neglecting our own country’s local products. As a result, we should likewise alter our appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why farmers are getting suicide?

A: Farmers are getting suicide because their crops are failing. They have to work harder, but the result is not worth it. Additionally, farmers could be experiencing a lot of pain from the chemicals that they use on a daily basis and this may be causing them to go through depression or suicidal ideation.

How can farmers prevent suicide?

A: The first step to preventing suicide is recognizing that feelings of self-worthlessness and hopelessness are common among farmers. Many people who work on farms often feel as if they do not have any other options in life, which may lead them to believe that their only option is death. In order to prevent this from being the case, its important for a farmer more be able to see themselves in a positive light

Why do farmers commit suicide 12 sociology?

A: Farmers are unhappy about the conditions of their work.

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