In the fifth grade, when we learn about famous and important people in our history class, one of them is Mother Teresa. She is known as a woman who dedicated her life to helping others less fortunate than herself.
What do you think makes someone like Mother Theresa? What was your favorite part about reading this essay on Mothers for Class Five For Students in Easy Words – Read Here?

The “essay on mother in english” is a short essay that discusses the meaning of motherhood. It is written for students in Class Five, and it can be read by anyone interested in reading about mothers.

Essay on Mothers for Class Five For Students in Easy Words – Read Here


In this competitive world, when everyone is waiting for you to fail, there is only one person who can bring out the best in you at that very time, and that person is none other than your mother. Mother is someone who can never betray his child’s confidence.

Every kid wishes for a best friend to whom he can confide in and share everything is on his mind. He or she will always appreciate and trust someone. They also think that they have their backs.


In every child’s imagination, the person we are anticipating is a mother. She is constantly behind us, and she never loses faith in us.

So many of my friends enviously wish they had a mother with whom they could express their emotions and who would always be there to encourage them.

Every kid enjoys spending time with their best buddy because they can talk about everything. And the greatest part is that the mother will never condemn you for whatever you say or explain to her. She will always lead you in the correct direction, even if you are wrong, and once you are on the right track, she will continue to guide you until the end.

She was my first mentor, my first instructor, and my closest friend. The individual who taught me proper etiquette and social behavior. She is the first instructor who has taught me about life and who has protected me from all of the difficulties that I will encounter in the future.


When I wasn’t even speaking, there was only one person in the whole world who could tell what I needed simply by looking at my face. She’s the one who knows everything I say before I ever say it. She has the ability to discern between what is wrong and what is good.

Only your mother has the ability to teach you this. Your mother is the only one who will give up her valuable time to educate you how to walk or speak to someone, and teaching you how to act in society is someone who instills all of the good habits in you.

Her affection for her children is unconditional. She never discriminates between two children and never shares affection between them. Mothers love their children equally and there is no such thing as favoritism in mother love.

When it comes to a mother’s strength, she has the ability to battle anybody for the sake of her children. Mothers were created by God only to safeguard their children; they have no other motive or cause to love their offspring.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mother short essay?

A: Mother is a word that denotes the female parent of an individual. It can also be used to describe the biological mother or adoptive mother of someone, as well as other more general terms like motherland and maternal.

How do you write a mother essay?

A: To write a good mother essay, you will first need to find the right frame in which you can present your argument. It is important that this start with an introduction where we explain what it means to be a mother and why mothers are such an integral part of society today. From there, the body of your paper should include four different points on how parents have shaped our lives (some more than others) from their roles as spouse/spouse, breadwinner/bread-rearer, caregiver for children or helpmeet for husbands through many other jobs they do in addition to being moms and dads themselves. The conclusion needs to make sure that readers know exactly what was said throughout the entire essay about who mothers really are

How do I write 10 lines on my mother?

A: The first thing you need to do is come up with a story around your mother. What does she mean to you and what kind of person was she? You can then use that as the foundation for writing 10 lines about her. From there, decide on an action or two in each line that will help express how much you love her without being too sentimental, such as I have never regretted anything more than when I walked away from my mom.

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