The “pokemon brilliant diamond underground locations” is a guide that lists everything you can do in the Grand Underground. The guide includes information on how to find all of the underground locations, as well as what items are inside.

When Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released in 2006, it was the first of its series to have any online features. Nowadays gamers are spoiled with almost unlimited ways to play games like Rocket League and Fortnite Battle Royale, but back then these options weren’t even a thought. Video Game Developer Missingno wanted you to experience how much fun those 2d Pokemon games could be again!

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, almost everything you can accomplish in the Grand Underground is intriguing or valuable. There’s a lot more to do than merely create hidden bases and hunt for riches. Let’s take a look at the new features in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as everything else you can accomplish in the Grand Underground.


If you look attentively at your map in the Grand Underground, you’ll see yellow dots suggesting dig places. When you press the R button, a ping is sent out, and any nearby yellow dots on the map begin to sparkle. This makes it much simpler to locate the dig site, since a bright dot on your map is much easier to detect than a little yellow dot.   

You may now approach the shining dot and interact with it to begin digging. You’ll hear a bell at the start of the excavation, and then a text box will inform you how many things are buried. Then you may start digging. Keep in mind that if you dig too deeply, the dig location may collapse.  

In these dig areas, you’ll uncover a lot of things. The most common things are spheres of different colors and sizes. These spheres serve as the Grand Underground’s money. You may use them to purchase items such as TMs, pedestals, and spheres of various colors and sizes. In return for spheres, you may also trade objects discovered while digging.


There’s a lot more to uncover than simply spheres. On Route 212, you may locate shards of all hues for the shard trader. Fossils, evolution stones, numerous sorts of plates, mystery shards, unusual rocks, Heart Scales, Odd Keystones, and much more may all be found. Check out the list prepared by Pokemon community site Serebii to see all you can find. 

The new goods Pretty Stone Box and Gorgeous Stone Box are the most fascinating to discover. These crates contain expensive Pokemon figurines that may be used to adorn and enhance your hidden base. The emblem on a Pokemon statue represents the sort of Pokemon statue you’ll find inside the box. Plain stone Pokemon Statues are always given out by Pretty Stone Boxes. The Beautiful Stone Boxes will provide you with gleaming Pokemon sculptures. 

Bases of Operations 

In the Grand Underground, secret bases are also making a resurgence. A Digger Drill is required to build a covert base. When you first get entrance to the Grand Underground, you receive one from the Underground Man. However, it breaks after each use, so if you wish to move your base, you’ll need to acquire another Digger Drill from one of the Grand Underground’s shops.

Your hidden base begins with a medium-sized area. You may enhance it by speaking with select sellers in the Grand Underground, who will offer to enlarge the size of your hidden base for a fee. Your hidden base may only be expanded twice.

You may use sculptures you acquired while excavating to adorn your hidden base. These sculptures may be put on top of the pedestals you get for a more intriguing presentation, and they also provide a hidden benefit.

secret-basesecret-base grand underground Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Effects of Statues 

Depending on the statues you have in your base, Pokemon statues might provide a map-wide boost. This perk increases the likelihood of a certain kind of Pokemon appearing. Interacting with the orb in front of your base will reveal which Pokemon types are enhanced. This boost may be turned off if necessary. At any one moment, only one Pokemon type may be promoted. 

The more statues of similar Pokemon kinds you have, the more likely that Pokemon of that type will spawn in Pokemon Hideaways. Shiny Pokemon statues are green in color and provide a greater boost than regular grey statues. The legendary Pokemon statues, on the other hand, provide the most boost.

Because this concept is so complicated, I’ve created a separate tutorial to explain Pokemon statues.


Pokemon Hideaways 

Pokemon Hideaways is a new element in the Grand Underground. On the map, these regions are shown by huge squares. All of these tiles will have question marks on them when you first enter the Grand Underground. When you enter the Pokemon Hideaway, you’ll see that the biome within is identified by a color that indicates which biome it is. When you enter the area, keep an eye on the upper left corner for the biome’s name.  

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Hideaways are comparable to the Wild Area. You will be able to observe all of the Pokemon that are currently wandering the globe. So the only way to engage them in combat is to rush into them. If they spot you, almost all of the Pokemon in these hideaways will follow you, but you may dash behind them to avoid attracting their attention.     

Each biome has a certain collection of Pokemon that may spawn there. Even if you have an active bonus from your hidden base, no Pokemon outside of these specified lists will spawn in a Pokemon Hideaway. Certain Pokemon spawning are tied to certain game events. For example, after defeating certain gym leaders, you may be able to locate Pokemon that were previously unavailable. Once you’ve completed the game and obtained the national Pokedex, you’ll be able to unlock even more Pokemon spawns.

Here’s a list of all the Pokemon spawning and when they arrive for your convenience.


Rare Pokemon spawning may also be found in these Pokemon Hideaways. You may use a method to attempt to locate these unusual spawning. When you enter a Pokemon Hideaway, all of the Pokemon spawn inside. In effect, you may re-roll the spawning Pokemon by leaving and then returning to the room, albeit it may take some time to locate the rare Pokemon you want. If you’re looking for a rare Pokemon, it’s better to have a buff active to increase the chances of it spawning.

Pokemon in these places level up according on how far you’ve advanced in the game. Because they are generally higher levels than those found on routes, Pokemon Hideaways are a fantastic method to level up Pokemon. These Pokemon begin at level 16 and may reach a maximum level of 63.

If your Pokemon is injured after a fight, there is a technique to heal them. Some of the Grand Underground’s miners serve as Pokemon centers. You won’t have to return to the surface or use your potions to heal your Pokemon this way.   

Powerful Diglett and Dugtrio 

When you enter the Grand Underground, you’ll see a 00/40 bar underneath the map. If you play online, the bar may be half full, with the numbers 13/40 or 30/40. But what exactly does it imply?  

You’ll see several Digletts and Dugtrios in the tunnels while racing throughout the Grand Underground. When you approach them, they will bury themselves and flee, leaving a dazzling mark in their wake. If you run over this gleaming place, the number in the counter will rise, and the bar will automatically fill. This counter receives one point from Digletts and three points from Dugtrio.


Everyone may contribute to this number whether you’re playing online or with buddies in a local multiplayer game. This gives an exciting objective for the participants to achieve together. Everyone will hear a whistle and be alerted that “something good may happen in the Grand Underground” after the objective has been accomplished. After then, a 5-minute timer will begin. This bonus only lasts 4 minutes if you’re playing alone.   

There will be a slightly enhanced chance of finding shiny Pokemon within Pokemon Hideaways during these 4 minutes. While excavating, you’ll have a better chance of locating Gorgeous Boxes. Inside these Gorgeous Boxes is always a gleaming Pokemon figurine. 

When the countdown is nearly up, a whistle will sound to alert players that the event is about to finish. 

Features on the internet 

The bonus meter for Diglett and Dugtrio isn’t the only feature that benefits from online play. Blue dots appear on your map when you choose to connect to the internet or play in local multiplayer. The other players with whom you share the Grand Underground are represented by these blue dots. You may observe these gamers moving about the Grand Underground in real time when linked to them.  

You can only communicate with other players to a limited extent. You’ll see a variety of icons if you hit the Y button and pick “Call.” You may use these symbols to greet other players and tell them what you want to accomplish. If players are accomplishing specific tasks, various icons will show above their heads. If they’re in a Pokemon fight, for example, they’ll have a Pokeball symbol. A pick symbol will appear if they are digging.


If you happen to come upon someone digging, their dig place will be gleaming. While you won’t be able to dig together, you will be able to assist one another. If you join someone’s dig place, your selection will be shown on their screen. This will reveal some soil on their excavation sites, enabling them to unearth hidden items. Remember that each player’s dig sites are unique, so just because someone else is digging in a given area doesn’t guarantee there’s treasure there for you.  

The ability to visit other players’ hidden bases is another unique online feature. Other people’s bases appear as pulsing blue dots. You can view all of someone’s statues and even trigger the benefit they give when you visit their base. So, if you come across someone who has statues you don’t, you may take advantage of their hidden foundation.   

This is all you need to know about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground. Enjoy your journeys around the Grand Underground, and check back for more Pokemon guides.

The “pokemon brilliant diamond underground pokemon list” is a list of things you can do in the Grand Underground. It includes everything from catching Pokemon to buying items and doing sidequests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Grand underground change?

A: Yes, the Grand Underground changes.

What do the statues do in brilliant diamond?

A: The statues are there to make you feel like the game is more realistic.

What do statues do in shining pearl?

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