Facebook’s future is uncertain, but it has a long way to go before its apps impact people in the same way as they do right now. The company still has some time to make changes and become a social media platform that everyone wants to use.

The “how to find drafts on facebook app iphone 2021” is a question that asks how to find drafts on the Facebook App.

Find Draft On Facebook App On nd IOS (2021)

You don’t have to worry if you’re interrupted when sharing your thoughts or photographs on a social networking site like Facebook. Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites, with millions of users sharing their ideas and photographs on a regular basis.

Furthermore, you do not need to be concerned if you are interrupted when posting some of your posts on Facebook. Because Facebook made it simple to locate the draft post you’d forgotten about in an emergency. However, accessing the draft post on the Facebook app is a bit of a chore. Because Facebook offers several functions, one of them is the ability to draft a post.

In this brief article, we’ll show you how to effortlessly retrieve Facebook drafts that you’ve left in the midst of your Facebook account.

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Follow the steps outlined below to locate your draft post in the Facebook app on your Android smartphone.

To make a new post, first open the Facebook app on your smartphone and hit “Write Something Here.”

draft post on facebook app

Now try typing anything and then pressing the back button.

After that, press the save as draft button.

You’ll get a notice of the draft post you’ve saved on your Facebook account in a few seconds, and you can simply access it by pressing on the bell symbol.


If you haven’t erased the recent notice from your Facebook account, you may see the draft post by clicking on the bell symbol. If you’ve erased an old draft, just click on the most recent draft notice you’ve saved.

facebook draft post on app

You may also access the draft post from the notification bar on your phone. If you haven’t already done so, clear the notification bar on your smartphone.

You can simply access the stored draft post on the Facebook app by tapping on the phone notification bar. This time, when you use the back button, you’ll be sent straight to the draft posts area. You’ll be able to easily access all of the past draft posts from here.

facebook app draft post

Furthermore, choose the appropriate choice from the three-dots menu next to the draft you want to reject or amend by tapping on the three-dots menu adjacent to the draft you want to discard or change.

After that, you’ll be able to effortlessly pick up where you left off.

Note: You may only see draft posts that were saved during the last three days. This simply implies that any manuscripts older than three days will be discarded.

Saved Drafts may be found on the Facebook iPhone App.

When it comes to the Facebook app for iOS, things are a little different. To view the draft post on Facebook on your iPhone or iPad, follow the steps outlined below.

To save a draft post on the Facebook iOS app, tap on the X button to save it as a draft.

facebook draft post on iphone


Select the “Save Draft” option after that.

You may get an email notice when a draft is saved.

To get to the draft post, tap on the “What’s on your mind” button.

Whatever you have recently wrote and saved will show on the app’s screen directly in front of you.

However, unlike the Android version, only a single draft may be stored on the Facebook iPhone app at a time. So, if you’re searching for an old draft post via the iOS Facebook app, you’re out of luck.

Saved Draft Post may be seen on Facebook’s web page.

The desktop version of Facebook differs from the app in a few ways. Only Facebook pages and not personal profiles are saved as draft posts on the PC version. So, if you have a Facebook page, you can quickly view the draft post on that page.

You can simply visit facebook.com on your PC using a web browser such as Google Chrome, and the Facebook UI is very user-friendly.

save draft post on facebook

For example, if you’re writing a new post and the Facebook tab closes due to a technical issue, don’t panic; the post will remain on the site until you take further action.

edit draft post on facebook

If you go to another page on Facebook, you’ll be encouraged to return to the draft post, with two options: “Keep Editing” or “Leave It.”

Your draft will remain on Facebook in the “Write on your thoughts” post area until you shut the Facebook tab in your computer.

Obtain access to the Facebook Page Draft Post

There is an alternative method to view draft posts on Facebook desktop that you won’t be able to access on the smartphone app. You can simply create, update, and publish drafts on a Facebook Page that you’ve set up for commercial or entertainment reasons. The Facebook Page editor and administrators may simply handle these drafts.

how to access facebook page

You have to go to the Facebook Page from the left side feed panel to see these draft postings.

Then, from the list of pages, choose the page you want. If you just have a single page, simply choose it.

facebook page publishing tool

After you’ve launched the page, go back to the left side panel and choose “Publishing Tools” from the menu.

draft post on facebook page

Then choose “Drafts” from the menu on the right side of the screen.

The draft post may be edited, scheduled, published, backdated, or deleted.

As you can see, on both the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook, there is no unique mechanism to view the draft post.

Want to know how to find the Facebook Scheduled Post as a Bonus?

Scheduling a post is another option to save a draft on Facebook that enables you to work more efficiently with the aid of the post scheduling tool that is accessible on almost every social networking site. This keeps your followers interested by sharing your pieces on social media from time to time.

If you run a Facebook Page with a large following, you’ll need to write a lot of posts in a single day and schedule them for a certain time or day.

If you’ve created a scheduled post on your Facebook page and, for whatever reason, you need to remove or amend that post, you’ll need to get access to it. As we all know, getting to a draft post on Facebook is extremely difficult.

Here are the steps you need to take to go to the Facebook Page’s scheduled post.

From your PC’s web browser, go to Facebook.com.

From the left-hand Feed Panel, pick the Pages section. Choose the Page you’d like to administer.

how to access facebook page

Once the page is open, return to the left side panel and choose “Publishing Tool” from the drop-down menu.

facebook page publishing tool

You may now view Schedule Post under the Post section on the left side panel. Simply choose it.

facebook schedule post

You may view all of the scheduled posts for the specific Facebook Page on the right side of the page.

edit facebook schedule post

Simply go to the Action button on the Schedule Post and choose one of the options: Publish, Edit, Delete, or Backdate. Make ads and set up a schedule.

If you don’t see any scheduled posts in the post area, please let us know. That indicates you haven’t posted anything on your Facebook Page yet.

Unfortunately, the Facebook App does not allow you to see the Facebook Page’s scheduled posts. Until recently, Facebook’s application has not been updated to include this capability. Because the Publishing Tool functionality is only available on the desktop version of the app and not on the mobile app,

Hopefully, this brief article has helped you understand how to view your Facebook account’s draft post without difficulty. If you have any further questions about Facebook, please ask them in the comments below and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the tutorial.

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The “how to find saved drafts on facebook app android” is a question that has been asked by many people. There are no answers for this question, but the post will provide some information about how to find saved drafts on the Facebook App.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my drafts on Facebook 2021?

A: On Facebook, you can go to the drafts tab at the top of your news feed.

How do I find a saved draft on Facebook?

A: Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow users to download drafts on their platform. The only way for you to find a draft is if it has already been shared with the public or deleted by yourself.

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