The Halo franchise has had a long, storied history of satisfying players with high-quality games. From the first console release in 2001 to the latest installment released this year, there are few titles that can match it for quality and content. With what is bound to be one of 2019’s most highly anticipated releases in Halo Infinite on Xbox One X and PC later this year, we take an early look at how good it will be.

The “halo infinite release date” is the question that has been on everyone’s minds. Halo Infinite will be released on October 17th, 2019.

Games Inbox: How good is Halo Infinite’s single

Halo Infinite screenshot

How will Halo Infinite turn out? (Photo courtesy of Microsoft)

One reader suggests Sackboy: A Big Adventure, while the Thursday Inbox is unsure what Sega would do with a billion bucks.

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Unknown infinity In the previous few weeks, we’ve had some major disappointments in terms of reviews, but I’ve realized that I have no idea what to anticipate from Halo Infinite. Everyone seemed to like the multiplayer gameplay, but there have been several concerns about the advancement system and Microsoft’s overuse of microtransactions. So I’m not sure how that will effect things.

The plot campaign, though, is my main concern, and even though we’ve seen teasers of it, I still believe it’s a huge unknown. The idea of it being open world strikes me as a little too… obvious? I’m not sure I want to be selecting symbols off a Ubisoft-style map in a Halo game, and I’ve heard nothing to indicate there are any really novel concepts there, other than the fact that Halo has never been open world.

That doesn’t mean I’m not hopeful; it simply means I’m not sure what to anticipate. Despite the fact that I’m already upset that the game isn’t an Xbox Series X exclusive, the visuals don’t seem to be all that impressive. But, I suppose, we’ll have to wait and see. I’m guessing the review will be next week, GC? Dorack

GC: Yes, it is.

Plan B has been triggered. I’m becoming more concerned about what Halo Infinite will become and what it will signify for Microsoft’s whole first-party gaming strategy. They must’ve understood there was a possibility it would fail, but it’s apparent they had a contingency plan in place in case it didn’t, in which they would immediately begin extorting money from players under the guise of the game being free-to-play.

The game hasn’t even been out yet, yet they’re already pressuring you to purchase battle passes, additional memberships, and pricey standalone DLC. Yes, it’s all about appearances, but that’s not the goal. I can live without it (despite the fact that collecting it is the whole idea of the advancement system at this point), but this will persuade even more children and vulnerable individuals to squander money on items that have no worth.

Microsoft, like every corporation that has been behind for a long time, switches from attempting to win people over to trying to rip them off the minute they realize they’ve overcome the obstacle. When Sony lagged behind in the PlayStation 3 period, they were exactly the same, and it’s disheartening to watch it happen again and again. Godot

Financial knowledge Reading about the disastrous Sonic The Hedgehog performance reminded me of how Sega is the class clown of the video game business. They sometimes accomplish excellent things, but everyone thinks of them as foolish and unpredictable. If I were to build a list of businesses that can be relied on to produce a good game, Sega would be towards the bottom. But, as GC points out, it isn’t simply that. Every time they accomplish anything, they put on their clown shoes.

Then I recalled everything about how they spent billions on acquisitions and’super games.’ I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks it could only end in tragedy. In the previous 20 years, when has Sega created a big-budget film? I’m not sure how much those PC games cost, but I doubt they’re anything near what Sony and Microsoft spend on their top-tier titles.

I’m not sure why they won’t sell them to Microsoft. Microsoft seems to be on board, although I’m not sure whether it’s due to Japanese legislation. It’s most likely simply a case of Sega making a blunder with something as basic as a request for free money. Tristan

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When Stock Informer went off without warning, I happened to be right close to my phone (barely made a sound though). I went immediately to the Xbox shop and promptly put an Xbox Series X in my cart, thinking to myself, “This is going to happen,” only to find out that it was out of stock when I clicked on confirm purchase. How in the world is anybody supposed to obtain an Xbox Series X when they sell out so quickly?’

I went to other websites, but they were all out of stock, with the exception of Argos, who had one in store in Northampton, but it was only available for collection, not delivery.

Because Stock Informer may go off at any time of day, not only in the morning, it seems like a pure lottery to me. Nobody appears to know when Xbox Series X stock will be available, which isn’t helpful. Sigh.

While I’m here, does GC have any idea when Microsoft will offer the 2TB Seagate expansion cards? I’ve searched everywhere, but they don’t seem to exist. 616 Chaosphere (gamertag)

GC: So, did you end up with one or not? We’re not sure what you’re getting at with your remarks. The 2TB cards were scheduled to be available’soon,’ but that was on October 21, and there hasn’t been any more information since.

A significant risk I bought Sackboy: A Big Adventure for the PlayStation 5 during the Black Friday discounts as a risky bet, since I’d already asked for pretty much everything else for Christmas and didn’t want to lose out on a decent price. It was also a risk since I was still in a plaster cast after wrist surgery. It turns out that I played with destiny, and it wasn’t removed after my consultant visit last week, where I anticipated it to be. I’ve still been able to play Sackboy, although in an uncomfortable manner, but I’ve been squeezing in a few hours here and there.

However, I must admit that I’ve been pleasantly pleased by how nice it is. It really opens up as you get to the second planet, as you said in your review, and has some very unique ideas and power-ups that are executed pretty well, with almost Nintendo-esque level design at moments! I’m also like the usage of music; I just finished a level that included David Bowie’s Let’s Dance as its theme, with opponents and environmental aspects tied to the rhythm, and I had a large grin on my face the whole time. For £30, it was well worth it just for that level! Rickandrolla is a name for a group of people who (PSN ID)

This is too wonderful to be true. I agree with Benton that Game Pass has some amazing content that I would have never explored otherwise. Hades is a fantastic game to start with and then continue through as your abilities develop.

I’m also liking Ring Of Pain, which I would not have attempted otherwise.

There are dozens of other new and old games that I’ve played and mainly loved, thanks to the Game Pass app, which encourages you to test games in exchange for reward points.

At the moment, it seems to be nearly too good a deal. WoDMaN

River of the Moon Just wanted to let you know that I saw some new amiibo on the Nintendo Store. They are now out of stock, but there is a chance they may become available again. Two of them are Bayonetta-related, and GameCentral is interested in them. However, as previously stated, they are now out of stock. Andrew J. is a member of the Andrew J.

GC: Unfortunately, they’re constantly out of stock. We appreciate the heads-up, however.

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Preferences for the controller When I first heard DarKer speak about PC gamers in the new Halo, I believed he was going to explain that the issue was cheating, not people that used a mouse and keyboard!

Now, I’ve been playing first person shooters since Doom (on my friend’s 386 PC), and since I’ve always used the mouse and keyboard, I can’t play first person shooters with a controller. I’ve tried before, and I recall playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on my nephew’s Xbox 360. He was just as good with a controller as I was with a mouse and keyboard. I tried it and couldn’t even walk straight, much alone shoot anything!

It’s a difficult one. I love that I can play Fortnite with my nephew on both PC and Xbox, but finding the correct mix between auto aim and other features is difficult! Aiming aid was deemed too powerful by mouse and keyboard gamers not long ago.

To be honest, I’ve always been a below-average player, so if I played with a mouse and keyboard, I’d probably still be kicked in the nuts by most controller gamers!

I usually play first-person shooters with a mouse and keyboard, then third-person shooters with a controller, and everything else with a controller (except Control, which I switched to mouse and keyboard halfway through and never looked back, and Fortnite, which is technically a third-person game but plays more like a first-person one). Oh, and for most racing games, I use my wheel.

Enjoy your game, no matter what platform you’re using or how you’re playing! Oh, and PC cheaters must go! The Dude Gives Up

also-rans in your inbox Those tea packets are more appealing to me than an Xbox Series X. Legendary. Matt

Learn how to be Dead by Daylight and True at the Same Time () From 4 p.m. on Thursday, November 2nd, Data Scientist will be available for free on the Epic Games Store. Andrew J. is a member of the Andrew J.

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