Salesforce and PDFButler have forged a partnership to simplify document document management and collaboration within the Salesforce CPQ user interface. PDFButler’s integrated Salesforce CPQ API has been extended so that anyone with a Salesforce API account can easily access and manage PDF documents within their Salesforce CPQ account.

PDFButler is a great tool to automate the process of creating PDFs from emails – but that’s not all it can do. It can integrate with Salesforce CPQ, so you can create PDFs from all of your Salesforce CPQ records.

PDFButler is a cloud-based, custom printing service that provides customers with the ability to generate PDF files for reports, invoices, sales receipts, signature pages, product lists, marketing materials, and more. The service has many features, including automated integration with Salesforce CPQ, customized layout options, image transfer, and more.

What is Salesforce CPQ, and how does it work?

For sales teams, Salesforce CPQ integration is a common method to handle customer contact information. Salesforce CPQ is a great sales tool for companies who need to create fast and accurate sales quotations for a variety of orders. It assists your sales staff in overcoming a variety of typical sales difficulties. CPQ also provides new methods for you to interact with your sales staff so that they can quickly and easily locate the information they need to deliver accurate, timely, and relevant product or service information to your clients.

salesforce cpq

The most frequent reason salespeople struggle with Salesforce CPQ integration is a lack of understanding. We’ll go over a few things here to help you grasp it better. 


There are many components to consider. You’ll need a quote generator that can produce invoices and contract details in a manner that all of your salespeople can comprehend. You’ll also need an effective quotation procedure to keep your company running smoothly while lowering your costs. A good CPQ solution also includes a number of additional elements. The Quote Integrator is the initial component, and it is in charge of producing the final quotations from all of the modules. 


After that, the Quote Creator allows salespeople to fill out forms and input the information they need to send to the accounting modules. This is where salesmen often make mistakes, such as putting quotations in the improper format or even inaccurately. These errors may be identified early on, before the estimations become incorrect and create issues.

Salesforce CPQ Integration

Another frequent blunder when implementing Salesforce CPQ integration into your company is providing your sales representatives with the wrong pricing model and data. Furthermore, the majority of sales representatives do not know how to properly submit their estimates or how to properly generate reports.

If you want to save costs while increasing income, you’ll need an accurate pricing model in place, as well as precise reporting, to guarantee that your projections are accurate and your revenue levels are high.


Always utilize the same Word file that you used to generate the quotations to guarantee accuracy. Also, make sure you utilize the same template that your sales team used to create quotations. When you install Salesforce CPQ linked apps, you’ll be able to use the Word focusing e-signature to produce the outcomes. You may use this tool to customize pricing quotations to suit any papers you’re working on. All you have to do now is choose the relevant fields for the quotation you want to create, choose a template, and input your information.

Organize Sales Procedures

Manage Sales Processes with PDFButler

Many third-party solutions are also available to assist you in managing your sales operations and making your work simpler. The flexibility to quickly modify reports enables add-ons to the Salesforce CPQ platform to create quotations automatically. You may add custom fields to your reports with the appropriate sales process management add-ons so you can simply monitor your expenditures and income.

You may simply add sales process cost monitoring to your reports, for example, so you can see how much money you’re losing or earning at a glance and track customer return and refund data.

Pdfbutler is integrated.

Integration with pdf butler salesforce program is another prominent function of salesforce software. Many salespeople across the world use Pdfbutler, and this function enables you to automatically email your clients using the Outlook email client. You can easily discover relevant quotations depending on your criteria by using the built-in search feature.

Pdfbutler software

This saves you time by eliminating the need to manually search via your email client. This also enables you to deliver a fast, succinct message to your consumers that successfully communicates your sales process objectives.

Salesforce CRM gives your sales staff access to all of these features and more. If your sales reps spend the majority of their day on the road, Salesforce CPQ integration with your CRM allows them to be more mobile. Salesforce CRM is also ideal if you want to interact with your sales staff throughout the nation or across the globe.

Salesforce CRM offers appropriate prices, online assistance, and a simple interface. So you can easily manage both the company and the sales force. Install Salesforce CRM if you want your sales staff to react promptly to any new offers or promotions. It’s simple, effective, and allows you to run your company more effectively.

Whether you’re a large enterprise looking to increase your bottom line or just an individual looking for some extra cash, Marketing Automation can help. To achieve more marketing success, you need to automate your marketing efforts, especially when it comes to lead generation. PDFButler is designed specifically to help you automate lead generation through email-based interactions.. Read more about pdf butler pricing and let us know what you think.

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