Gearbox’s third main title in the Borderlands franchise, Borderlands 3, was revealed to be in development at PAX East in Boston in March 2019. There are a lot of questions surrounding the game, so we asked the Gearbox Software team to give us a basic rundown of how the game will play, and how you can get your hands on most of the content planned for the game.

So, after weeks of (in)activity, Borderlands 3 has finally launched and we’re all back at it. The season of Borderlands is done, but there are reasons to celebrate the release of Borderlands 3. One of them is that this game finally has a sequel to the most memorable and interesting side mission in the franchise.

Before we get started, a quick link to the Borderlands 3 subreddit.

Get Quick, Slick is a side quest in Eden 6’s Borderlands 3 game.

The task is to make several jumps on the ramp, with each jump becoming more difficult than the last.

This is a short walkthrough for Get Quick, Slick in Borderlands 3.

Garage import Pris

Your first objective is to go to Preece’s garage to get the Outrunner. Use the outside runner for the start.

Jumping over 5 jumps

The first task is to jump over five ramps. All slopes are close together. They’re very simple.

Jumping over tree trunks

The second task is to jump over tree trunks using a large ramp. It’s still pretty simple.

You just need to pick up speed to get through this section. You don’t have to jump on another ramp to succeed if you climb the logs neatly.

Making a great leap

The final challenge is the big jump. This option is much more complicated. If you don’t have enough speed, you might get stuck on the platform and need a new vehicle.

Start accelerating from a long distance and you will have a lot of speed.

After you’ve passed the first ramp, you still have to jump on the next platform.

This big jump requires crossing 2 platforms.

Overshoot Pops Destroy

Prissa will ask you to destroy the fugitive that belonged to her dead father.

Getting Daddy’s loot

Get the loot out of the fridge. They were his father’s.

The mission ends here. They will only make money.

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