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‘Had Me Over There Sweating’

Over the years, the Detroit Lions franchise hasn’t had much to brag about. Calvin Johnson, on the other hand, still retains the NFL record for most receiving yards in a single season. During the 2021 season, though, the Hall of Fame wideout’s record was in jeopardy.

Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams had a spectacular year, putting Megatron on the edge of his seat.

Cooper Kupp came within a whisker of breaking Calvin Johnson’s receiving record.

Lions WR Calvin Johnson celebrates after scoring a touchdown; Rams wideout Cooper Kupp in action against the Buccaneers

Lions WR Calvin Johnson celebrates after scoring a touchdown; Rams wideout Cooper Kupp in action against the Buccaneers The Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson reacts after scoring a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles | Leon Halip/Getty Images Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams watches the Buccaneers during their game | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams had his greatest season of his career in 2021. He smashed multiple records, including the single-season receiving mark held by Calvin Johnson. The fifth-year receiver, though, came up just 17 yards short of the mark.

Johnson’s record has been secure since 2012, but the Rams wide receiver was on the verge of breaking it. Kupp recently spoke on The Rich Eisen Show to discuss his historic season and his opinions on the Lions’ record.

Megatron said, “That had me sweating over there.” “I thought to myself, ‘Oh Lord, he’s going to get this thing.’ Cooper isn’t the only one, but Matthew [Stafford] understands that when it’s third or fourth down and you have to throw the ball, he’ll be the one to make the play. He’s the one.”

Kupp’s progress has been obvious when he first joined the league, according to the six-time Pro Bowl pick.

Johnson continued, “When Robert Woods went down, he had to take on that additional weight.” “He was the right person for the task.” Cooper, I’m sure, puts up his best effort in all he does. He’s in the playbook, he’s in the film room, and he definitely interacts with his quarterback because they’re always on the same page.”

In 2021, the Rams wide receiver took the NFL by storm.

Most receiving yards in a single regular season + playoff game

2021 Cooper Kupp 2,333* 2008 Cooper Kupp 2,333* 2008 Cooper Kupp 2,333* 2008 Larry Fitzgerald was born in the year 1995, and he has a total of 1,97 1,965 Jerry Rice

*Ok, this is getting ridiculous pic.twitter.com/vgsgSLHsNH

— NFL on CBS 🏈 (@NFLonCBS) January 31, 2022

Cooper Kupp would have broken Calvin Johnson’s record for receiving yards if he had 18 more in the regular-season finale against the San Francisco 49ers. Despite the fact that he fell short, Kupp had an outstanding season.

145 catches for 1,947 yards and 16 receiving touchdowns were accomplished by the Eastern Washington graduate. In all three categories, he topped the NFL.

Before the 2021 season, Kupp had been a respectable performer in Los Angeles. During his first four seasons, he caught 288 receptions for 3,570 yards and 24 touchdowns. From 2017 until 2020, his quarterback was Jared Goff. Kupp’s skills looked to take a step forward once the Rams acquired Matthew Stafford from the Lions in a trade.

Stafford was a significant improvement over Goff. The veteran began to develop a relationship with the 28-year-old receiver early in the season, targeting him 191 times. With 89 targets, Van Jefferson was the Rams’ second-most targeted receiver.

Stafford, ironically, attempted to assist Cooper Kupp in breaking the mark established by Calvin Johnson in 2012. The 13th-year quarterback, like his connection with Johnson, regards Kupp as his top target and makes it a point to deliver the ball to him.

In 2022, may any receiver beat the record?

In back-to-back years, Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson both established the record for most receiving yards by a rookie wide receiver.

LSU teammates torched the league from day one. pic.twitter.com/gZEK3Tm8wj

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) January 3, 2022

Cooper Kupp had an incredible 2021 season, but he fell short of Calvin Johnson’s receiving record. Will anybody ever beat the record if the LA Rams All-Pro couldn’t? Records are broken all the time, and the NFL now has more than enough talent to make it a realistic possibility.

The key to coming within striking distance of the record, as Kupp and Matthew Stafford demonstrated, is volume. With 191 targets, the Rams receiver lead the NFL. Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers was the guy who came closest to him with 169.

Looking forward to 2022, there are a few names that spring to mind as prospective challengers to Megatron’s record.

Adams, as previously said, is a high-volume receiver. He has the best relationship with Aaron Rodgers of any quarterback-wide out duo in the NFL. Adams will have a chance to win if both players return to Green Bay in 2022.

Justin Jefferson might also be in with a chance. In the Minnesota Vikings offense, the second-year standout has been a force. In each of his first two seasons, Jefferson has accumulated at least 1,400 receiving yards. Kevin O’Connell, the new head coach, was the offensive coordinator for the Rams and might help Jefferson make another breakthrough in year three.

Ja’Marr Chase, Jefferson’s college teammate, is another name that springs to mind. In his debut season with the Cincinnati Bengals, he caught 81 receptions for 1,455 yards and 13 touchdowns. Chase is a dynamic playmaker who doesn’t need a ton of volume to pick up yards.

For the time being, Calvin Johnson has the record, but the NFL is full with young and ambitious receivers who are vying for the title.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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