The NFLer, who has Type 1 Diabetes was recently featured in a video for the National Foundation of Health Research. The foundation’s mission is to “re-ignite research efforts and help people with life-altering diseases.” Mark Andrews had previously been invited by the NFL to speak on his message but declined due to being involved in training camp drills at that time.

The “mark andrews type 1 diabetes” is a story about how the Ravens’ Mark Andrews has inspired others with diabetes. The article talks about how he has managed to overcome his condition, despite the odds.

'He changed my son's life': How the Ravens’ Mark Andrews inspires others with diabetes

BALTIMORE, MD – Tight end with the Ravens On Nov. 21, Mark Andrews had completed his pregame warm-ups and was coming off the field in Chicago when he saw a banner that captured his attention.

“T1D,” it said in purple letters.

Andrews was the only one on Soldier Field who understood what it meant: it’s shorthand for Type 1 diabetes.

Andrews shifted his attention to 10-year-old Rhys Kinney, who drew the Pro Bowl tight end’s placard. “Anything you want to achieve is doable,” Andrews said Kinney after giving him a fist bump.

Andrews, a Type 1 diabetic since infancy, has made it his goal to inspire people who have been diagnosed with the chronic disease at an early age. His message was simple: Don’t let your illness define you.


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Andrews’ ambition has never been to become the best diabetic tight end. He aspires to be the top tight end in the league, and his 22 receiving touchdowns since 2019 — the most by any tight end — are proof of his commitment. Andrews is aware, though, that his success may have an impact off the field.

“Type 1 diabetes is a never-ending battle, and I believe it’s inspiring for a young child to watch someone achieving at the greatest level,” Andrews said. “Wow, that’s a major deal.”

Kinney, who lives 30 miles outside of Chicago, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was five years old. According to his father, Brett, he was in the hospital and afraid. His only concern was whether he would ever return to baseball.

“Brett said, “It’s not anything I can connect to him about.” “I can see his being irritated, but I can’t claim I understand from personal experience.

“I just want to put him around guys like Mark so he can laugh and make a joke about it, and they’re like, ‘Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about,’” she says. That’s a bummer.’ I like Mark because he made Rhys feel unique rather than strange. He has a lot of days when he doesn’t feel like himself.”

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“”It’s critical to my mental health,” Martha said. “You may argue that diabetes is “out of sight, out of mind,” but that isn’t the case. It’s a constant source of anxiety. But I don’t have to anymore. If I have to become involved, I’m sure my phone will ring.”

When someone uses a lot of energy, their blood sugar levels might plummet, so keep an eye on Andrews when he suits up. Andrews hands his phone to a trainer who follows him around the field during sessions. Andrews will exit the field after a few of plays and the trainer will give him his precise readings. Andrews has a “diabetes bag” on the sideline stocked with food and other items to help him keep his blood sugar levels in check during games.

Because Andrews is one of his closest friends on the team, Ravens backup tight end Nick Boyle has learned more about diabetes. When Andrews checks the readings on his phone, he glances at the numbers because he understands what they signify.

“A lot of people don’t even see it because he manages and goes out there and performs his job so well,” Boyle added.

Andrews has 22 touchdown receptions since the start of the season, more than any other tight end in the league. Andrews wears a monitor beneath his suit to keep track of his glucose levels, and no one would know. Nick Wass/AP Photo

Playing with a goal in mind

Andrews never begs for a day off during training camp sessions, and he challenges linebackers and defensive backs like it’s a playoff game. He competes for disputed middle-of-the-field passes and jumps for end-zone throws.

The sweat and grass stains can’t hide the chip on Andrews’ shoulder that’s been there since the third round of the 2018 draft.

“I’m sure there were teams and individuals who saw me and thought, ‘Oh, he’s a Type 1 diabetic,’ just going through the combine process and all that. “That’s a no,” Andrews said. “”I don’t believe it; I know it.”

It didn’t take long for the Ravens to realize they’d got a terrific player. Then-tight ends coach Greg Roman informed everyone in a meeting two days into Andrews’ first offseason camp that Andrews had a fantastic feel for the game and natural instincts. Andrews had a knack for setting up opponents and regularly getting open.

Andrews has gone over first-round selection Hayden Hurst on the depth chart at the start of the regular season. He had already established himself as Lamar Jackson’s favorite receiver by the conclusion of the game.

Andrews has now had three seasons in a row with at least 50 receptions, 700 yards receiving, and five touchdown receptions. Only Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs had a longer such run as a tight end, with five seasons.

“We have big hopes for Mark,” Roman, who is now the offensive coordinator for the Ravens, stated. “He takes care of himself first, and that’s where it all begins.”

“Going out there and showing people that, yes, I’m a Type 1 diabetic, but I’m going to compete with the rest of them is one of the things that motivates me.” Andrews, Mark

Baltimore rewarded Andrews with a four-year, $56 million deal a week before the season began. Andrews is the league’s third-highest-paid tight end, behind San Francisco 49ers’ George Kittle ($15 million a season) and Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce ($14.3 million).

The Ravens couldn’t afford to lose Jackson’s most dependable target to free agency. Andrews seems to be Jackson’s go-to guy when he wants to make a play downfield. The Ravens’ 16-10 win against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night was decided by Andrews’ spectacular reception in the end zone. Andrews has 187 receptions from Jackson, which is 29 more than any other Ravens player.

Jackson said, “He makes my work a lot simpler.” “It doesn’t matter whether a defensive back, a safety, or a linebacker is defending him — he’ll get open and score a touchdown nine times out of ten.”

Andrews isn’t only playing for the Ravens; he’s a Ravens fan. He’s performing in order to motivate others.

“Many individuals are breaking the norm and demonstrating that we can achieve anything and be just like everyone else. “All we have to do is go above and above,” Andrews said. “Going out there and telling people that, yes, I’m a Type 1 diabetic, but I’m going to compete with the rest of them is one of the things that motivates me.””

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The “mark andrews” is a Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman who has inspired others with diabetes by being open about his own condition.

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