Four hikers were rescued by helicopter crews in 7 days, who braved treacherous ice house canyon terrain to find and rescue the missing people. This proves that even when conditions seem impossible, it is possible to reach your destination with hope.

The “mt baldy rescue today” is a helicopter crew that rescued 4 hikers from treacherous ice house canyon. The rescue took place in the last week of January.

Helicopter Crews Rescue 4 Hikers In A Week From Treacherous Ice House Canyon

BALDY, Mont. (CBSLA) – A sheriff’s helicopter team from San Bernardino County executed a hoist rescue Tuesday to assist a Downey man who lost his footing while climbing Mt. Baldy’s Ice House Canyon Saddle – the fourth such rescue in less than a week.

Matthew Jaurequi, 38, was trekking with a companion when they came upon a thick layer of ice at the Ice House Canyon Saddle, according to authorities. Jaurequi lost his balance and started to tumble, and when his companion attempted to hold him, they both plummeted down the mountain approximately 150 feet.

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According to sheriff’s authorities, the anonymous buddy used a mobile phone to contact 911 for assistance with Jaurequi, who had suffered a non-life threatening injury and was unable to trek back on his own. Because of the isolated location, topography, and ice conditions, sheriff’s helicopter 40King5 was sent and concluded that a hoist rescue was required when the crew discovered the couple at an elevation of 7,600 feet above sea level.

Jaurequi was put in a rescue harness and hauled up to the aircraft by a medic who was dropped down to the hikers. According to sheriff’s authorities, he was eventually carried by ambulance to a local hospital, but his companion was able to trek back up to the route and was determined to continue his quest.


(Photo courtesy of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Aviation Department)

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The rescue on Tuesday was the fourth in less than a week. Jeaffreson Guevara of Los Angeles fell on ice on Sunday and went 300 yards down Ice House Canyon before being stopped by shrubs. On Saturday, Patrick Murphy of Los Angeles tumbled approximately 100 feet down the mountain and had minor wounds. Murphy had ice gear with him but was unable to climb back up the route, so he asked for assistance, according to authorities.

Nicholas Ardoin of Encinitas tumbled more than 100 feet down an ice slide on Thursday before grabbing a tree. He had to hang on a tree for support until rescue came, and he was brought to Loma Linda University Medical Center for treatment.

The rapid series of rescues, on the other hand, may have worked in Jaurequi’s advantage. Jaurequi’s own mobile phone was lost in the fall, but he and a buddy discovered another in the vicinity and used it to call for assistance, according to Gloria Huerta, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. The phone’s owner is unknown, but one of the pilots believes it may be Ardoin, who was rescued on Thursday.

Hikers rank Ice House Canyon, which is situated near Mt. Baldy Village, as a challenging climb that follows a creek for two miles but is known to be perilous in the winter months, as a difficult hike. Because it’s in a federal wilderness area, day hikes and overnight visits need a free permit. The steep, harsh, hilly terrain may be perilous in the winter, according to authorities, particularly after a storm that brought rain and snow to the region.

Rudy Reed, 18, was arrested in Victorville for allegedly impersonating a police officer.

“Several hikers employing micro spike type traction devices have lost their footing and fallen down the slope in the previous week,” according to a statement from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. “This sort of activity may lead to severe damage or death without crampons (a specialized form of traction gear for ice climbing) and an ice axe, as well as the required training to utilize this equipment.”

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