Images are the most common form of online content, so it’s not surprising that people take them from websites without permission. However, a recent study suggests that about one in four users have unknowingly downloaded images from other sources. To determine if your images are being “stolen” by someone else, you can use a website called (which is currently offline and displaying the following message) to view images that have been uploaded to the site, and see if they match your images. If they do, then you can be certain that someone else is using your images without your consent.

While you may not be interested in knowing the identity of the person taking your photos, you probably don’t want to have your images used without your permission. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly common for people to create content and then shop it to stock image websites, without getting any of the credit.

The internet is a beautiful thing. The web has given us access to a wealth of information, and for the better half of the last century, it was the exclusive playground of the content creators. But through the good and bad of the web, one fact has been ingrained into our minds—the web is where content is created. Now, so is the bad.

Have you ever been a victim of picture theft? If you answered yes, you’re already aware of how prevalent and difficult it is to identify picture theft on the internet.

Tracking your pictures may be difficult nowadays, with the internet playing such an important part in the photographer’s job (including earning a livelihood). Theft of digital images is on the rise, particularly on social media.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Taking Your Photographs?

How Do You Know if Someone is Stealing Your Images

According to a search, more than 3 billion images are uploaded to the internet every day, with approximately 85% of them being used without a legal permission; this is a widespread act of image theft that has the potential to harm the digital economy greatly.

Fortunately, this article teaches how to spot pirated content online so you can start protecting your copyright right right now. It also explains how to identify picture copying on the internet using the most popular and efficient techniques.

Use the Image Search Tool to find images.

A reverse image search and some detective work are the most efficient ways to find out whether a picture has been stolen on the internet. The image search tool aids in the discovery of information about your work. If you’re a skilled artist or photographer with a large following on social media, for example. Maintaining or improving your digital image requires uploading pictures of your work. The picture search tool may assist you in determining if your material has been stolen or used without your permission.

You may utilize pictures to find all of the sites or sources that use your material, as well as all of the information.

This tool’s features are similar to those of Google, Bing, and Yandex. All you have to do is submit the image you want to look for. This sophisticated image search engine is based on content-based image search (CBIR), which allows you to search for images more effectively.

Many individuals are interested in discovering comparable pictures for a variety of reasons, including locating the image’s source or obtaining a better quality image.

Go to the Google Reverse Image Search page.

Internet search engines may be a useful tool for determining whether or not your pictures are being used for picture searches without your consent. When you use a search engine’s photo search feature, you’re mostly looking for pictures on the internet, not searching.

Performing a reverse Google image search is a good way to get a rough idea of where the image has been used on other websites, and if so, how often.

Similar pictures, different sizes of the photograph you’re searching for, and any websites, blogs, or personal information that utilize stolen images will all be shown if you search by image. When you’re searching for a single picture, this is particularly helpful.

Whether your photo has been used before, you may use Google’s reverse image search to see if it has been used before. You’ll need to go to Google Images for that. A window named search by picture will appear when you click the tiny camera symbol in the search bar.

You may use any of the three search methods: paste into the search box, see the image URL by right-clicking the picture on the Web and choosing “Copy Image Address,” or view the image URL by right-clicking the image on the Web and selecting “Copy Image Address.” Select one of the photo files from the upload picture menu. Drag images from your computer into the search box.

What Happens If Your Photograph Is Stolen?

If you discover that your online pictures have been used without your permission, you have a number of alternatives. To come closer to the result that works best for you, follow the steps below.

  • Directly contact that person or website.

Other people’s photos are sometimes used without their knowledge. There is a common misconception that if something is readily accessible on the Internet, it may be utilized without authorization in a harmless manner. You may contact the individual who has exploited your picture directly if you discover that they have done so.

If you have a decent portfolio you should be protecting it, after all, your images are your business, but the Internet is a scary place. We’ve all seen the stories of stolen images hitting the news, and the amount of poorly made, or stolen images out there is staggering. If you’re worried someone’s stealing your images––or you want to make sure you don’t accidentally share someone else’s––check out this list.. Read more about how to know if someone is using your pictures on tinder and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if someone stole my pictures?

If you have a photo on your computer and it is not showing up on the web, that means someone has stolen them.

How do you know if someone is using your pictures?

If someone is using your pictures without your permission, you can report them to Instagram.

What to do if someone is stealing your pictures?

If someone is stealing your pictures, you can report them to Instagram.

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