In Parallels 17, the Windows 10 gaming experience is identical to that of Windows 8.1. The games on the Windows 10 store run on a virtual Windows 10 machine, so you don’t see any performance differences, but your personal settings and data are preserved.

While the Windows 11 gaming experience on Parallels 17 is way ahead of Windows 10, Microsoft has yet to release a DirectX 12 Windows 11 gaming API. That means that Steam currently operates in the Windows 10 environment under Windows 10 games. Hopefully, they will release a DX12 API before the release of the Windows 11/Windows 10 gaming API, which is expected to be released in September.


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  • Users are curious about gaming now that we can run Windows 11 on Mac devices using Parallels. 
  • Although you may play your favorite games this way, the experience may not be as enjoyable as you had hoped.
  • Some games will be almost unplayable even if your graphics settings are set to the lowest feasible.
  • Crossover is an alternative to Parallels for gaming, and it provides a considerably smoother experience. 


As you are probably aware, Windows 11 can be installed on Macs without the need for Boot Camp. 

Users may run Microsoft’s next version of Windows on their Mac desktops using Parallels Desktop 17.

Parallels supports both Intel and M1 Macs, but there is a caveat for those using Arm-based computers, and it can even run the Windows 11 beta.

For M1 users, the catch is the same as it was when Parallels initially introduced support for Apple’s newest computers. This implies you’ll be restricted to Windows on Arm since you’ll only be able to mimic Arm-based operating systems.

While M1 users will have to cope with Windows on Arm, they will notice some speed gains if they are upgrading from an earlier version of the program.

According to Parallels, the new version will improve DirectX 11 performance by up to 28% on M1 Macs and up to 33% quicker start times for Windows 10 on Arm Insider Preview VMs.

But what about video games? What kind of adventure will it be?

On Parallels, gaming isn’t exactly what you’d anticipate.

So far, we’ve demonstrated that this is an excellent method for Mac users to experience Windows 11 and all of its features.

Even while Parallels’ packages include up to 25% faster 2D graphics and up to 6 times faster OpenGL performance, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to play your favorite games in high definition.

Despite the fact that the M1 chip is one of the most powerful integrated graphics processors we’ve seen to date, we’ll discuss how the process works and what the issues are.

We realize that Apple enthusiasts want to play some of the most spectacular games that aren’t accessible on the Mac platform, so they’ll try this technique.

Keep in mind that since you’re running a virtual machine, half of your CPU cores, or four in the case of the M1 processor, are devoted to operating the virtual machine.

Furthermore, you will only be able to utilize half of your entire RAM for gaming.

Playing a game like Fallout 4 will provide you with an adequate gaming experience when you are indoors, for example. When you walk out into the open world, things start to go wrong.


Despite the fact that you’ve reduced every possible visual option to the very minimum, the game becomes a slideshow and is practically unplayable.

Keep in mind that the example we just provided you was based on a laptop with an 8GB M1 processor.

Of course, since your smartphone can only devote half of its resources to gaming, the experience will be considerably smoother if your gadget is far more powerful.

As a result, if you have a 16GB M1 Mac laptop, you will be allowed to play using 8 of those GB.

What other options do you have?

If Parallels isn’t for you and you need a little more power, there is another way you may try if you want to play Windows 11 games on your Mac device.

When it comes to gaming, Crossover outperforms the competition and isn’t limited in the same manner.

This function converts Windows API calls to Mac API calls, allowing you to use more of the Mac’s resources to make the game run as smoothly as possible.

Crossover, in contrast to Parallels, provides performance that is almost identical to native. The main drawback is that it has fewer game compatibility, so you may be upset if you can’t play your favorite.

When it comes to choosing a choice, it’s truly up to you, but bear in mind the considerations we provided to you before making a selection.

Also, keep in mind that Windows 11 is still in its infancy, and we are certain that in the future, a more efficient way to play Windows games on Mac will be developed.

Until then, these two alternatives are the best out of the ones you have.

Have you tried gaming on Windows 11 using Parallels on your Mac device? Please tell us about your experience in the comments area below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Windows Parallels good for gaming?

Windows Parallels is a computer program that allows you to run other operating systems on your computer. It is not good for gaming, as it does not allow you to use the full power of your computers hardware.

How do you optimize Parallels for gaming?

The best way to optimize Parallels for gaming is to use the Windows 10 compatibility mode. This will allow you to run your games in a virtual machine that has been optimized for gaming.

Will Parallels 16 run Windows XP?

Yes, it will.

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