Do you want to change the boot logo on Windows 11? How about changing it from a blue square to something else? The following guide will show you how.

The “boot logo changer windows 11” is a tool that allows the user to change the boot logo on Windows. The tool can be found in the Start Menu, and it’s easy to use.

How to change the boot logo on Windows 11


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  • Many customization options for changing menus are available in Windows 11, however some are more difficult to use.
  • Changing the boot logo that shows when you switch on your computer is doable, but it requires entering BIOS.
  • This tutorial will teach you how to alter the boot logo on your Windows 11 PC.



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People like customizing their computers to make them feel like an extension of themselves. Microsoft recognized this and made their operating system very adaptable. Third-party players have also entered the battle.

The taskbar, most menus, and even the File Explorer may all be customized in Windows 11. But they are only the beginnings. Third-party firms can do a lot more, such as making your Start Menu seem like it’s from Windows 10.

However, some users want to go even farther and personalize every aspect of their Win 11, even the boot logo.

Is changing the boot logo possible?

The boot logo is the Windows 11 sign that shows everytime you power on your computer, in case you’re unaware. It’s not as easy as going into the Settings menu and fiddling with a few options to change the logo.

You’ll need to restart your computer in Advanced Startup mode and go into the BIOS options to modify the boot logo. To change the logo, you’ll need to download the HackBGRT program from Github.


This tutorial will teach you how to alter the boot logo on your Windows 11 PC. It will involve checking if your computer has UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) enabled.

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However, before making any changes, you should establish a restore point on your Windows 11 laptop in case anything goes wrong and you need to roll back.

Create a restore point first.

  1. Type ‘Create a restore point’ into the search box.
  2. Select the option that says Make a backup of your data.1647840156_355_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  3. The System Properties window will open. Near the bottom of the window, click the Create button.1647840157_371_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  4. Give the restoration point a name that is descriptive. ‘Before updating boot logo,’ for example. So long as you’re aware of what’s about to happen.1647840157_843_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  5. After you’ve entered a name, click Create.
  6. Allow time for your computer to generate the restore point. A popup will appear to inform you that the restore point was successfully created.
  7. Close the window.1647840158_191_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  8. After that, you dismiss System Properties by clicking OK.
  9. Open System Properties once again if you wish to restore the system.
  10. In the centre of the window, click the System Restore button.1647840158_140_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  11. In the pop-up box, choose Next.1647840159_546_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  12. To reverse the modifications made to your computer, choose a restore point.1647840159_415_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  13. You can also choose Scan for impacted software to check what would be deleted during the restore.1647840160_928_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  14. Next should be selected.1647840160_871_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  15. Then, to restore your computer, click Finish.1647840161_132_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11

Before you restore your computer, download and run the Restoro PC Fix Tool to ensure that no data are lost and to repair any damage that may have occurred throughout the process.

Download the Restoro PC Repair Tool

2. Look for UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface).

  1. You may now begin the process of updating the logo. To begin, use the search box to look for System Information.
  2. Select the System Information option.1647840161_905_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  3. Make sure UEFI is selected under BIOS Mode in System Information.1647840162_879_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  4. You won’t be able to modify the boot logo if it doesn’t.

3. Turn off Secure Boot.

  1. Stay on the System tab in the Settings menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find Recovery.1647840162_514_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  2. Select Recovery from the drop-down menu.
  3. Next to Advanced startup, click the Restart now option. Before you click, be sure your work is saved.1647840163_716_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  4. Select Troubleshoot from the advanced starting menu.1647840163_760_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  5. Select Advanced settings in the next box.1647840164_398_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  6. Select UEFI Firmware Settings from the drop-down menu.1647840164_674_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  7. Under UEFI Firmware Settings, choose Restart.1647840165_153_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  8. You’ll be in your computer’s BIOS after a reboot.
  9. Navigate to the Boot tab using the arrow keys on your keyboard.1647840165_612_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  10. Down to Secure Boot, drag the highlighted text.1647840166_965_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  11. A little window will open once you press Enter on your keyboard.
  12. Select Disabled and press the Enter key on your keyboard.1647840166_971_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  13. Return to the top of the page and scroll down to Exit in the tab bar.1647840167_518_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  14. Highlight Save Changes and Reset using the arrow keys.1647840167_991_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  15. If you wish to save the settings, a little box will pop up prompting you to do so. Yes is the answer.1647840168_831_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  16. Your machine will boot up again.

More information about this subject may be found here.

  1. Open the picture you want to use for your logo.
  2. Look for the Paint app in the search box.1647840168_669_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  3. Open the logo picture that you want to use.
  4. In Paint, choose the Resize tool.1647840169_502_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  5. Make sure Pixels is chosen in the Resize and Skew tool.1647840169_826_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  6. Set the settings for the Horizontal and Vertical to 200 pixels. The new logo must have a resolution of 200 × 200 pixels.1647840170_479_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  7. Then, in the top left corner, click File.1647840170_171_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  8. Select BMP File from the Save as drop-down menu.1647840171_78_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  9. Save your new logo splash after giving it a name.

5. Download and install the HackBGRT Tool.

  1. Visit the HackBGRT app’s GitHub website in a web browser.
  2. To download the program, click the Zip file in the center of the page. Make sure you have a Zip file extracting program on your phone.1647840171_270_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  3. Highlight HackBGRT in the Zip file program and choose Extract To.1647840172_474_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  4. Choose a place for the file to be extracted, then click OK at the bottom.1647840172_912_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  5. To begin installation, go to the app’s directory and double-click the setup file.1647840173_963_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  6. HackBGRT will appear, with options to install, update, fix, and alter, as well as cancel. To install, press the letter ‘I’ on your keyboard.1647840173_621_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  7. It will open a Notepad document. Close the door.1647840174_880_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  8. Your new logo will appear in Paint.
  9. Select Open from the File menu.1647840174_989_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  10. Click This PC in the new window that appears.1647840175_156_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  11. Select the new ESP drive by clicking on it (A:)1647840175_11_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  12. Select the EFI folder from the drop-down menu.1647840176_718_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  13. Go to the HackBGRT folder and open it.1647840176_80_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  14. Select Open after clicking your logo.1647840177_515_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11
  15. Remove the Paint and HackBGRT applications from your device.
  16. Your new boot logo will appear when you restart your computer.
  17. If you wish to travel back in time, you may either restore the previous point or delete the logo.
  18. To get rid of the logo, open the setup file again, but this time hit the ‘R’ key on your keyboard.1647840177_102_How-to-change-the-boot-logo-on-Windows-11

What more options do I have for customizing my Windows 11 PC?

Windows 11 comes with a plethora of customization choices. The OS has additional keyboard shortcuts for opening Snap Layouts and moving the taskbar to numerous positions on the screen, such as tapping the Windows key and the Z key.

After months of anticipation, the Amazon App Store has officially launched. You may use it to download Android applications to your computer, including the platform’s many games. Turning on the Virtual Machine Platform is required to activate it.


A new preview build for the Windows Insider Program’s Dev Channel has also been released. Windows Defender, Microsoft’s newest effort at system protection, was published as part of the build, and it comes with a mobile version.

If you have any queries on other Windows 11 systems, please leave a comment below. Also, let us know if there are any reviews you’d want to see or if you’d need more information on other Windows 11 features.

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The “change windows 10 boot logo legacy bios” is a process that can be used to change the boot logo on Windows 10. The process involves changing the BIOS settings on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can change the startup logo by going into Settings -> Sound, User Interface and Startup Logos. Once in there you will find an option to change it from a list of available logos.

Does HackBGRT work on Windows 11?

A: HackBGRT has not been tested on Windows 11 yet.

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