YouTube TV is a live television streaming service that was launched by YouTube in 2017. The app comes with many features, including sports and news programming and personalized recommendations based on the user’s viewing history.

If you’re having trouble changing your YouTube TV password, it’s a good idea to change your password before someone else does. Read more in detail here: change youtube password.

How to Change YouTube TV Password? [Updated Guide 2022]

Password for YouTube TV: There are a plethora of services available to watch your favorite shows. One of the greatest and most popular services is YouTube TV, which offers a variety of programming including on-demand and live programs. Furthermore, it provides low-cost movies, series, programs, sports, and other entertainment.

You’ll need to reset your YouTube TV password on your device for a variety of reasons. It’s just too easy to change the password on YouTube TV. YouTube TV is, as you may know, a Google product. To change YouTube TVs, you must update the Google account password. 

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You also signed into your YouTube TV account using your Google Account. As a result, if you change your Google Account password, your YouTube TV password will also change. You may use this post to update your YouTube TV password. We’ve included instructions on how to update the password for your YouTube TV in this article. 

How can I change the password for YouTube TV?

You won’t have to worry about the password on your YouTube TV changing in the future. This section will assist you in regaining access to your Google account using your new password. You may update the password on your Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Let’s go into the techniques section to discover more about the procedure.

Change YouTube TV PasswordHow can I change the password for YouTube TV?

How can I change the password for YouTube TV on my smartphone?

You may use your Android or iOS smartphone to change YouTube TV passwords. With our approach below, you can quickly reset your Google Account password to update the YouTube TV password.

Step 1:

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Sign in to your Google Account at on your smartphone. 

Step 2:

Choose Manage your Google Account from the drop-down menu.

Step 3:

Select the Personal information area and then the Password option.

Step 4:

If prompted, enter your existing password and sign in again.

Step 5:

Finally, enter your new password and choose the Change password option.

How can I change the password for YouTube TV on my PC?

Using the instructions below, you may update your YouTube TV password on your computer. Here is an easy approach to modify it, so follow the steps and enjoy your YouTube TV episodes.

Step 1:

On your computer, navigate to

Step 2:

To sign in, enter your email address and current password. If it is, request that you sign in.

Step 3:

Select the Password option from the Security menu.

Step 4:

It can ask you to sign in again, or it might ask you for your existing password.

Step 5:

Finally, click Change Password after entering the new password.

What is the procedure for resetting the YouTube TV password?

When you forget your password, one of the best options is to reset it. To reset your password, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

To begin, go to from your computer.

Step 2:

Now, input your Google or YouTube TV account’s phone number or email address.

Step 3:

Then, on your Desktop, click the Next button.

Step 4:

If prompted, enter your previous password.

Step 5:

If you don’t know your password, choose the Try another method option.

Step 6:

You will now browse to your account’s recovery items.

Step 7:

Use the password you discover in the recovery items for the previous password.

Step 8:

You can, on the other hand, use recovery mail. The reset link will be sent to you by recovery mail.

Step 9:

If you provided a recovery phone number, the code will be sent to the number associated with your account.

Step 10:

Now, input your new Google account password and click the Save Password option.


With YouTube TV, you can now watch your favorite shows from anywhere at any time. YouTube TV also offers a variety of fascinating features. You may login in with your YouTube TV account and watch your favorite shows.

Now that we’ve reached the end of the post, we hope that you’ve learned all you need to know about changing your YouTube TV password. To change your password quickly, use any of the methods listed above. 

If you have a YouTube TV account and want to change your password, you will need to go through the process of logging out. You can do this by going into Settings –> Account Info –> Log Out. Reference: if i change my youtube tv password will it log out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my password for YouTube TV?

A: You can change your password for YouTube TV by logging into the account settings and updating it there.

Is YouTube TV Password same as Google password?

A: No, they are two different sites.

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