The Microsoft IPP Class driver is a powerful tool allowing users to print directly from their Windows 10, 8 or 7 computer. The missing part of this software is for Windows 11 and the only way to fix it would be by reinstalling windows entirely.

The IPP class driver has been missing from Windows 11, but it seems that the solution to fix this issue is actually quite simple.

The “microsoft ipp class driver windows 10 download” is a program that allows users to connect their printer to their computer. The problem with this program is that it can’t be installed on Windows 11 computers. This article will show you how to fix the issue and install the driver.


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  • Your computer will most likely have trouble connecting with the printer if the Microsoft IPP class driver is missing.
  • This Internet Printing Protocol allows you to transmit and track additional printing jobs.
  • This protocol is integrated in all printer drivers, therefore you should update them as soon as feasible.



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Although Windows 11 brought some intriguing improvements, it also brought with it some fundamental problems that might impact your printer.

One of these issues is that the Microsoft IPP class driver is missing, as several of our readers discovered.

This indicates that the system is unable to connect with the printer and that some of its functions are malfunctioning.

First, let’s define an IPP driver and what it performs in the printer-PC connection, and then we’ll look at several possible solutions to this problem.

What exactly is an IPP class driver and what does it do?

An Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) driver enables communication between a client device such as a computer, a mobile device, and a printer or print server.

It basically allows you to submit one or more print jobs, as well as conduct additional activities like monitoring the printer and print job progress, or canceling a print.

It’s also a secure protocol that the vast majority of printers utilize, thus installing it is critical for your printer to function correctly.

So, these days, all printer drivers have this protocol, and if you can’t utilize the printer to its full potential, it’s likely due to a driver issue.

Let’s try if we can fix this issue using one of the methods below if the Microsoft IPP class driver isn’t installed.

What can I do if I don’t have the Microsoft IPP printer driver?

Run the printer troubleshooter first.

  1. Select Settings from the Start button.1633422648_773_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  2. Then, on the left, select System, and on the right, select Troubleshoot.How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  3. Other troubleshooters should be selected.1633422650_352_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  4. Now, to the right of the Printer section, click the Run button.1633422651_377_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  5. If there is an issue with your printer, the system will detect it and advise what you should do next. 1633422651_771_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows

2. Remove the printer and reinstall it.

2.1 Disconnect the printer

  1. Select Settings from the Start button.1633422652_476_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  2. From the left pane, choose Bluetooth & devices, and from the right pane, select Printers & scanners.1633422652_815_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  3. Remove your printer from the list.1633422653_311_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows

2.2 Install the printer once again

  1. Select Settings from the Start button.1633422653_99_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  2. From the left menu, choose Bluetooth & devices, and then Printers & Scanners from the right.1633422654_205_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  3. To add a device, click the Add a device button.1633422655_852_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  4. The printer should be recognized if it is correctly connected. Select Install by clicking on it. If not, you may manually add items by clicking the Add button.1633422655_528_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  5. You now have a large number of choices from which to select. Select the first choice if you have a local printer, and the fourth option if you have a network printer. We opted with the first option since it’s the most frequent.1633422656_251_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  6. The system will look for a printer that is available. Select the printer and click Next to install it if it is found. If not, return to the previous step and pick the final choice before clicking Next.1633422656_244_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  7. Choose Next after selecting the port to which your printer is attached from the drop-down option.1633422657_345_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  8. Next, choose the printer’s brand and model. If you can’t locate it, click the Windows Update button, and the list will fill with a variety of different printer manufacturers and models in a matter of minutes. Select the Have Disk option if you already have the driver.1633422658_707_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  9. After the driver has been installed, click the Finish button.1633422658_564_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows

3. Download the most recent printer driver from the printer manufacturer’s website.

  1. Visit the printer’s manufacturer’s website for further information. In our case, we went to the HP printer support website and typed in the model and serial number of the printer.1633422659_218_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  2. We arrived to a page with a download link for the required software after providing the information.1633422659_253_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  3. Because the downloaded software is self-installing, it will immediately install the printer when you start it.

If you’re using the traditional way of installing the printer, you should try obtaining the correct driver from the manufacturer’s online help page.

The procedure outlined above is just an example of how to accomplish it; each manufacturer’s procedure varies, therefore modify your approach to discover the right one for your printer.

Furthermore, if you aren’t tech-savvy, we suggest utilizing a specialized program like DriverFix. This software solution is excellent for people who wish to keep their computer running smoothly and prevent printer problems from the start.

4. Make the Internet Printing Client available.

  1. On the Taskbar, click the Search button, type control panel, and then pick the program from the results.1633422660_826_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  2. Programs should be chosen.1633422660_923_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  3. Turn Windows features on or off by clicking Turn Windows features on or off.1633422661_710_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  4. Scroll down to Print and Document Services, expand it by clicking on it, and then tick the Internet Printing Client option.1633422662_68_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows

5. Restart the service after clearing the spooler.

5.1 Disconnect from the Print Spooler service.

  1. Click Start, type services, and then choose the app from the list.1633422662_736_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  2. Double-click Print Spooler under Services.1633422663_36_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  3. Select Stop then OK.1633422664_990_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows

5.2 Restart the Print Spooler service after emptying the Spool folder.

  1. To open File Explorer, press Windows key + E, then go to the following path (administrator rights are required to view the folder): C:\WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS1633422664_122_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  2. If there are any items in the folders, delete them altogether. Although our folder is now empty, you may discover some files or directories inside.1633422665_824_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  3. Choose the Start button, type services, and then choose the Services app.1633422665_325_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  4. Restart the Print Spooler service by double-clicking it.1633422666_384_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  5. Click Start.1633422667_556_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  6. Select Automatic from the Startup type drop-down menu.1633422667_697_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  7. After that, click Apply, then OK.1633422668_341_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows

How do you make your printer the default printer in Windows 11?

If your printer isn’t set to default, you may get some unexpected results when attempting to show the next page. We’ll make it simple for you to fix this problem:

  1. From the Taskbar, click the Search icon, type control panel, and select the program from the results.1633422668_355_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  2. Select View devices and printers from the Hardware and Sound area.1633422669_358_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows
  3. Set as default printer by right-clicking on your device.1633422669_404_How-to-fix-Microsoft-IPP-class-driver-missing-on-Windows

We hope that our tutorial assisted you in reinstalling the Microsoft IPP class driver on Windows 11 and that your printer now functions properly.

If you’re still having trouble, follow these steps to install the most recent printer driver on Windows 11. Let us remind you, as usual, that while utilizing the manual method, you must use the proper driver for your product.

Please use the comments area below to provide any ideas or concerns, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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The “find printer driver location windows 10” is a guide that will help you find the location of your Microsoft IPP class driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Microsoft IPP class driver?

A: You can download the latest version of IPP class driver from here.

How do I fix my printer driver is unavailable?

A: Try unplugging the printer and waiting a few minutes before plugging it back in. If that does not work, restarting your computer should fix this issue.

What is the Microsoft IPP class driver?

A: The Microsoft IPP class driver is an integrated print spooler which can be run on Windows PCs or servers. It is most commonly used for printing to network printers, but it also supports local USB-connected printer connections.

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