The PS5 had a lot of hype, but reports suggests it is randomly turning off. It turns out there are many different causes and solutions to the problem.

The “ps5 keeps turning off by itself” is a problem that happens to many PlayStation 5 consoles. Sony has released a fix for the issue, but it can be difficult to implement.

How To Fix PS5 From Randomly Turning Off


It’s nothing like being in the midst of a terrific PS5 gaming session when the system goes off unexpectedly. Several owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with their PS5s going off at random during game downloads, updates, and even in rest mode. I was eager to learn more about what was causing this prevalent PS5 problem and how to resolve it once and for all.

Turn off the rest mode. in the PS5 settings to prevent unexpected shutdowns. Rebuilding the database, verifying the power supply, cleaning the air vents and fan, disconnecting HDMI Device Link, and upgrading the system firmware are some of the other remedies.

Continue reading to learn more about how to stop your PS5 from going off at random and how to get back to having smooth, enjoyable gaming sessions.

Turn off the rest mode.

While the PS5 usually only goes into rest mode if you aren’t playing for a lengthy amount of time, there have been situations when it has gone into rest mode while you are playing. 

To fix this, you will have to Turn off the rest mode. in your settings. Simply go to Settings > System > Power Saving, then choose a time until the PS5 goes into rest mode and choose “don’t go into rest mode” during media playback and playing games. This could fix your problem with your PS5 shutting off during playing games. 

Rebuild the PlayStation 5 database

Rebuilding the database on your PS5 is a terrific way to restart your console and all of its storage without losing any of your data or progress. Rebuilding your database essentially produces a new database with all of your data, making things operate more smoothly, quickly, and cleanly. Rebuilding your database may help you tackle problems that aren’t readily fixed by upgrading or restarting it. 

To Rebuild the PlayStation 5 database you need to enter safe mode by pressing the power button on your console for 5-10 seconds until you hear it beep twice. Once your PS5 enters into safe mode you will not be able to use your controller wirelessly so you need to connect it using the cord. 

You may then opt to rebuild your database and wait for it to finish, which might take a few hours. After everything has reloaded, you should be able to download and play games more quickly, without getting stuck or having your PS5 shut down. 


Your HDMI Device Link enables the power to your PS5 to be switched on simultaneously with the power to your TV, so you don’t have to turn them both on individually. This also enables your TV to switch the input to the PS5 without you having to manually change it. While it’s a great feature, it might create problems with your PS5 remaining on for the whole time you’re using it. 

You can disable it by going to Settings > System > HDMI and toggling the HDMI Device Link off. Once you disable this feature, you will have to turn your tv and PS5 on separately, but you should see fewer instances of your PS5 randomly turning off. 

Alter the power source

While most of the time the power source isn’t a problem, if it isn’t operating properly, it may quickly become one. If your PS5 isn’t getting enough power, it may shut down or refuse to turn on at all. 

If you’re experiencing problems with your PS5 because it’s connected to a surge protector or anything else that isn’t the wall socket, try connecting it straight into the wall. If your problems continue, double-check that your wire is properly and completely inserted into your PS5. You may always switch to a different outlet as a final resort to confirm that the one you’re using isn’t defective or damaged.

Updates to Firmware

If your PS5 is not updated to the most current version, it may have malfunctions and processing issues, which may eventually lead your system to shut down. While this problem has the potential to generate a slew of others, it is incredibly simple to resolve. 

The system update option may be found by just opening your PS5 settings and heading into the system software. Following the steps on the screen, you should be able to upgrade your PS5, and you should notice a smoother playing experience. 

Problems with Overheating


If your PS5 shuts down in the midst of a game or while you’re using it, it’s probably overheating and shutting down to protect itself. Allowing your PS5 to grow too hot might harm internal components and lead to other issues in the road. 

The first step is to determine what is causing your PS5 to overheat. Your PS5 should be in a well-ventilated place, not in a cramped space with little ventilation. If you keep your PS5 in a tiny cabinet or any other enclosed space, it’s likely that it’s not receiving enough airflow to keep it cool. You should be able to remedy the difficulties by moving your PS5 to an open place with lots of ventilation. In general, there should be at least 4 inches of space between your PS5 and the wall on each side.

If your PS5 is still experiencing problems or is already outside, check the air vents for dirt, dust, or other debris that might be blocking airflow and preventing the PS5 from cooling down. To clear any dust, dirt, or debris from the vents, use a small vacuum or a bigger one with extreme caution. Any issues should be resolved by opening the air vents. To prevent dirt and debris from becoming stuck in the vents, keep dogs, children, and plants away from your PS5 and its vents.

The material that PS5s are put on or near while in operation is another major source of overheating. You won’t be able to put your PS5 on a tiny rug, a decorative towel, or a placemat, even if it looks great. The material used to make such items often obstructs airflow and may build up heat inside itself, which it then transfers to the PS5. While you’re playing, your PS5 will gradually heat up until it shuts down to safeguard the internal components. 

Cleaning your PS5 is the last solution for resolving an overheating problem. You should begin by blowing any dirt, dust, or debris out of the vents and off the sidewalls using compressed air. After you’ve used the compressed air, you’ll need a TX Torx Screwdriver, which I purchased on Amazon, to loosen the screws and remove the fan so you can clean it. While the fan keeps your PS5 cool, if it’s dusty, it’ll only blow dust about, perhaps causing a worse problem. 

There are a few stages to cleaning your PS5 fan and ensuring that it is properly cleaned and reassembled. To clean your PS5’s fan, perform the following:

  • Remove your PS5’s stand and faceplates.
  • Remove the PlayStation’s plastic intake fin and the four screws below it.
  • Find the fan by following the fan wires, then disconnect and remove it.
  • Blow compressed air into the inside until there is no more dust coming out.
  • Reassemble your PS5 and switch it on to make sure it’s working correctly.

This will allow your PS5’s fan to cool it more effectively and reduce the quantity of dust in the system.

Please contact Sony Customer Service.

If any of the solutions above do not work you may have to Please contact Sony Customer Service. to send in your PS5 and allow them to find and fix the problem. While this is never the desired solution because it requires you to ship your PlayStation off and wait around for an answer, then wait around for it to be shipped back to you, sometimes this is the only option. 

It’s essential to have your PS5’s purchase date, order number, and warranty information on hand before calling Sony Customer Support in case they need to verify anything. If your PS5 is no longer under warranty, they might either refuse to repair it or charge you a hefty fee to do so. 

It’s also crucial that you return your PS5 in intact, since this will invalidate the warranty and make it more difficult for them to resolve the problems. 

What You Should Know

While it’s not difficult to solve issues with your PS5 at home, it’s important to remember that anything may go wrong while tinkering with the settings and hardware of any gaming system. While most of the time, if instructions are followed carefully, you should be able to repair your PS5 and continue using it normally, there is always the possibility that something may go wrong. 

When attempting to repair anything electronic or digital, you accept the risk of breaking, ruining, or destroying anything simply because it is digital and electronic, which may be delicate. If you’re willing to take a tiny risk in exchange for the potential to solve your gadget and its problems, then go for it. 

There’s also the possibility that doing certain procedures would invalidate your system’s warranty, so read the warranty terms before attempting any repairs to ensure you understand what you’re getting into. 

Furthermore, Sony reserves the right to define what constitutes a warranty infringement, and if you choose to send your device in after trying to repair it yourself and they can establish that you attempted to fix it yourself, they may deny your warranty claim and force you to pay for the repair. 

While these are unusual occurrences, you should always be aware of what you’re getting yourself into before attempting to repair your PS5. 

Last Thoughts

Even though the PS5 has an awful flaw that causes a lot of irritation and a lot of redoing of game portions, there is a method to solve it. The second difficulty is that the final problem might be caused by a number of issues. 

Whatever the case may be, you can fix practically any problem with your PS5 that is causing it to shut off automatically. It may take some trial and error to find out what the real problem is, but once you do, you’ll save a lot of time and energy.

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