In the past, people have used Microsoft Word as their go-to word processor. That’s because it is a great piece of software, for many reasons. But with Google Docs, you can get all the power of Microsoft Word with the ease of Google Docs. That means that you have the best of both worlds.

When you’re working with a Google Docs spreadsheet, the ability to insert text boxes (aka Google Docs edit boxes) into the document is a great way to add details and edit the data you’re working with. While Google Docs has a variety of ways to insert text boxes, the easiest way to do it might be to follow the 3-step guide below:

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to add a text box in Google Docs using the text editor, the Google Docs text editor. To insert text box, you have to go to Insert > Text Box or you can press the menu button (three horizontal lines) to see the menu, then tap Text Box .

Using Google Docs to add a text box is one of the most effective methods to organize your work and enhance aesthetic appeal, or to differentiate the paragraph of words in the text box on a page. You may make your Google Docs more professional and official with the assistance of text boxes. Especially if you need to share the document with coworkers and staff.

Fortunately, Google makes adding text boxes in Google Docs as easy as it is in other online or offline text editors or word processors. Thankfully, there are a few techniques that can be utilized to easily put text boxes in Google Docs. You may quickly enter text and pictures into a word document using text boxes, and then position these boxes in the desired spot within the page.

In Google Docs, How Do I Insert a Text Box?

In Google Docs, there are nearly two ways to create text boxes. We’ll go through both techniques in detail in this brief tutorial, with step-by-step directions and pictures. Well, the first way is to use a drawing tool to place the text box in a word document, and the second is to use a single-cell table, but each method has a distinct layout and format.

Using the Drawing Tool, create a text box in Google Docs.

Using a drawing tool to insert a text box in Google Docs is not a straightforward process, but it is a simple approach to create a technique that allows you to quickly place the text box with little effort.

Furthermore, you may use the drawing tool to accomplish a variety of activities, such as sketching a picture to Google Drive and inserting it into a word document. You may also use various patterns and forms, as well as line styles, callouts, and arrows. Essentially, it creates a dialog window from which you can use a drawing tool to create, modify, and format shapes as well as text boxes.

Here are the steps you need to take to use the drawing tool to place the text box in Google Docs.

1. Go to Google Docs and navigate to the Insert > Drawing > and choose New to create a text box.

how to draw in google docs

2. The text box’s icon should be selected.

3. Create the text box by dragging the mouse to the desired position in the drawing area and then releasing the cursor. On your screen, a text box will appear.

text box in google docs

After that, you’ll need to modify the text box according to your needs, and after you’re done, simply click the “Save and Close” option at the top of the drawing tool’s screen to save your modifications.

4. You may also change the text box’s form by clicking the Edit button at the bottom of the text box. You may also remove the form by holding down the Delete and Backspace keys at the same time.

In Google Docs, add shapes, an arrow, and a callout to a text box.

You may also put other kinds of shapes into the Google document, such as rectangles, squares, callouts, and many more. Google Docs also enables you to put shapes into the text box in different forms and modify them by changing the border line height and width or inserting them into the backdrop colors.

To further understand how to add shapes to the text box in Google Docs, see the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Go to the navigation bar and select Insert > Drawing > New > Shapes.

add shapes in google docs

2. Now go to Shapes and pick your chosen shape form from the drop-down menu.

3. Once the shape has been chosen, move the mouse cursor to the drawing area to insert the selected shape into the text box, then release the cursor. To input text inside the shape, double-tap it after it has entered the text.

add shapes in google document

4. You may also use the drawing area to create additional shapes, lines, arrows, callouts, or mathematical symbols. Select the “Save and Close” button after you’re finished to save your changes to the text field. If the text box is too big or too tiny, you may adjust it by clicking and dragging it to the desired location in the page.

5. To edit the shape, click the Edit button at the bottom of the text box, and to delete it, press the Delete and Backspace keys simultaneously.

You may also use the edit button to make changes to the shape, such as changing the color, importing an image, or adding a line. Furthermore, forms that overlap one other may be readily repositioned in the document by using the Bring Forward or Send Backward options.

Using a single cell table in Google Docs, create a text box.

This is a second technique that you may use to quickly put a text box into Google Docs. You can simply add a text box to a Google document utilizing a single column and single row for the table with the assistance of a single-cell table.

To fully comprehend the procedure, follow the step-by-step instructions.

1. Go to the navigation bar and select Insert > Table and after this choose a single-cell table (as shown in the screenshot).

table in google docs

On the screen, each individual table cell will display. Now you had to modify the table’s height and width to the exact size of the text box you need in Google Docs.

insert table in google docs

You may also alter the font color, style, and size to your liking, as well as highlight the text to make the display seem more professional.

Google Docs: Insert Image in Text Box

In Google Docs, you may also include pictures inside the text field to make your document more appealing or professional. You must use the Drawing tool to insert an image inside the text box. Here’s how to upload pictures to Google Docs in its entirety.

1. Go to the Insert > Draw > New (to create a new drawing)

2. Now, in the drawing tool, click and drag to form the text box.

3. Next, go to the picture icon and choose the image you want to use in the text field.

image in google docs

4. To upload the picture, click the “select” button.

If the picture is too big to fit in the text box. Then, using the mouse pointer, resize the picture inside the text box and position it in the desired location. Additionally, you may add text next to the picture to make it seem more professional.

5. After you’ve decided on a picture, click the Save and Close button.

image with text in google docs

With the help edit button at the bottom of the text box, you may make modifications to the image, such as layering the photo and the text box.

Right-click a picture in Google Docs and choose Wrap Text as the mode to move it. Move the picture into place using the scroll arrows on your keyboard. If you want to move the picture in small increments, hold down the Shift key and use the scroll arrows to move it.

Final Thoughts

Alright! This concludes this little tutorial; hopefully, you found it useful in understanding the whole process of adding a text box in Google Docs without difficulty. Furthermore, if you have any additional concerns about Google Docs in this instance, please feel free to contact us using the comment box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to insert a textbox into a Google Doc?

There are a few steps to inserting a textbox into a Google Doc. 1) Open the Google Doc you want to insert the textbox into. 2) Click on Insert in the toolbar at the top of your screen. 3) Select Text Box. 4) Type in your text and click OK.

How do you make 3 boxes on Google Docs?

To make three boxes on Google Docs, you can use the Insert button in the toolbar.

What are the steps to add a text box?

To add a text box, you need to click on the Text Box tab in the editor. From there, you can type your text and then click on the Add Text Box button.

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