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Despite playing better in their previous three games, the Boston Celtics still seem to have family strife. Following a humiliating defeat last week, Celtics guard Marcus Smart chastised Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for failing to distribute the ball. After Saturday night’s defeat to the Dallas Mavericks, Tatum retaliated in his first media conference since Smart’s remarks.

Frustrated Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were singled out by Marcus Smart.


Jayson-Tatum-Celtics-1-1024x682 On November 2, 2021, in Orlando, Florida, Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum attempts a free throw against the Orlando Magic at the Amway Center. | Getty Images/Don Juan Moore

This season, the Celtics have struggled, particularly at home. Last week, Boston led the Chicago Bulls by 19 points late in the third quarter before being outscored 39-11 in the fourth quarter. They were defeated by a score of 128-114, and frustration set in. In his postgame news conference, Smart didn’t hold back.

According to CLNS Media, he said, “Every team knows we’re trying to get to Jayson and Jaylen.” “To stop Jayson and Jaylen, every squad has been prepared and researched. Everyone’s scouting report, I believe, is to make those guys pass the ball. They are adamant about not passing the ball.”

Smart had not yet completed his task.

He replied, “That’s something they’re going to learn.” “They’re still figuring things out.” We’re happy of their growth, but they’ll need to take it a step further and find methods to not just create for themselves, but also for others on the team to help them open up the court later in the game.

“Without the ball in my hands, there’s just so much I can do other than stand in the corner.” Every team knows we’re running plays for our top players. They do an excellent job of shutting off that system. We won’t be able to get to those folks if they shut it off.

“Like I said, there’s only so much I can do standing in the corner for myself.”

In their early games, the Celtics’ greatest concern had been their effort. Smart’s laziness and obsession with the Tatum and Brown Show ultimately caught up with him.

Since Smart’s remarks, Tatum has not been made accessible to the media. He came to the platform for the first time since Saturday’s defeat to the Mavs, and reporters questioned him about Smart’s remarks.

“I mean, we spoke about it — individually and, I assume, at a team meeting.” However, I am a basketball player. According to WBZ 4 in Boston, Tatum added, “I’ve been doing it for a long time, and I’m fairly successful at it.”

Tatum acknowledged that he has some areas to improve, but he feels he has made the correct judgments on the floor in terms of passing and shooting.

“I’ve always made the proper plays,” Tatum said. “I’m not perfect, but I’ve got stuff I can improve on.” “I believe that is the positive aspect of it. I’ll be the first to admit that, as young as I am and as amazing as people believe I am, I have a lot to learn. But I’ll always play the game the proper way, the way I was taught, and the way I’ve been playing my whole life. So that will never change.”

In the defeat, Tatum scored 32 points on 12-for-19 shooting while Luka Doncic made a game-winning jumper at the buzzer. He also pulled down 11 rebounds.

Tatum implied Smart’s words weren’t presented in the proper venue, but he didn’t say so outright. A reporter questioned whether he thought Smart should have spoken out about the locker room.

“I believe you know,” Tatum answered in response to the inquiry. “I believe there are certain things that, as a group, we would… you know, there are some things that I wouldn’t come on here and tell you guys about our game plan, especially.”

“However, I believe the lesson of the story is that it occurred.” And there’s nothing you can do about it. We’re still a squad, still figuring things out, and still striving to win games.”

The Celtics are 2-1 since Smart called out his teammates, despite their poor start and inability to win at home. After that embarrassing loss to the Bulls, they’ve played with greater zeal and won two consecutive games on the road.

While Smart’s words may have been uttered in the wrong context, they may have helped Boston turn things around on the court.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I teach myself to play basketball?

A: The best way to teach yourself how to play is by watching the game and paying close attention to what you are doing wrong. One thing that people tend to do when they first start playing basketball is their eyes go up too soon, without really knowing where their hands should be going next. This causes them instead of hitting the ball on the backboard it goes out of bounds or worse they fumble it!

What is a good sentence for basketball?

A: Basketball is a sport that is played using two teams of five players on the court. The objective of the game will vary depending on which version it is being contested, but typically there will be points scored by shooting or dunking a ball through hoops mounted high above the playing field.

Is it easy to learn how do you play basketball?

A: Yes, in the United States it is easy to learn how do you play basketball. The sport has been around since 1891 and was invented by James Naismith.

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