The Bears have a new president, George McCaskey. He’s bringing in some football minds with him to help the team rebuild and get back on track. This should be interesting for the Chicago fan base that has been waiting years for this moment.

George McCaskey, the President of the Chicago Bears, is bringing in football minds. The new additions have experience with successful teams like the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. Read more in detail here: chicago bears head coach.

Jeff Hughes: George McCaskey is Bringing in Football Minds

Matt Nagy

Getty The Chicago Bears’ head coach, Matt Nagy, is expected to be fired at the conclusion of the season.

The Chicago Bears are expected to undergo significant adjustments.

Insider Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog, who has broken multiple stories regarding the club, including the appointment of offensive line coach Juan Castillo and the signing of LB Robert Quinn, among others, had some intriguing things to say about what’s going on inside Halas Hall right now. The group is

“Really enjoy what I’m hearing out of Bearsland,” Hughes tweeted on December 30. This is an excellent analysis. “There are some good individuals being discussed.”

I’m digging what I’m hearing from Bearsland. This is an excellent analysis. There are some good individuals being mentioned.

30 December 2021 — DaBearsBlog (@dabearsblog)

In following tweets a day later, he went into further detail.

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‘They’re Doing It Right,’ Hughes says.

Multiple former well-respected players, like ex-safety Gary Fencik and former All-Pro center Olin Kreutz, have pushed Bears Chairman George McCaskey and President Ted Phillips to seek guidance from experienced football minds about how they’ve been handling things in recent decades.

On December 15, Fencik told Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, “The decision makers at the top need some outside tutoring and counseling.” “They need guidance on how to make much better football judgments.”

McCaskey, according to Hughes, may finally be heeding that counsel.

“Here’s what I’ll say about what’s going on right now at Halas Hall: they’re doing it correctly, which hasn’t always been the case.” On December 31, Hughes tweeted, “They’re letting brilliant football guys scrutinize every inch of their football operations.”

Hughes also claims that current head coach Matt Nagy is “100% gone,” and that he thinks Nagy was notified of his impending departure following Chicago’s Week 16 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, though he can’t confirm the latter.

Out 100 percent. I suppose he was informed on Monday. (However, I am unable to corroborate this.)

December 31, 2021 — DaBearsBlog (@dabearsblog)

So, where does this leave Ryan Pace, the current general manager?

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Ryan Pace’s Role Could Change or Be Reduced

According to Hughes, the organization is debating whether to terminate Pace as GM and completely remove him from the equation, or whether to give him a new, less hands-on job going forward.

The “consultants” believe that the existing squad is failing under the present coaching staff, and they adore the youthful nucleus. Another theory is that replacing Pace with another young, first-time general manager would be a lateral move (at best).

December 31, 2021 — DaBearsBlog (@dabearsblog)

Hughes also said in separate tweets that “Pace can still go any way” and that Phillips was slated to retire in a year, implying that if at least part of what he’s saying is true, big changes are on the horizon.

Several famous football figures are analyzing the Bears’ whole football organization. In a short time, those persons will make a formal recommendation to George McCaskey. Nagy is no longer a member of the team. It’s still possible for the pace to change.

December 31, 2021 — DaBearsBlog (@dabearsblog)

Ted will leave the company at the end of the year. Forget about becoming president.

30 December 2021 — DaBearsBlog (@dabearsblog)

When supporters questioned what Hughes was saying, he doubled down on what he had tweeted:

(It’s strange that no one is challenging my information today.) There’s a reason for it, guys.)

@dabearsblog — DaBearsBlog (@dabearsblog) 1st of January, 2022

Hopefully, the Bears are taking a long, hard look at actual organizational transformation, which Fencik believes is necessary if they ever want to be a consistently strong and respected club again.

“Sure, getting guidance from Hall of Famers like Dan Hampton or Mike Singletary would be beneficial,” Fencik said. “However, what’s more important at this stage is realizing that you need an open, honest assessment of whether your organizational structure needs to alter.” Is it the case, and if so, how? And why is that? … How do you improve in a quality manner? Are there other, more effective methods to portray success and foster consistency? Hopefully, we will all experience a massive awakening at some time. It’s simply a matter of getting the appropriate folks in here. It’s simply not there right now.”

It’s one thing to talk to and seek advise from smart football folks. It’s another thing entirely to follow that advise. As Hughes points out, it’s ultimately up to McCaskey to make some long-term reforms.

“It’s all about George,” Hughes stated.

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