Jess Brammar, the former head of BBC News, has been appointed editor-in-chief of The Guardian.

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Jess Brammar has been named to the position. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Following debate over her prospective position at the, Jess Brammar has been recruited by the.

Chairman Richard Sharp announced Brammar’s appointment to a new position managing the’s local and foreign news programs today at the RTS Cambridge Convention.

Brammar’s position is expected to be executive news editor.

The hiring is one of departing director of news and current affairs Fran Unsworth’s last actions before leaving the organization after four decades next year.

When questioned about the possibility of Brammar joining the Beeb, Unsworth stated that management was solely responsible for hires, which were made in a “independent process devoid of any corporate interest,” and that News had to “withstand any sort of pressure that comes from anyplace.”

Brammar was formerly the deputy editor of Newsnight and the editor of HuffPost UK.

Sir Robbie Gibb, a No 10 ally and board member, is said to have tried to prevent Brammar from being hired for the job, with sources telling the Financial Times that Sir Robbie – who was previously Theresa May’s communications director – allegedly warned Unsworth in texts that if Brammar was appointed, the government’s “fragile trust in the will” would be shattered.

In previous tweets, Brammar criticized Boris Johnson and Brexit, accusing him of lying in a televised appearance and comparing Brexit to Better Call Saul, but less humorous, fascinating, or entertaining.

According to a government source, some were worried that Brammar’s nomination might jeopardize the’s commitment to impartiality and variety of view.

‘Until now, everyone has given Tim Davie [the director-general] the benefit of the doubt,’ they added. This raises doubts about his commitment to improving impartiality.’

chariman Sharp reaffirmed the corporation’s commitment to impartiality during his address at RTS Cambridge, calling it the ‘primary priority.’

‘Impartiality is, frankly, a necessity for the existence of the,’ he added. And it must be seen as a journey rather than a goal, as we must demonstrate every day.

‘Getting this right is about more than ensuring the survival of a beloved institution that continues to play an important role in British national life. It also allows the to establish itself as the world’s preeminent supplier of truth in the era of misinformation.

‘At a time when news has become a crucial weapon in the fight for global influence, the World Service has long been one of the crown jewels of the United Kingdom.’ Our potential to provide knowledge throughout the globe as a good in and of itself, as well as to promote UK ideals of democracy, freedom, and the rule of law across the world, is greater than ever in the digital era.’

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