This morning we saw the Los Angeles Clippers lose to the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. All of the basketball world saw this coming. The Clippers were not a very good team. They lacked a lot of depth. DeAndre Jordan wasn’t as dominating as he used to be. Blake Griffin couldn’t get it done. And Chris Paul was just too inconsistent, firing up 15 points one game and then playing like he his grandfather’s Pops the next.

The Los Angeles Clippers were the most intriguing story of the NBA season. They started the year by scoring the same amount of points as the Golden State Warriors, went on to have the second-best record in the league, and then won the Pacific Division. But they were no match for the Warriors, who swept them in the playoffs.

The Dallas Mavericks had all the fanfare and hype surrounding a first-round playoff matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers. Both teams, being heavy favorites to advance into the next round, had a lot at stake in this series—but the Clippers got the fan base all excited with their play. After all, the Clippers had never won it all in their long history. When the series started on Sunday May 5, the Clippers took a 3–0 lead. They were up by 15 points in the fourth quarter, but the Mavericks wouldn’t go away. As the game went on, the Mavericks hung tough and the Clippers ended up losing the series game 7, 102–101. Part of the reason for the Clippers’ poor play was because of

So much for a fresh start. The Los Angeles Clippers opened the NBA playoffs with a bang on Saturday by losing 113-103 to the Dallas Mavericks. Clippers went 13-3 in their last 3-12 games, forfeiting home-field advantage in the series. For a franchise with the weight of history as three wings on its back, this was almost the worst possible start. The Clippers have a long history of failure, and even the recent superstar parade at Staples Center couldn’t change that.

Los Angeles Clippers enter postseason with new and old baggage

. COMPARED TO: Derrick Rose destroyed the Clippers because they didn’t trade him on the NBAtrade date Last season in Orlando, the Los Angeles Clippers became the 13th team to win the division. They are the first team in NBA history – and only the third to do so more than once – to lose a playoff series after taking a 3-1 lead, by losing to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference semifinals. After Saturday’s loss against the Mavericks, the Clippers have suffered four consecutive playoff losses since their bubble burst. The Clippers are one of only three teams in the NBA that have never made it to the conference finals. But the Clips just had their 51st episode. End of the NBA campaign. That’s more than the other two members of this dubious club combined. The Charlotte Hornets have been playing for 31 years and the New Orleans Pelicans for only 19. Even the Minnesota Timberwolves, who have won only two playoff series in their history, reached the Western Conference Finals in 2004 with back-to-back wins. Both times the Clippers squandered a 3-1 lead in the playoffs, they were one win away from the conference finals. Maybe karma helped Los Angeles snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the playoffs?

Clippers face questions about handling playoff position

. COMPARED TO: Charles Barkley gives the entire Los Angeles Clippers franchise a hard time and realizes they’ve been bad his whole life. It doesn’t help Karma’s perception when many observers suggest the Los Angeles Clippers are less enthusiastic about winning games down the stretch. The Clippers lost their final two games of the regular season to the Houston Rockets (with the worst record in the NBA) and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Prior to the regular-season finale, Oklahoma City had lost 23 of its last 24 games. The Clippers led 110-108 with 1:58 remaining in the game, but were 9-2 without Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Marcus Morris, Rajon Rondo and Nicolas Batum. In addition to those who did not play at all, the Clippers used center Ivica Zubac for six seconds; guards Reggie Jackson (6:52) and Patrick Beverley (18:52) were also used less than usual, according to Instead, Daniel Oturu played 37 minutes (bringing his season total to 161 minutes) and Jay Scrubb, unfortunately named Jay Scrubb, played 36 of his 84 minutes against the Thunder. Patrick Patterson, who has averaged 15.3 minutes per game this season, has been given 42 minutes. Due to defeats against the Rockets and the Thunder, Los Angeles lost a decisive game to the Denver Nuggets and finished fourth in the West. Stephen A. Smith took to the press to accuse the Los Angeles Lakers Clippers (the number 7 seed in the qualifying tournament) of not wanting to participate. Even coach Tyronn Liu’s denial didn’t change that opinion.

Recent history is better for the Los Angeles Clippers, but overall it’s still brutal

word-image-9585 word-image-9586 Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks was too much for Paul George (13) and Kawhi Leonard (2) of the Los Angeles Clippers at 22. May 2021. | Harry How/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Brooklyn Nets won’t have the same Blake Griffin who broke his arm in the face of the Los Angeles Clippersequipment manager. The Los Angeles Clippers have posted a positive record in each of the last 10 seasons. There were six winning seasons in the franchise’s previous 41 years. Yes, you read that right. 6. With nine playoff appearances in the last decade, the team has 16 wins in its history. At least the Clippers have company in their inefficiency. This season, the Sacramento Kings broke the record of the Clips, who missed the postseason 15 years in a row. That’s it. The Clippers have won six playoff series since the franchise began as the Buffalo Braves in 1970-71. Four of them have been preserved over the past nine seasons. None of those wins in the series went beyond the first round. Los Angeles has star power: Kawhi Leonard, two-time Finals MVP, and Paul George, five-time All-NBA. But a loss in Game 1 at home against the Mavericks makes Tuesday’s Game 2 almost mandatory. Seriously, though: Given their problematic playoff history, do the Los Angeles Clippers want to go down to Dallas with a 2-0 defeat? Probably not. Statistics provided by Basketball Reference.The Clippers have been described as a lottery team and a bad team, but they’re both wrong. They were the worst team in the NBA this year, and they were in a position to win because they stopped tanking and started playing like a team. They had a bad record and were weak, but they were in position to win a series against a team they were better than. They were a team that could lose to any team (even ones that they should win against, like Dallas).. Read more about dallas mavericks trade deadline and let us know what you think.

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