A crackdown on commuters who don’t wear masks has started in London. The move follows a rise in the number of patients with serious respiratory problems that have been seen across Britain, putting severe strain on services and hospitals.

London: Maskless commuters threatened with £200 fines as crackdown begins

Maskless commuters threatened with £200 fines as crackdown begins

‘Our officials will continue to enforce the obligation,’ TfL stated. (Photos courtesy of LNP)

Commuters have been told that as part of a crackdown on face mask rulebreakers in London, Tube personnel will begin issuing £200 penalties.

In reaction to the Omicron coronavirus strain, face coverings were made mandatory in stores and other places such as banks, post offices, hairdressers, and public transportation.

Customers who do not wear them will be fined, according to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, which will ‘greatly assist with compliance.’

On Tuesday, eight more instances of the alarming new strain were discovered in England, increasing the total number of cases in the UK to 22.

Mr Khan applauded the reintroduction of the ability to punish persons who do not use face masks.

Those discovered breaking the rules will be penalised £200 for the first offense, with fines increasing by £200 for each successive violation, up to a maximum of £6,400.

After the Covid-19 limitations were relaxed in July, the capital was the first city in England to demand that they be worn.

TfL’s approximately 500 enforcement officials were left attempting to implement the regulation without the help of the British Transport Police due to a lack of law permitting them to do so.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 26: A sign stating that face masks must be worn is seen inside a near-empty underground train carriage on March 26, 2021 in London, England. A year after the first Covid-19 lockdown discouraged use of public transit, ridership on the London Underground, which recorded around 4 million rides every weekday pre-pandemic, is hovering around 20 percent of normal. Transport for London worries it will take two years before ridership - and hopefully the agency's finances - returns to normal. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Unless persons are excluded, face coverings must be worn (Picture: Getty)

?? Licensed to London News Pictures. 30/11/2021. London, UK. TFL Transport enforcement officers gently remind people to wear masks on the tube at Victoria Station, London today, as face masks become compulsory on London transport after the new Covid-19 variant, Omicron was detected in England Last week. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that face masks must now be warn again in shops train stations and all travellers arriving in to England must take a PCR test and self-isolate. Photo credit: Alex Lentati/LNP

At Victoria Station, enforcement personnel advise passengers to use masks on the tube. (Photo courtesy of Alex Lentati/LNP)

‘The really key point is this, we know that this rule change, with the power to have enforcement, with the ability to issue penalties, does lead to behavior change,’ Mr Khan told Sky News.

‘How do we know that?’ says the narrator. Because, before to July 19, over 85 percent of individuals who used public transportation used a face mask. Before July 19, we had issued about 2,000 penalties.

‘Since then, we’ve asked considerably fewer individuals to leave since we have fewer employees performing the enforcement, and we’ve given zero penalties.’

As the new restrictions took effect on Tuesday, TfL officials were observed addressing individuals who were not wearing a mask and pushing them to do so.

‘You must wear a facial covering on all our services unless exempt,’ TfL said on Twitter.

‘Our officers will continue to enforce the requirement, including the restoration of TfL and police powers to levy £200 penalties for first-time offenders,’ said the statement.

Unless you are exempt, you must conceal your face throughout all of our services.

Our officers will continue to enforce the rule, including the return of TfL and police powers to impose £200 penalties for first-time offenders.

30 November 2021 — Transport for London (@TfL)

Some railway passengers were outraged by the move to mandate face masks, while others chastised those who refused to wear them in confined places.

The great majority of passengers traveling on trains from Wales, western and south-western England donned facial covers while approaching Paddington Station in central London.

Face masks were also worn by those who walked up from the London Underground station. However, just a few individuals were wearing them inside the station.

A 56-year-old man and a 71-year-old lady, who wanted not to be identified since they were walking from Paddington to West Drayton, stated they were opposed to wearing face masks.

‘I think it’s horrible,’ said the guy, who said he had not been vaccinated. There isn’t even a smidgeon of an advantage. It’s a waste of time to wear it since it’s a kind of virtue signaling.

‘It’s an attempt to train people to be controlled so that we may all live in a technocratic environment in the future.’ It’s all about conformity and control in order to introduce communism into this nation — a kind of communism known as technocracy.’

‘They’re exploiting this to compel us all to be conditioned and controlled in order to spoil everyone’s Christmas,’ he continued.

Commuters travel towards central London on a busy Transport for London (TfL) Underground Victoria Line tube train on November 26, 2021. (Photo by Tolga Akmen / AFP) (Photo by TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Commuters make their way to the heart of London. (AFP photo via Getty)

Face masks were characterized as “courtesy covers” by Marc Zinnendor, who was traveling to Kingham in Oxfordshire.

‘It irritates me (to see people wearing masks),’ he remarked, ‘since human beings are not built to socialize in that way.’

‘Half of your face has vanished. I can’t tell if you’re smiling or furious right now.’

Michelle Carroll, a 40-year-old financial services professional who was traveling to Westbury, Wiltshire, said she was irritated by others who did not use face masks.

‘It’s frustrating,’ she remarked. Everyone has a choice and a strategy for dealing with these issues. I really wish people would realize their influence and stop being so self-centered.

‘I can’t convince or change them differently.’ But I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and attempting to keep as many people as near and safe as possible.’

People should wear face masks ‘all the time’ on trains, according to a 62-year-old corporate director who refused to provide his name and was traveling to Bristol.

‘I put on a mask as soon as I get on the train, and I wear it all the time,’ he said. In a confined area, I have no difficulty wearing a mask. Not wearing a mask strikes me as arrogant and insensitive.’


Masks are worn by shoppers in London’s West End. (Photo courtesy of ZumaPress/Mega)

Meanwhile, a private healthcare nurse expressed concern about Omicron and expressed her discomfort from seeing individuals without face masks.

‘I don’t know what the new variation may do to me or my family,’ Andrea Andrades, who took the train to Paddington from Hayes in west London, said.

‘Face masks should be worn by everyone.’ I believe they’ve forgotten about anything that happened months ago. No one should forget it, or the individuals who died as a result of it.’

The Prime Minister has said that the reinstated ‘balanced and appropriate measures’ would be reassessed in three weeks, right before Christmas.

Yesterday, another 159 coronavirus fatalities were announced, with 39,716 new cases — down from 42,484 infections and 165 deaths the week before.

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