Tarot is the original divination tool. This book will teach you how to see what is coming in your life using tarot cards.

Love Tarot Spread is a free online love and relationship tarot spread for you to learn how the cards can help you get a deeper insight into your love life and relationships. We have a wide variety of free love tarot spreads such as: love and relationships, money, health, career, fertility, romance, family, and more.

There are two types of reading available on the internet. One is to pay for a reading. This is the real deal. J.K. Rowling did it and she opened a whole business based on it. The second is the free reading. A free spread usually gives you a generic spread, but it is still a reading. I offer, for free, a real love reading. There are no wrong answers. There are no hidden meanings. The truth is always revealed. You are not a product of your circumstances, but a person of your own free will. In fact, you are the sole reason for the success of your life.

Introduction: The Tarot of Love relationship takes over the layout of the Tarot of True Love. Ending compassionate relationships is a good way for them to grow. But this is not always the case! Love and hate bubbling together in the ballot box. One ends, another begins. Relationship tarot card readings are a great way to learn more about your personal life. Love and relationships are often a burden we carry on our hearts even after they are over, just out of love. Knowing that each day will not be a waste of time in the name of love. Thus, daily use of the True Love Tarot reading can add new dimensions to your understanding of love and relationships. RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS? Discover how compatible you are with your partner and rekindle the love in your relationship.

How to use the tarot of love

The love life tarot uses the tarot cards to explore the realm of your love and relationships. Love and relationships do not necessarily mean love, marriage and other ties. This can include other relationships in which you are bound to others by love and affection. It could be your mother, father, family or friends who are deeply connected to you in some way. Each relationship tarot reading may contain information such as.

  • Set up a time when you can meet them again.
  • Even a silly question like: when are they writing you the next post?
  • Set a date to go out again.
  • Find out when he can propose.

word-image-1673 Let’s see what some of the tarot cards can tell you in a relationship tarot reading and what they can do for you in predicting love.

  1. The Tarot of Justice: The main arcana card tells you the good or bad outcome of a relationship.
  2. The Empress Tarot: A blossoming love story.
  3. The Six Cups in Love: You both feel that previous relationships were better for both of you.
  4. The King of Swords in Love: It’s time to clarify your position in the relationship.
  5. Knight of Swords: A solid foundation in the relationship for the online love tarot. Keep your energy up and your feet on the ground when this card appears.
  6. The King of Coins: In a romantic relationship tarot card, this tarot card is able to predict long term transference in a relationship.
  7. Queen of Swords: It represents reason and logic. It has nothing to do with romance in a relationship.
  8. Ace of Swords: This card in the tarot relationship interpretation shows that your relationship is going through difficult times and unreasonable problems.
  9. Tower Love Card: There is a radical change in the relationship.
  10. Tarot card magician in love: It can only get more beautiful if you believe in love and magic.
  11. High Priestess Tarot Card: The hidden messages in your relationship using the relationship tarot.
  12. Emperor Tarot Card: Your life is ruled by a certain father figure, or your fiancé acts like a father. The best part is that you can trust him completely, he thinks in your place.
  13. Tarot card Hierophant: The traditions of society must be respected.
  14. The Devil tarot card: Circumstances take over the relationship, and something significant may happen. Be prepared.
  15. A fool in love: A naive but happy relationship that goes its own way.
  16. Tarot card lovers: You have a choice to make when this card appears in your Love Life Tarot reading.
  17. A cart in love: Keeping the wheels turning can work to your advantage. Look at this!
  18. A hanged man in love: For the relationship tarot reading, it’s about the process of accepting situations in life and relationships.
  19. The wheel of fortune in love: Fortuna turns to you and wishes you a smile soon.
  20. Tarot of the Hermit in Love: He’s asking you to assess your situation.
  21. The power of the love tarot: She asks you to gather your forces for the disaster that is to come. Get ready to strike!

Tarot layout The three stages of love

word-image-1674 In general, there are three stages of love represented in the True Love Tarot.

  • Falling in love: The stage where you are physically attracted to another being. Soon you will be able to accept it.
  • Love: When you fall in love with someone’s mind and heart. This is the time when you can see the soul of another, and you can learn more about souls through the love tarot.
  • Responsibility: When love blossoms on both sides and both begin to feel the need to spend more time together. At this point, a being usually devotes his entire life to another being.

You can use the tarot reading to find out if the True Love tarot reading can predict a long-term relationship? The True Love Tarot deck can be made as follows: Map 1: The value of your passion is Map 2 : Assessing the other person’s passion Card 3 : Your love score card 4 : Judge the love of another Card 5 : Planning by another for a long-term commitment Map 6 : Your long-term projects

Angels of Love Tarot Card

Now you’re probably wondering why we talk about angels in tarot spells? Angels are messengers; every culture believes in their existence, and you can always turn to them for help with the Rainbow Tarot for Love. These messengers will not only help you in a difficult moment, but also to draw the right tarot. TO REKINDLE THEIR LOVE Look at your love compatibility report to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. Humanity’s last hope is how they can be seen. Relationships are important to angels, and here are five angels you can turn to for advice. Isis, goddess of love and rebirth: Similar to the Lovers Tarot card in the Love Tarot. A goddess who answers your true call from the angelic realms. She responds to all messages and can often leave her identity if approached. Shamuel, Empress: It looks like the Empress Tarot card. If you’ve summoned it, it means a spell is coming for you. She is the source of the magic in your relationship. Jothiel, goddess of beauty: This is similar to the abstinence card. Do you need a boost in your most stable and intimate relationship? Then you must worship her. Raguel, the beautiful angel: It’s like justice. She believes in harmony and balance, so you can go to her if you want to be treated fairly. Jeremiah, the angel of transfiguration: An angel who ends unnecessary relationships and makes new beginnings in different areas.

Love Star Reading Tarot

word-image-1675 Now let’s see how to make the tarot love star. The Star of Love Tarot deck can be used for a True Love Tarot or an online Love Tarot, for free or for a fee. How does this love tarot reading work? A total of five tarot cards are considered in the Love Life Tarot. They are all numbered and so named. The structure includes,

  • Tarot cards 2, 1, 3 in a straight line.
  • The 5 tarot card among them
  • Tarot card 4 above a row of three tarot cards.

How many tarot cards are used?

A total of 5 tarot cards are used for this reading, and it is one of the best tarot card readings for love. Tarot Card 1- Relationship Status Tarot Card 2- Your Needs Tarot Card 3- Your Needs Tarot Card 4- Do it to succeed Tarot Card 5- Possible Outcome. Moreover, tarot card number 1 represents the state of this relationship through the layout of the love life tarot card. Tarot card number 4 represents the possible things you can do for yourself. Tarot card number 5 represents the possible outcome after all your actions.

Three-card Love Tarot reading

word-image-1676 You can always immediately draw a 3-card tarot card to attract lovers. In this card, you are card 1, card 2 is your lover, and card 3 is the possible outcome of this relationship. By using card 1, you can discover the many facets of your person, how you evolve and go through critical relationship points. This is one of the best tarot readings for love. Card 2 tells you about a potential partner and how the relationship affects them. This makes the relationship substantial and probable. Through card 3 of the love life tarot reading, you will learn the possible outcome of the relationship in this love life tarot reading. With input from you and your life partner, you can reach a potential point where you know what you are getting into when considering a relationship.

5-card tarot cross reference

word-image-1677 This 5 card tarot layout uses five tarot cards to predict the future of a free or paid love tarot. Card 1 represents your role in the relationship, card 2 represents your partner’s role in the relationship. Card 3 represents your foundation so far, the bricks on which you build your relationship. Map 4 is the current state, the current form of all relationships. Card 5 – The future to come, whether it takes you up or down. In the tarot of love, the cards 1, 4, 2 are arranged in line. Card 3 is above the three cards and card 5 is below the row of three. Searching for love with the Finding Love Tarot is a great way to further your search for love.

Tarot Love Compatibility Relationship Layout

word-image-1678 There are seven tarot card explanations for love in this type of draw. Tarot card 1: Your relation needs the 2 card: Your relationship requires. Map 3: Their disagreements in the relationship. Map 4: The resemblance of their relationship. Map 5: Emotional compatibility. Map 6: Compatibility at the physical level Map 7 : Mental compatibility Also pay attention to cards 5 and 7, because in one day the body fades or dies. The soul remains alive and thriving, as does the spirit, and you can always find out more about these areas through the Love Tarot reading online or in a manual reading on your own.

Advanced 11 Card Love Tarot for Love and Romance

word-image-1679 The nine cards of the 11-card tarot deck are arranged one after the other in three rows and three columns. The other two cards, 10 and 11, are placed on the right side of the rows in the 11-card tarot. It is also one of the best tarot rainbows for love. Card 1 is the beginning, the announcement. Card 2 – Receiving Love Card 3 – The Element of Chaos. Card 4 is a protection and organization factor. Map 5 shows how both parties in the relationship feel about commitment. Card 6 is your connection to the heart. The 7 card may indicate a power struggle in a relationship. Card 8 is the physical attraction. The 9-card is necessary to give both sides time for me. Card 10 – Karmic Cards Card 11 is the likely outcome.

High Love Tarot Plan

word-image-1680 The High Love Raskold Tarot is a 6-card tarot deck that contains the best love tarot cards in the following order: Map 1: The superior will. This love life tarot reading is often crucial because it represents the will that seems most important to you, the will of the universe and the whole world. Map 2: Man A. What a man thinks of. Map 3: Man B. What the other person thinks about finding love through tarot. Is this a spontaneous decision or a joint action plan? Map 4-6 : What should researchers do to manifest a perfect result or outcome? Map 4: This card speaks to the fears that may be present in relationship tarot readings – the terrors of change, breakups, and other oddities in relationships. Map 5: This tarot card reading for love deals with issues of boundaries. There are many limits to relationships in all their varieties. These limitations can create barriers in a relationship. It can be tedious to explore these areas before making a serious commitment in a relationship. Similarly, sometimes the realization that there are boundaries in every relationship can open up a lifeline, and some people don’t really think about these barriers. Map 6: A tendency to check the second and third chakras in a True Love Tarot reading. Our second chakra is related to the mind and the third chakra is related to the throat. Our voice/opinions and mind/spiritual impulses are often more critical. They are the centers that have always created gaps, barriers, problems and egos. Egos are born of the mind, and you can always know which one has the upper hand in your relationship using the True Love Tarot reading. To get rid of it, we must understand that nothing is within our reach. Everything that happens around us starts with our mental perception. However, its direction depends on a tired society of which more and more people are a part, and on the power that acts on people. The best tarot reading for love is a way to know if we are getting on our side, and surrender often helps. We often don’t know when a situation is quicksand or a sinkhole. In a case like this, surrender is the most important thing. Give it your all and let it come to you. TO REKINDLE THEIR LOVE Look at your love compatibility report to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. Conclusion In summary, the interpretation of love relationships by the tarot can reveal many unreasonable problems. Before you begin using the Tarot of Love and Relationships or the Tarot of True Love, you need to clarify a few points. A free reading of the True Love Tarot Riddles is one way to find out more. A paid detailed view can be used instead. Good knowledge of the major and minor arcana. Know your energies well. Know what comes and goes with each life – your life. Do you have a spiritual connection with your cards The love relationship horoscope tarot predicts love and relationships and is the sweetest breeze and the softest thread. They must be handled with care, and only if you are able to understand these energies will you be able to lead the way. Take a vacation and protect yourself from everything. With the Relationship Tarot reading, love and relationships will shine right before you if you connect well with the energies.Tarot is a curious form of divination that has been around for centuries. It ranges from the simple spread of a single card to complex preparations with multiple cards. It can be used for anything from giving advice about relationships to looking into the future.. Read more about love tarot spread for singles free and let us know what you think.

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