Marvel have revealed the nominees for their next film, and opened voting to fans. Fans can decide which films will be in contention alongside Marvel Studios’ upcoming slate of movies like Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Captain Marvel.”

Marvel has revealed its nominees for the 2019 awards. The company is now opening voting to fans.

Marvel Reveals Nominees, Opens Voting to Fans

The X-annual Men’s election has started for the second year in a row. Marvel is asking fans to vote on the final members of the new X-Men squad once again. The 2022 voting is now open, after last year’s first X-Men, which elected Polaris into the current team’s lineup. It will run till Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ET. Fans may vote for their favorite X-Men characters at Polaris, last year’s winner, is still a member of the X-Men, at least for the time being. Last year’s losers have formed a new X-Men squad, complete with all-new outfits. In 2021, the first democratically chosen X-Men team appeared at the first Hellfire Gala. In June, the new X-Men will make their debut at the second Hellfire Gala. 

There are ten candidates on the ballot this year, as there were last year. The following are the nominees:

  • ARMOR: Hisako Ichiki can surround herself with a massive psionic force field that gives her superhuman strength and endurance. She was a member of the New Mutants and helped her brothers all over the world by planting the first Krakoan flower on Mars.
  • Dominikos Petrakis, a long-serving member of the Brotherhood, utilized his seismokinetic abilities against the X-Men. Though he was slain by the Red Skull, he was one of several mutants who were revived on Krakoa and became S.W.O.R.D. agents.
  • BLING! : A former member of Gambit’s Chevaliers squad at Xavier, Bling! has lately joined forces with Psylocke and her crew to protect Krakoa, despite his reservations about the new mutant nation’s goals. Her body is diamond-hard, she has superhuman strength, and she can shoot crystalline bullets.
  • FIRESTAR: Angelica Jones is a seasoned super hero who has previously served in the Avengers, New Warriors, Young Allies, and the X-Men, as well as being one of Spider-closest Man’s allies. Her abilities are microwave-based, enabling her to ignite, melt, or otherwise superheat anything she targets, despite her moniker. She hasn’t applied for Krakoan citizenship yet…
  • Nezhno Abidemi, the first X-Man to come from Wakanda, now calls Krakoa home. His mutant talent enables him to grow his physique at an exponential rate, giving him near-limitless strength and invulnerability.
  • GORGON: Tomi Shishido’s stare, like that of his namesake, has the power to turn anybody into stone. Gorgon’s ability with swords is his greatest strength, despite his numerous other talents. He was able to reverse the tide at a vital point during the Contest of Swords in Otherworld due to his ability with a sword. Unfortunately, he perished in the process and returned… altered.
  • MICROMAX: Scott Wright is a British mutant who has worked for the Crown’s MI13 and F.I.6 intelligence organizations. He was also a member of Excalibur in the past – and controversially O*N*E* – when he clashed with several of his fellow mutants.
  • PENANCE: Monet St. Croix prides herself on being a near-perfect mutant specimen with a diverse set of abilities. Monet can also change into and out of her lethal Penance form at will, which she originally considered a burden. Currently, she serves as co-CXO of X-Corp.
  • SIRYN: Theresa Cassidy, the daughter of renowned X-Man Banshee, rose to prominence as a member of X-Factor, wielding the same sonic abilities as her father. The new X-Factor team was able to finally liberate her from the power of Morrigan, the heavenly entity she’d sacrificed to rescue a fellow mutant.
  • SURGE: Noriko Ashida is one of Krakoa’s most powerful electrokinetics, capable of unleashing destructive bolts of lightning and traveling at amazing speeds. She’s ready to join forces with her fellow New X-Men alums to preserve the mutant future.

What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comments section. The X-Men poll is now up for voting. The complete profiles of the nominees are included below.


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03-bling-campaign-poster.png(Photo: Marvel Comics )bling-bios-1050x1200.jpg(Photo: Marvel Comics)prevnext


04-firestar-campaign-poster.png(Photo: Marvel Comics )firestar-bios-1050x1200.jpg(Photo: Marvel Comics)prevnext


05-gentle-campaign-poster.png(Photo: Marvel Comics )gentle-bios-1050x1200.jpg(Photo: Marvel Comics)prevnext


06-gorgon-campaign-poster.png(Photo: Marvel Comics )gorgon-bios-1050x1200.jpg(Photo: Marvel Comics)prevnext


07-micromax-campaign-poster.png(Photo: Marvel Comics )micromax-bios-1050x1200.jpg(Photo: Marvel Comics)prevnext


08-penance-campaign-poster.png(Photo: Marvel Comics )penance-bios-1050x1200.jpg(Photo: Marvel Comics)prevnext


09-siryn-campaign-poster.png(Photo: Marvel Comics )siryn-bios-1050x1200.jpg(Photo: Marvel Comics)prevnext


10-surge-campaign-poster.png(Photo: Marvel Comics )surge-bios-1050x1200.jpg(Photo: Marvel Comics)prev

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