A very good friend of mine who I used to work with, was struggling with PTSD and depression. It was difficult to talk to anyone about it, but she kept telling me about a feeling she had that was occurring often. She felt like she was being watched and saw things in the corner of her eye, but when she turned to look the only thing there were other people talking to each other.

Mercury conjunct Chiron is a momentous psychological moment. We are now at a point where we have the ability to choose consciously how we interpret our experiences and how we engage with them. A fortnight ago, the planets lined up to place you in a very special moment for transformation and you have been able to step forward. You are in the process of having an inner experience of the wound, which is a very powerful and deep experience of having an experience of your own true nature. The wound is not something that is necessarily painful, but it is like being exposed to the light. You can only do this by opening up to experiences that are painful.

Mercury’s beginning in Virgo is often associated with the wound, the gift in the wound. The wound is that which forces us to recognise the gifts that are within ourselves, the gifts we may not have noticed are already within us. For the native, the wound is a gift of being able to find one’s place, and to find the right path in life.

The conjunction of Mercury with Chiron is an opportunity to take stock of your wounds and discover their hidden treasures. When we have a Chiron transit, the gift is ALWAYS in unlikely places: deep in the wound. word-image-6448 Chiron is known as the healer of wounds. The wounded healer is a metaphor originally used by Carl Jung to describe therapists who want to become therapists WITHOUT having a personal wound that they are constantly trying to heal – but failing. This unhealed wound draws him to people who have the same wound. However, Carl Jung (and later other psychologists and scientists) also discovered that we can only really help others when we have healed our own wound. At best, we feel sorry for the wounded. At best, we will gain space and allow others to see their injury from a different angle. However, the wounded healer also runs the risk of projecting his or her personal wounding process onto others and, ultimately, giving bad healing advice. Until we heal ourselves, we just don’t know what works and what doesn’t. They want business advice from people who have successful businesses, not from people who want to help (but have no experience). They want legal advice from lawyers who have already won cases (and not just passionately helped their clients). You need nutritional advice from healthy people. And you want to receive healing from someone who has first healed himself. Back to Chiron. Chiron isn’t just a wounded creature trying to figure things out. If we go back to the Greek myth, we learn that Chiron was a wise centaur who understood everything and became the greatest teacher and healer of his time. Unlike the other centaurs, who were unruly and troublemakers, Chiron was wise and even-tempered. Chiron reconciled his animal nature with his divine nature, took the best of both worlds, and became a teacher and holistic healer.

Chiron and Holistic Healing

How did this happen? How is Chiron different? Chiron was born half man, half horse. His mother, unhappy with his appearance, rejects him at birth. This was Chiron’s first wound – the wound of rejection. Fortunately, Apollo (the Greek equivalent of the sun) adopts Chiron and teaches him sun skills such as prophesying and poetry. word-image-6449 This, combined with Chiron’s animal and instinctive nature, gives him a unique advantage and helps him become a respected teacher. He understood both the workings of nature and the workings of the Divine and became a healer-healer. IMPORTANT! Had Chiron not been abandoned at birth, he would not have been adopted by Apollo and would not have had the opportunity to bridge the gap between nature and spirit. This first rejection, this first wound, is exactly what made Chiron so special. Our Chiron wound is the starting condition – something we must not only accept, but integrate and use as a catalyst for growth. Chironic healing is not only a process of removing pain, but also a process of reconciling what is otherwise incompatible or unacceptable within us. When we bridge the gap between these two conflicting worlds, we heal and discover our unique gift. The Chiron wound is a character trait you possess that is initially perceived as unacceptable because it is strange or unconventional or goes against social norms. How can a horse be a human? How can a man be a horse? How can a black person have light skin? How can a boy act like a girl? But it is the reconciliation of these opposing natures that not only heals our wound, but becomes our unique advantage, our value proposition, our greatest gift.

Mercury in conjunction with Chiron – awareness of what hurts

Let’s go back to Mercury in conjunction with Chiron. Each transit of Chiron will initiate the chironic process we have described. With Mercury it is words, thoughts and memories that will trigger our old wounds and resentments. When Mercury is in conjunction with Chiron, we often remember something hurtful that someone said to us. Parents or siblings who bullied us, teachers who undermined our confidence, colleagues or peers who made us feel weird or inadequate. Mercury helps us see and understand what is otherwise difficult to grasp. When Mercury is in conjunction with Chiron, we can finally acknowledge our primary wound of inadequacy.

Chiron’s curative approaches

Suppose you stuttered as a child and were bullied by your peers. What do we do when these painful memories surface? Usually we use one of the two approaches: 1) The most ineffective approach: The memory is so painful that you reject it and choose not to process it. You stifle it by thinking of other things or using resources. Even yoga and meditation, which are otherwise excellent practices, can do more harm than good when used to numb our wounds. 2) Less inefficient, but with no real growth potential: They process the emotion, but try to convince themselves that it is not serious: My voice is beautiful. Or : It doesn’t matter that I stutter, I have many other qualities, no one is perfect. Or : Bullying says everything about the bully, not me. I’m ready. word-image-17728

But there is another way to treat the injury They not only acknowledge these past mistakes, but also seek the treasure behind them.

If you are still suffering from it, it is likely that there is something that needs your attention. If it is still there, it has already had a profound effect on your life. In an effort to overcome this disadvantage, you have found other ways to cope and have developed skills that you would not otherwise have been able to develop. Perhaps the realization that you stutter has led you to pay more attention to what you say, and your communication has become clearer and more distinct. Studies have shown that people who stutter are more aware of the mistakes they make (and not just when they speak), and are also more willing to correct their mistakes. This makes them perfectionists, which is especially the case in professions that require flawless action, such as B. in medicine or engineering is a great skill. Sometimes the connection between the injury and the gift is obvious: A child who stutters will eventually become a singer or a communications specialist. In other cases, the link is less clear: A child who stutters will later become a great engineer in aviation thanks to his discipline and attention to detail.

conjunction of Mercury with Chiron – gift in the wound

The gift in the wound may not be obvious at first, but the Mercury-Chiron transit is one of the best opportunities to see the connection between the wound and the gift. During a Chiron transit, healing a wound means not only relieving the pain, but also digging into the wound until we find its deeper meaning. Mercury is in conjunction with Chiron in Aries. If something in you is still bothering you, it is likely that there is a gift within you that needs to be unlocked. A potential that has not yet been exhausted. This wound is the key to something much bigger. This wound will bother you until you realize that there is a gift behind it. Mercury controls our communication – not only with others, but also with ourselves. This voice in your head (which we call thoughts) is none other than Mercury having a conversation with you. This is Mercury trying to tell you something, to draw your attention to something that needs to be understood on a deeper level. Mercury brings clarity. With Mercury in conjunction with Chiron, it is easier to articulate and recognize the wound, and more importantly, to recognize the gift in the wound. Join the 48,000+ other subscribers and sign up for weekly Astro Butterfly updates: Click here to register


How do you load…Mercury conjuncts the  Chiron on the 18th, in the 12th house, in the sign of Capricorn, in the 10th house of death. This is a very challenging, critical and intense time. These people have a lot of psychic experience, so they can see the big picture, but they tend to be very indecisive. They are very empathetic, and take time to really get into others, and this can make them feel very vulnerable at times.. Read more about chiron return in aries and let us know what you think.

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